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Woolly Hugs' new project: Little Hugs for Little People. Woolly Crafters, Sewing Folk and Donors Sign Up Thread.

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KnottyLocks Fri 14-Sep-12 11:12:24

This is Phase 1 of what we hope, in time, will be an ongoing project.

Our basic aim is to provide little blankets and quilts that give comfort to babies and small children who are seriously ill in hospital.

The Inspiration:
When we offered a blanket to Greengoose after her beautiful daughter Merryn passed away, she told us how Merryn had been given a small handmade blanket whilst she was in hospital. As Greengoose said,
"Merryn's little square meant and still means so much to us, and so many families end up in hospital early or unexpectedly and have nothing of their own ready or with them, and even if they do, just to know you are thought about means so much. "

We offered to make a little blanket or two, alongside our Woolly Hug, to send to the hospital to 'replace' the one that had been given to Merryn, so that another small child could be comforted as Merryn had.

And so began a bigger idea...

With Merryn's blanket in mind, and knowing how Expat's darling daughter Aillidh had so much comfort from a blanket handmade by a wonderful group of friends, we wondered if we could do something more to help.

The Project. Phase 1

We contacted a few hospitals and very early on developed a lovely relationship with Yorkhill Hospital for children, where Aillidh was treated.
This stage of the project is to provide Yorkhill with small blankets and quilts that they can give to the babies and children that are receiving treatment under their care.
The start of this project coincides with Yorkhill's fundraising week. Their website is here
We hope to develop links with other hospitals in the near future and to include them in future phases.

How you can get involved:

You can help by either making a complete Little Hug
By making 6" squares using Stylecraft Special DK yarn or Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK, Rowan Cashsoft DK and Sublime Extra Fine Merino wool DK

For all of the Little Hugs:

Minimum size: 18 inches by 18 inches
For example, that's 3x3 6 inch squares with a small edge.
If you would like to make a blanket or quilt that is bigger, that would be lovely too.

Colours: Your choice!
We'd like to be able to provide a range of Little Hugs suitable for boys and girls.
If you would like to make something specifically for a boy or girl, that would also be lovely.

Things to avoid:
Sequins and beads
Any embellishments that could scratch delicate skin or could be swallowed.
If using applique, it needs to be firmly stitched on with no hard edges.

Materials and ideas:
Woolly Blankets:
Suggested yarn: Stylecraft Special DK, a soft, non-scratchy acrylic that is a very reasonable £1.60 - £2 for 100g ball.
Pure cotton DK
If you would like to make a whole blanket, you could use a different weight yarn and a yarn other than those above. The essential thing is that it needs to be soft against sensitive and delicate skin and that it can be machine washed.
Blankets could be made from squares stitched or hooked together
Granny stripes or ripples
They could be made in one piece or in blocks, as well as squares

Quilts and stitched blankets:
Pure cotton and good quality fleece. The cotton can be from recycled sources.
We suggest that you wash both separately before sewing to allow for any difference in shrinkage.
Traditional style quilts, from simple square designs to more complex patterns
Cotton edged fleeces, with or without appliqué
Quilt and fleece combination: quilted front with a fleece back

If you would like to contribute towards materials, you can either donate via Paypal here on our Woolly Hugs website with a message letting us know which project you are donating to. If you do not have Paypal, please PM RatherBeOnThePiste as we have other ways that you can donate.

If you would like to take part in this project but feel you can't due to the costs involved, please PM Pistey and we'll try to help with materials.

As ever, thanks for your support thanks

feetheart Fri 14-Sep-12 12:28:45

What a lovely, lovely idea.

I'm going to show this to DD (9) later as she is a fab little knitter and I think she would love to be involved. I may have to pick up my needles again too.

KnottyLocks Fri 14-Sep-12 12:29:38

Soupy grin

Mermaidspam Fri 14-Sep-12 12:35:20

I'm in, got another page open ordering the wool now.

You lot are lovely people {Unashamedly unmumsnetty hugs}

ShoopShoop Fri 14-Sep-12 12:39:52

Such a great idea and I'll PM pistey to find out how to donate. When DD was born prematurely last year the handmade blankets that she was snuggled in in NICU were lovely. I always thought there must be an army of grannies tucked somewhere in the depths of the hospital knitting them!

We were able to take one home with us when DD came home at 5 weeks old weighing just 3lb 10oz. It was a great comfort to us, and to her, amongst all the anxiety that came with a premature baby.

Extending the wooly hugs idea is great and for children poorly in hospital - hats off to all you talented ladies thanks

stressedHEmum Fri 14-Sep-12 12:40:17

I will do squares. My sewing up is not fit to be seen, so won't do a whole blanket at the moment.

mummywithnosleep Fri 14-Sep-12 12:40:26


I´d like to get involed.

I have some of the right wool here (blue and pink)

Also love making cotton / fleece quits these would need to be backed of course. But I am worried about the warmth. I suposed I could do cotton on one side and fleece on the other? Would these be ok?


RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 14-Sep-12 12:42:51

As always I am in awe with how amazing everyone is thanks

GlaikitFizzog Fri 14-Sep-12 12:43:35

Stressed see my post further back about log cabin blankets. No sewing!!

Pm'd you Pistey.

KnottyLocks Fri 14-Sep-12 12:45:55

Mummy, that is exactly like the one I'm just finishing off. Cotton one side with a fleece back, then edged. The fleece is great as it does the job of wadding and backing in one.

If you are on Facebook, we''ve just uploaded some pics of Little Hugs, which include the quilt partly made. It's MNWoollyHugs.

RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 14-Sep-12 12:46:33

Fizzog - I have some left over Debbie Bliss cotton DK - cream, duck egg blue, royal and a pinky colour, can I send it to you if you are doing a cotton one?

trumpton Fri 14-Sep-12 12:47:58

How lovely . I am sat at Manchester airport and NO knitting with me of course . But I would love to be involved in the new project .
Count The Bodkin in please . grin Back home on Monday and then clickety click !

KnottyLocks Fri 14-Sep-12 12:51:00

Yay! Can't do this without a Bodkin grin

OhBurger Fri 14-Sep-12 12:51:53

Please sign me up! Would love to do a little hug blanket smile If someone could pm me the details etc. haven't had a chance to read the whole thread.

Wolfcub Fri 14-Sep-12 12:54:35

What a lovely idea. Count me in. DS was prem and whilst we had no blanket we did have hats and, eventually, the odd cardie that had been knitted and donated to the hospital to dress him in while he was there. Actually I don't know where SCBUs and NICUs would be without BLISS and the people who donate things.

RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 14-Sep-12 12:55:01

Aww. Bodkin! grin Safe journey my lovely X

GlaikitFizzog Fri 14-Sep-12 13:01:29

Of course you can pistey! Love getting things in the post! smile

fanjodisfunction Fri 14-Sep-12 13:01:34

Mumsnet is wonderful. My mum would like to be involved, so will get her to make some sqaures.

KnottyLocks Fri 14-Sep-12 13:05:36

OhBurger, all the deatils you need to get started are in the OP at the top of the thread.

Feel free to ask any questions on the thread and we'll do our best to help. smile

Excellent name btw grin

Wolfcub Fri 14-Sep-12 13:30:45

three balls of stylecraft ordered

SoupDragon Fri 14-Sep-12 13:35:17

I think this is an ideal opportunity for an Elmer patchwork blanket. Plain squares, multi coloured...

Do they have colour preferences or does anything go?

PurplePidjin Fri 14-Sep-12 13:38:43

I'm in, what a brilliant idea!

For crocheters who don't want to sew, granny stripes and giant grannies are the way forward thanks

KnottyLocks Fri 14-Sep-12 13:39:02

Anything goes, Soupy smile

An Elmer inspired blanket sounds fabulous.

OrangeandGoldMrsDeVere Fri 14-Sep-12 13:39:24

I would like to help.
I would also like to tell you about Billie's blanket.
It is on my bed, it was used as a cot quilt for the two little brothers she never got to meet.
It goes with me if I stay away from home.
I hold it it night when I need her with me.
Before she died Billie took it to every hospital, for every admission.
She had it with her when she died.

This blanket was dontated by a group called The Castle Wall Quilters. I managed to track them down a while ago to express my gratitude.

What amaze me about Billie's little quilt was that it was made of fabrics that on there own wouldnt even catch the eye. But put together they looked beautiful and bought a smile to my precious girls face.
And I have something of hers to keep for ever.

So if you are wondering if these blankets make a difference. Well they do.

KnottyLocks Fri 14-Sep-12 13:40:28

Hey! Pidj grin

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