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Woolly Hugs does Running..... Running?? Yep, RUNNING!!

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RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 31-Jan-13 19:48:37

Woolly Hugs Guide to Running

1) Put down your woolly wool,crochet hooks and needles. <we have done risk assessment>
2) Find your trainers, these are sort of soft bouncy shoe-things that go on your feet.
3) Find something loose and comfortable to wear, and no we don't mean a caftan.
4) Open front door and go outside shock
5) Put one foot in front of the other with speed and determination!


If you haven't seen Phase 2 of our Little Hugs, the thread is HERE. We launched this phase as a tribute to beautiful Billie, our lovely MrsDeVere's daughter, who devastatingly died at 14 from leukaemia. We launched this at the time of her 21st birthday and we call the project Billie's Blankets in her memory. In her name, and through World Child Cancer, we will send little blankets to children, starting with Malawi and Bangladesh, who really need a Woolly Hug and to feel loved and looked after.

Alongside Billie's Blankets, we are very keen to send a donation to World Child Cancer, as money is scarce, they really have so little. One of the ways we will do this is by running! <faints> In May a Woolly Hugs' team will be running the BUPA London 10k, and we are now looking for runners to enter 5K runs throughout the country.

These are where the 5K runs will take place?.. They are all over!

There are already runners committed to running (BIWI, TantrumsandBalloons,me) in London at Crystal Palace on October 13th, and lovely Fizzy and PrettyBird are running in the Glasgow event on July 27th. We would love folk to join with us, or run at a different venue! There is no minimum age and children can be entered, my daughter is running with me, I say with, she will shoot off like a gazelle and I will lumber along. Happily the website says they love fancy dress <*Knotty*, this is time to contemplate something spectacular>

Because World Child Cancer isn't a nominated charity we/they ask that you let them know independently. To take pressure off individuals, and to make this a real woolly community effort we recommend that you use our Woolly Hugs Just Giving page for fundraising. Anything you raise will be marvellous, really, and we will all be able to see how much we can raise together.

Our Just Giving Page is HERE Donations are welcome at any time, huge thanks for those already in.

So please have a think, if you are interested, we would recommend entering soon to avoid disappointment. Let us know when you have entered so we can cheer you on, and please use this thread for support, and general running things <hazy> Couch to 5K apps and playlists for running spring to mind.

The children that WCC support need all the love and comfort possible. So please, in memory of a sparkling young girl who always thought of others, we'd love you to help us help them.

As ever, thank you so much for your support thanks

Thinking of Billie and her family Xx

Knotty and Pistey


GlaikitFizzog Fri 01-Mar-13 16:41:18

It's positively tropical here today!! I would have gone on a long walk with ds round the farm if I wasn't hobbling! Two days of rest while ds was at CM Wednesday Thursday I thought had really helped. But today I think I'm back to the same pain levels I had on Tuesday sad

The hospital didn't give me a support but I think wearing something would help. It's the bend in my foot that causes the pain! I've cracked open the codeine I got for my spd its that bad.

prettybird Fri 01-Mar-13 17:14:47

My dad (admittedly a doctor - and a radiologist at that - rather than a physiotherapist) was always very dubious about supports as he said that that didn't help the muscles heal and can also encourage you to do too much. He would argue that the pain is a good indicator of what you are capable of doing.

GlaikitFizzog Fri 01-Mar-13 17:21:51

I think is probably the psychological aspect too, bit like the magic sponge my brothers football manager would rub over and area. Be it a break, graze, bruise, or amputation. One rub of the magic sponge and they were up and running again! I just can't not walk on it when I am in sole charge of ds. Although he is into hour 3 of his nap this afternoon! and dh will be home at six!

Sending feeling better vibes to all poorly and in pain people.

I must be mad. I signed up for a "run at least a mile a day, every day in March" thing this morning when I was feeling full of the joys of spring.

I also have to run a half marathon, write an OU assignment, pack up my house and move back to the UK in March. At least I don't start the new job until April.

What was I thinking?

Blatherskite Sat 02-Mar-13 11:25:36

<does the PB dance>

I only beat it by a second but I was 2 and a half minutes faster than last week!! shock

Brilliant Blathers! Well done!

BIWI Sat 02-Mar-13 12:58:32

Wow! Brilliant, Blathers!

RatherBeOnThePiste Sat 02-Mar-13 13:12:36

Afternoon lovely folk brew

Healthy vibes for poorly and injured people thanks <-- Those are get well flowers.

And Go Blathers Go!

Superb smile

RatherBeOnThePiste Sat 02-Mar-13 13:14:09

Shredded, you will be busy that's for sure smile

I am going to ask to move this thread to Sport and Exercise as I'm worried I will forget and it will disappear as threads in Chat do. So don't be alarmed when we all suddenly 'move house'

EarnestDullard Sat 02-Mar-13 16:14:48

<braces self for thread move>

I haven't run, or exercised at all for that matter, for a week and a half now, due to a bad cold. Feeling much better but still have a nasty sore throat which refuses to go away. Might brave a short jog tomorrow though. Need to step up my exercise regime; if I can lose 10lbs in 7 weeks DH will buy me an eternity ring grin That's a goal set by me, not him btw, 125lbs by the 10 year anniversary of when we first met, which is mid April.

brew<- Lemsip or medicinal wine to those that need it. And yay for new PB Blathers!

BIWI Sat 02-Mar-13 16:25:09

That sounds like a brilliant incentive, Earnest!

I should have gone for my last week 4 run today, but I have a bit of a dodgy tum and don't feel quite right - can't get warm either.

So I have postponed until tomorrow.

It does indeed Earnest. Wish I'd thought of that!

I'm just back from a freezing and hilly 5K. It was an out and back course, and such a busy run that the winners were coming towards me on the home straight as I was struggling up the first hill grin - it took me 10 mins to get to the startline, so I reckon the winner must have been about 15 mins shock. This was my run.

BIWI - hope you are feeling better today!

BIWI Sun 03-Mar-13 17:22:01

I am much better thank you. Don't know what came over me yesterday - I was a bit worried it was the start of food poisoning, but felt better even by the afternoon.

I went out this morning and did my last run of Week 4. Not quite so sure about week 5 as it really ramps up I think - but then I thought that about week 4 and I've done it smile

And my knees aren't aching anywhere near as much as they were doing at the beginning. Don't know if it's just getting used to it/getting stronger, or the supplements I'm taking (or a combination of all that!), but I'm thankful for it.

So the results are out.

The winning man was 14.44

The winning woman was 16.51

I was 30.51, so not that far behind grin.

The last person to finish was 1:15:04.

MrsDeVere Sun 03-Mar-13 19:49:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Shakes pompoms at MrsDV smile.

Come and report back when you've been!

BIWI Sun 03-Mar-13 19:57:58

<clicks 'like'>

Blatherskite Sun 03-Mar-13 20:11:27

You were closer to the front than the back then shredded. Good work!

Sadly not Blathers - just checked and I was 3715th of 5825 runners grin

BIWI Sun 03-Mar-13 21:30:13

Well you still weren't at the back though!

Blatherskite Sun 03-Mar-13 21:35:16

Time-wise you were still way above average though <brightside>

RatherBeOnThePiste Mon 04-Mar-13 09:32:34

Morning Trotting Chums

I have asked for this thread to be moved to Sport and Exercise, as we need to keep it safe for the long term. So stand by....

You been yet MrsDV???

Blimey, I would have been 5826 out of 5825 runners Shredded, you dun good X

Who is running today? I will be, but later on under the cover of darkness smile

RatherBeOnThePiste Mon 04-Mar-13 10:04:53


Thanks to lovely RebeccaMN who has moved with the speed of a thousand gazelles, we are already in sports and exercise!!


5madthings Mon 04-Mar-13 10:30:35

Morning, go mrsdevere !!!

I should have gone for a run this morning but feel yuck with upset tummy. Dp just about to go to work, hoping to go this eve when madthings in bed and ds1 on babysitting duty. Dp has crazy shifts this week so will be quite hard fitting runs in, will def be using ds1 as babysitter but its so much harder to motivate myself in the eve once i have the little ones in bed. My plan is to get changed into running gear before i put the smalls to bed, then i just have to go out.... Send me 'get off your arse and run' vibes this evening please?? smile

Otherworld Mon 04-Mar-13 11:03:53

Still just me by myself in Southampton? Might have to drag along some RL friends smile

I'm running with a group tonight. It's my first time. Apparently they do a beginners run - just 4 miles at a steady pace shock This is FURTHER THAN I'VE EVER RUN IN MY LIFE. Will report back. When I have recovered that is.

Other than that running is going well. I managed to fit three runs in last week including an "office to train" commuting run which is logistically difficult to do.

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