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Woolly Hugs does Running..... Running?? Yep, RUNNING!!

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RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 31-Jan-13 19:48:37

Woolly Hugs Guide to Running

1) Put down your woolly wool,crochet hooks and needles. <we have done risk assessment>
2) Find your trainers, these are sort of soft bouncy shoe-things that go on your feet.
3) Find something loose and comfortable to wear, and no we don't mean a caftan.
4) Open front door and go outside shock
5) Put one foot in front of the other with speed and determination!


If you haven't seen Phase 2 of our Little Hugs, the thread is HERE. We launched this phase as a tribute to beautiful Billie, our lovely MrsDeVere's daughter, who devastatingly died at 14 from leukaemia. We launched this at the time of her 21st birthday and we call the project Billie's Blankets in her memory. In her name, and through World Child Cancer, we will send little blankets to children, starting with Malawi and Bangladesh, who really need a Woolly Hug and to feel loved and looked after.

Alongside Billie's Blankets, we are very keen to send a donation to World Child Cancer, as money is scarce, they really have so little. One of the ways we will do this is by running! <faints> In May a Woolly Hugs' team will be running the BUPA London 10k, and we are now looking for runners to enter 5K runs throughout the country.

These are where the 5K runs will take place?.. They are all over!

There are already runners committed to running (BIWI, TantrumsandBalloons,me) in London at Crystal Palace on October 13th, and lovely Fizzy and PrettyBird are running in the Glasgow event on July 27th. We would love folk to join with us, or run at a different venue! There is no minimum age and children can be entered, my daughter is running with me, I say with, she will shoot off like a gazelle and I will lumber along. Happily the website says they love fancy dress <*Knotty*, this is time to contemplate something spectacular>

Because World Child Cancer isn't a nominated charity we/they ask that you let them know independently. To take pressure off individuals, and to make this a real woolly community effort we recommend that you use our Woolly Hugs Just Giving page for fundraising. Anything you raise will be marvellous, really, and we will all be able to see how much we can raise together.

Our Just Giving Page is HERE Donations are welcome at any time, huge thanks for those already in.

So please have a think, if you are interested, we would recommend entering soon to avoid disappointment. Let us know when you have entered so we can cheer you on, and please use this thread for support, and general running things <hazy> Couch to 5K apps and playlists for running spring to mind.

The children that WCC support need all the love and comfort possible. So please, in memory of a sparkling young girl who always thought of others, we'd love you to help us help them.

As ever, thank you so much for your support thanks

Thinking of Billie and her family Xx

Knotty and Pistey


5madthings Wed 24-Apr-13 17:55:58

Well yes that was my initial reaction as well biwi but i think if i can do 10k in an hour and ten or an hour and 15mins then 21k would be doable in under three hours.. that doesnt seem too bad?!!

Anyway i shall do bupa london and try and sign up for others and then maybe next year think about further.... maybe this sun we have had for a few days has gone to my head

BIWI Wed 24-Apr-13 17:56:52


Blatherskite Wed 24-Apr-13 18:39:29

For some reason, it had never occured to me that we could get sponsorship for any run we did blush I should have done some fundraising for my last 10k <kicks self>

I might do the Silverstone 10. Sort of fancy a half marathon in June too but am still waiting on this stupid operation date.

5madthings Wed 24-Apr-13 18:56:39

The nike app you can share on fb and get cheers for likes etc. It is availabld from apple and google play. Have a friend who uses it and it might be fun smile

PiggyPlumPie Wed 24-Apr-13 19:14:45

Am a bit blush by all the support and grin too!!

thanks everyone!

Glaikit think I'm going to write Woolly Hugs on the back of my t-shirt so give us a shout if you see me!!

MegBusset Wed 24-Apr-13 20:00:40

Piggy good luck for Saturday!

5mad I was thinking about doing another 10k in the autumn to keep me motivated not a half marathon though you nutter

Go Piggy! Good luck this weekend, come back and tell us how you got on.

Welcome back to running WhoKnows! Lovely to see you x

5mad - half marathons are very do-able - but beware, they are strangely addictive as well grin. I am thinking of doing one late summer as part of my marathon training (I have a place for NYC in November).

5madthings Wed 24-Apr-13 20:18:46

meg if you find another 10k in the autumn let me know, I have had a Google and not come up with any yet.

If I do a half marathon that would be next year, I thought a few 10k runs and see how I go and then try and build up myself. I am consistently doing a mile in 11mins so doing it in under three hours would be doable?

I am finding running strangely enjoyable and four people said to me today that I am looking slimmer and more toned [smug] so it must be doing some good smile

Have we got any ideas for our next thread title? smile

Blatherskite Wed 24-Apr-13 20:41:02

I found a good website for finding runs a while ago...I'll see if I can find it again

Blatherskite Wed 24-Apr-13 20:42:42

Try here 5mad

Blatherskite Wed 24-Apr-13 20:46:03

Or here

Blatherskite Wed 24-Apr-13 20:48:05

Another one

MegBusset Wed 24-Apr-13 22:48:20

There are a couple of local 10ks in October - Marriotts Way 10k (Sun 13th Oct) between Aylsham & Reepham, and East Coast 10k on the 20th - here's a list.

RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 25-Apr-13 06:39:44

Morning Fabulous Runners brew


We are already up to £595!!

Keep sharing the page, World Child Cancer will make such good use of every penny, so whatever is donated is brilliant. Going to look into text giving today.

Keep up the awesome work. thanks

MegBusset Thu 25-Apr-13 13:21:48

That's great smile

Just done week 10 run 1 (3 x 15 mins).

5madthings Thu 25-Apr-13 13:31:22

How did you get on meg i am doing wk 10 run 1 later today, but am a bit coldy and phlemgy so not expecting a great run. Will wait til later when its cooler.

Yay for the total, i shall be taking my sponsor forms to school and toddlers this week smile

MegBusset Thu 25-Apr-13 13:59:34

It was fine, very hot and sweaty though! Am going to have to find somewhere to shower after the London run otherwise we'll empty the train carriage on the way home!!

5madthings Thu 25-Apr-13 14:03:33

They have showers ar station and others i think. Or take a towel and a flannel and bottle of water and have a good wipe down?! grin

The other runs look good, thanks for links. Oh and meg there is a 5k parkrun at mulbarton on saturday mornings apparently, a mum.from school goes as ita not as busy as the eaton one.

evertonmint Thu 25-Apr-13 14:06:07

I notice a few of you lovely ladies are toying with the idea of half marathons. Do you want to come and join a few of us here? I'm a plodding 10ker who is aiming for a half in the autumn and then hopefully a marathon <gulp> next year. I'm definitely no Paula Radcliffe...

RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 25-Apr-13 14:25:48

Just popping in.

Thought I'd start a new thread on Saturday in honour of our first Woolly runner going. I think we can last.

I think emptying the train carriage sounds fine to me Meg. Bit of peace after the run grin

mirai Fri 26-Apr-13 11:05:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 26-Apr-13 17:46:33

Afternoon all brew but nearly wine

RatherBeOnThePiste Sat 27-Apr-13 14:08:02

The first of the runners for Team Woolly Hugs goes today.

The awesomeness that is PiggyPlumPie is RIGHT NOW running the Balmoral 10K. She's running in memory of the sparkling Billie to raise funds for World Child Cancer - we send her a huge rallying cheer!

Money is so scarce for the children WCC support, and alongside our Billie's Blankets we would love to send a really good donation to support their work, so please, visit our Just Giving Page ALL contributions help, this really is a big team effort, huge thanks X

Thinking of beautiful Billie and her family, especially today Xx

MrsDeVere Sat 27-Apr-13 17:29:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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