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MN Woolly Hugs

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nickelbarapasaurus Mon 06-Aug-12 12:24:29

I'll link this in the latest Blanket thread smile

Post your Woolly Hugs here smile

PurplePidjin Tue 07-Aug-12 21:24:12

Yay, Somersaults grin

Pidj - bearing in mind I'm a rank ameatuer - how did you do that last layer on your granny square?

Somersaults Tue 07-Aug-12 21:39:22

This is my heart, and here's my attempt at a double layered flower. It's not so obvious from this photo that there're a different number of petals on each layer!

PurplePidjin Tue 07-Aug-12 21:45:06

Treble crochet into each stitch, one treble crochet into the space. For corners, tc ch 1 tc into the corner space smile

Awesome stuff, somersaults, especially considering your lack of confidence this morning!

<nods wisely and pretends she understands that>
<reaches for wine>
<googles treble crochet>

androbbob Tue 07-Aug-12 21:56:22

My wool should be arriving in the next day or so and I am planning to progress from a granny square as I am fed up of these!

Have done a flower before but didnt know how to make it into a square - and then someone tried to pass it off as their own on FB (she know who she is grin)

perhaps I will try a star!

Oooohhhhh - piccies! This is so exciting! smile Here is my second ever attempt at crochet. I have given up on the treble stitch border until I fix my tension. But its a start - baby steps.

Somersaults Tue 07-Aug-12 22:23:25

I'm somewhat ashamed to say, Pidjin, that this is my attempt at your star. I am doing something massively wrong every time because that's about my fifth attempt and it still ended up with six points and very dodgy picot! Ah well.

GoodButNoMedals Tue 07-Aug-12 23:43:40

Hi everyone, I've just spent the day crocheting for 3girlies blanket. It's been a few years since I did any crochet but I used to be quite good I thought.

I started with a granny square as that's what I can remember best. Think my tension might be a bit off though, the stitches seem a bit small to me.

GoodButNoMedals Tue 07-Aug-12 23:44:35

There was supposed to be a picture there, is it working this time?

GoodButNoMedals Tue 07-Aug-12 23:45:22

It worked! Here's another one I tried, think this is the one with flowers.

GoodButNoMedals Tue 07-Aug-12 23:47:13

This one is supposed to have an F on it but I'm not sure how easy it is to see on the photo

GoodButNoMedals Tue 07-Aug-12 23:49:02

This one is supposed to be a picture of a flower but I'm not sure about it.

I've done very little else all day, I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed crochet.

Somersaults Wed 08-Aug-12 00:05:45

They're lovely NoMedals smile I can see the F and the flower in the pink ones and I love the one with the three little flowers.

So many lovely squares!

PurplePidjin Wed 08-Aug-12 07:19:24

Dances, treble crochet is the stitch you're already doing to make the clusters in your granny square. Just do one, passing your hook under the top two strands of yarn of the previous row, instead of three into the gap!

Lovely filet, Goodbut <impressed>

I will be starting to hook together MrsY's blanket at knitting group today <eek> will post piccies when i can smile

GoodButNoMedals Wed 08-Aug-12 09:27:17

Thanks Pidj I didn't know I was doing filet, I just thought I was making patterns blush I'm obviously not up on the terminology as I learnt to do it as a child and I don't think my grandma wanted to confuse me with proper names.

Quick question. How important is it that my squares are exactly 6"? They all started off as 6" on the first few rows but by the end it's a bit bigger, will that matter too much?

PurplePidjin Wed 08-Aug-12 09:38:07

We can wiggle, don't worry. There are some pretty major discrepancies between tape measures around the country!

nickelbarapasaurus Wed 08-Aug-12 10:51:21

i love the idea of a photo tutorial!

this photo thingy is going to be very very useful for this topic

Somersaults Wed 08-Aug-12 11:31:12

I'd love a star photo tutorial! I think that'd really help me figure out where I keep going wrong!

PurplePidjin Wed 08-Aug-12 13:48:48

Right, will start a new thread once i get settled with a brew

PurplePidjin Wed 08-Aug-12 14:35:29


Umami Wed 08-Aug-12 17:29:30

Squares for Expat's blanket

Umami Wed 08-Aug-12 17:31:14

And the other..

PurplePidjin Wed 08-Aug-12 17:40:29

Ooooooooh preeeeeeeeeetty!! thanks

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