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Woolly Hugs : Angel Hug Project. We are looking for crafters and donors to help make this possible. Thank you Xx

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RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 20-Nov-12 14:30:43

We have been very moved by a request from the Octavia Appeal at the Brompton Hospital. The Brompton Hospital is a specialist heart and lung centre in London complete with the second largest paediatric intensive care unit in the country. This unit takes the sickest babies and children from all over, some transferred immediately after birth, others have become too sick to be cared for at other major hospitals and most are already on life support when they arrive. These babies and children are incredibly sick, and very sadly not all survive. The Octavia Appeal have approached us and asked if we are able to make blankets for these babies who have very sadly passed away.

We are looking for crafters and donors to help make this possible. At an intensely bleak and dark time there is still something very positive that we can do for the baby and their family. Our blankets are always handmade with love and compassion and so are perfect. We can help care for the whole family at this time by making the baby comfortable and snuggled up whilst sending love and a hug to the parents.

We know that we have many crafters and donors who have first hand experience of such devastating loss. We understand that this is a very difficult request, but if you can join with us, and are able to help, then we would love to have you on board. From speaking to some of you, we know how incredibly important blankets like these are to those who receive them.

thanks thanks thanks

Like Little Hugs, Angel Hugs will be an ongoing project and the two will run alongside each other.

To our lovely crafters thanks

* Angel Hugs are to be all white and can be knitted or crocheted in any wool suitable for a baby blanket, so 4ply, DK, just as long as it feels soft and cosy. The design is up to you, but it should be kept simple. Angel Hugs can also be sewn using pure cotton and good quality fleece, again white please and in a simple design.

* Minimum size : 24 inches square, going up to a maximum of approx. 30 inches square.

* If making a whole Angel Hug feels too much, but you would still like to support this, we would be pleased to accept simple knitted and crocheted 6 inch squares, which we will hook together. If choosing this option, please use Stylecraft Special DK in white.

* If you would like to take part in this project but feel you can't due to the costs involved, please PM me and we'll try to help you with materials.

To our lovely Donors thanks

We would be very grateful for support from anyone who would like to donate funds to help with this. You can either donate via Paypal admin@ but please add a message so we know who to thank and which project it is for. If you don't have Paypal, please PM me as we have other ways that you can donate. We are so grateful to all our donors, without you, these projects could not function. thanks

Knotty is here to help with any questions, and please PM me if you'd like to and are able to join us with this.

It is a very sad request we are making, and yet there is something very positive here too, and we know the Blanketeers have big hearts.

Sometimes thank you doesn't seem enough, but thank you once again Xx

thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks

bebejones Tue 05-Feb-13 14:25:03

Deramores have a 15% off stylecraft offer in this week, just so y'all know! grin

Have started another Angel hug, am nearly halfway I reckon. Is it ok to save it to post with my Billie blanket when that's done? (Trying to cut down on trips to the post office wink)

LeucanTheMopsis Tue 05-Feb-13 17:29:19

Afternoon. I'm on about 16" of something I hope will turn out to be acceptable. If not, you could always frog it and reuse the wool... blush

RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 05-Feb-13 20:40:26

bebejones More than Ok, thank you so much, both are ongoing projects, so all is well thanks

thanks leucan Bless you, thank you thanks

BornToFolk Wed 06-Feb-13 13:53:08

I've nearly finished my Angel Hug, just one more edging to do...and I've run out of yarn! I went back to the shop that I got the original yarn in (it's Stylecraft Baby) but they have no white in either that, or Sylecraft Special (which I think would be fine, given that they are both 100% acrylic).
I'm a bit reluctant to buy it online as I'd end up paying a load of postage on one measly ball, of which I only need a few yards anyway.

So, I was really hoping that some lovely person would have leftover yarn that they could spare me? I really only need a titchy bit, and I'd be happy to cover postage costs.

Or does anyone know of any online retailer that stocks it and does not charge P&P? <hopeful>

ThePigOfHappiness Wed 06-Feb-13 17:48:33

BornToFolk I think I have some stylecraft special baby, I'll look and if I do, PM you?

RatherBeOnThePiste Wed 06-Feb-13 19:39:40

and if Pig doesn't, I have some stylecraft special DK, let me know if I can send it to you X

PeggyCarter Wed 06-Feb-13 21:12:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 07-Feb-13 07:38:36

Morning brew

Not necessarily square no, if it's the minimum size on one side, then it is absolutely fine, thank you. The fabric one I made wasn't square.

Thank you thanks X

PeggyCarter Thu 07-Feb-13 09:13:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BornToFolk Thu 07-Feb-13 10:12:53

Thanks for the offer Pistey, but Pig has located some Stylecraft Baby.
Thanks both! thanks

RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 07-Feb-13 14:37:43

Just beautiful, a crocheted Angel Hug arriving from the very lovely MinnieBar. Huge thanks to you, it is very lovely, there is a photo already on Facebook X

RatherBeOnThePiste Sat 09-Feb-13 14:14:13

Lovely Angel Hugs arriving safely from DameFanny and Vajazzler. Having real interwebs problems so am on phone and can't post pics just yet.

Hopefully soon. Both are just beautiful. Thank you x

RatherBeOnThePiste Sat 09-Feb-13 20:43:15

Interwebs back on, just popping pics on Facebook.
Huge heartfelt thanks to you both, they are just beautiful.

Am taking a second batch to the Brompton plus all the knockers on Friday 15th. So sad to think they are needed, but so glad that we can do something to help in very bleak times. Thank you to all X

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Tue 12-Feb-13 22:08:38

I've started my crocheted angel hug. It's in Stylecraft baby Aran, which means it grows quickly. Is Aran too chunky for an angel hug?

RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 14-Feb-13 13:48:57

Stylecraft baby Aran is lovely! Thank you thanks

BornToFolk Sun 17-Feb-13 20:11:44

Evening all!
If anyone is in the Reading area and fancies a meet up, Woolfey and I are meeting up for a bit of crafting and cake on 3rd March, in the morning. Venue to be decided but probably a coffee shop in town. PM me or Woolfey if you fancy it.

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Mon 18-Feb-13 14:07:23

I've finished my Angel Hug and have packed it up. Will try to get to the post office tomorrow. smile Can't get the photo on to my profile, it's being strange, so I'll put it on Ravelry instead. All these little hugs have inspired me to get on with my own blanket, so thanks. thanks

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Mon 18-Feb-13 14:10:22

Angel hug

RatherBeOnThePiste Mon 18-Feb-13 14:44:27

Beautiful Ellen X thanks

Sadly I'm a bit far from Reading, but have fun smile

Just uploaded a photo of three beautiful Angel Hugs from the very lovely Rubycon A huge thank you to her X


HaveToWearHeels Tue 19-Feb-13 13:24:43

Ooooh I am in Reading, will check my diary and PM you if I can make it, the 3rd is Sunday isn't it which means DH is off and can look after DD. Knitting, cake, coffee and no DC sound like bliss.

HaveToWearHeels Tue 19-Feb-13 13:25:32

Ellen Angel hug is gorgeous smile

BornToFolk Tue 19-Feb-13 13:30:32

Yep, the 3rd is a Sunday and it'll be child-fee so no sharing of cake required - yay!

KnottyLocks Tue 19-Feb-13 13:38:59

Popping in to say thank you, lovely people. thanks

You are complete stars smile

RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 19-Feb-13 20:07:13

Evening wine

RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 22-Feb-13 13:50:10


A beautiful crocheted Angel Hug arriving safely today from the very lovely EllenJaneIsStillNotMyName Huge thanks to her, there is a photo on Facebook already, do check it out.


In case you haven't seen on Facebook, another batch of Angel Hugs was delivered to our friends at the Brompton last Friday, February 15th. They are enormously grateful to everyone for their love and support thanks

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