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A Blanket for Mumof2TeenBoys: Sign up thread for donors and crafters

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KnottyLocks Sat 07-Jul-12 14:14:24

You may have heard the devastating news that Mumof2teenboys' beloved son, James, passed away this week. He was just 22 years old.
Mumof2teenboys' thread is here
Our thoughts are with James, his family and friends.

We have offered to make a blanket.
The family are very grateful and Mumof2 said that a woolly hug sounded so good right now and that they would appreciate a hug very much.
We hope that the blanket may give whatever comfort it can to them all.

So, we need knitters, crocheters and donors.

If you would like to donate wool, then we will try match you with a crafter.
We think that there may be wool still in circulation because of the current blanket project. Where possible, we hope to 'recycle' as much as we possibly can.

RatherBeOnThePiste will coordinate and match crafters and donors, and deal with the admin side. I'll try to answer any queries you may have.

If you would like to be involved in any way, please post on this thread and PM Pistey with your offers: crafting, donating, need wool, etc, and she will match you up.
If you are offering to donate, we would be grateful if you would let us know if you'd like to donate 1 or 2 balls of wool. One ball should make at least 2 x 6? squares, in some cases more.
Whatever way you'd like to be involved, please PM Pistey: it really helps us to know how many people are involved. Thanks

If you are a crocheter and/or an experienced knitter needing donor wool, could you let us know when you PM us as we can hopefully send part balls from the 'recycled' wool stash. Thanks.

The wool we are using:

* Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK (NOT the baby cashmerino)

* or Rowan Cashsoft DK.

They are very similar and can be combined.

* 4mm knitting needles or hooks

* knitters cast on 33 stitches (this is a guide for less experienced knitters)

* 6" squares

The two new yarns we introduced recently:

*Sublime Extra Fine Merino Wool DK.
It's another 'silky' wool that fits in nicely alongside the DB and Rowan wools and can be combined with both.

*Artesano Superwash Merino DK.
Although it isn't as silky as our normal wools, it is soft yet hardy and washes in the same way. It has the added appeal of being a good ethical option and is very reasonably priced.

The Colours:

Blues, greens, warm purples, silvers and cream (preferably Debbie Bliss 013 cream, if possible)

Ideas for squares:

The initials J, S and M

Motifs: Suns, Moons

James' favourite song was Sunscreen, which I've linked here. Listening to it as I typed this, I felt I should include this as the words are just so poignant.
If any of you can embroider, the family have asked if the word 'sunscreen' can be incorporated.

Please don't feel daunted by any of the ideas as we really love plain squares and simple textures too. They look as stunning as the more complex squares and actually play a vital role in the overall effect.

Previous blankets can be seen on the WoollyHugs website. We also have a Facebook page: MNWoollyHugs.

As always, thank you so much for your support.

thanks thanks thanks

rubycon Sat 07-Jul-12 15:16:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BellaVita Sat 07-Jul-12 15:18:48

Have messaged x

twofingerstoGideon Sat 07-Jul-12 15:20:50

Count me in. Have pm'd Pistey.

soremummy Sat 07-Jul-12 15:23:07

Rubycon. I've already asked about the full word being done in squares but think they felt it would be too big on the blanket x

TodaysAGoodDay Sat 07-Jul-12 15:24:42

Have PM'd Pistey x

FormerlyTitledUntidy Sat 07-Jul-12 15:29:02

ruby, I reported your post, did you mean your address to be public?

rubycon Sat 07-Jul-12 15:30:50

I've just reported myself too! I pressed the wrong flippin' button sad

MinnieBar Sat 07-Jul-12 15:33:34

Count me in to knit (or, possibly, maybe crochet as my beautiful hooks arrived today - chances of me getting the gist by deadline??).

So much sadness on MN today.

RedRosie Sat 07-Jul-12 15:37:32

Sign me up please, I will PM.

One of my stepchildren is this age.


QuickLookBusy Sat 07-Jul-12 15:39:25

This is so sad.

I would like to donate, can't pm as on phone but will do when next on laptop.

rubycon Sat 07-Jul-12 15:41:21

the words to sunscreen (I wish Id looked after my knees, wise man)

Ladies and Gentlemen of the class of ’99
If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be
it. The long term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by
scientists whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable
than my own meandering experience…I will dispense this advice now. Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth; oh nevermind; you will not understand the power and beauty of your youth until they have faded. But trust me, in 20 years you’ll look back at photos of yourself and recall in a way you can’t grasp now how much possibility lay before you and how fabulous you really looked….You’re not as fat as you imagine. Don’t worry about the future; or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubblegum. The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind; the kind that blindside you at 4pm on some idle Tuesday. Do one thing everyday that scares you Sing Don’t be reckless with other people’s hearts, don’t put up with people who are reckless with yours. Floss Don’t waste your time on jealousy; sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind…the race is long, and in the end, it’s only with yourself. Remember the compliments you receive, forget the insults; if you succeed in doing this, tell me how. Keep your old love letters, throw away your old bank statements. Stretch Don’t feel guilty if you don’t know what you want to do with your life…the most interesting people I know didn’t know at 22 what they wanted to do with their lives, some of the most interesting 40 year olds I know still don’t. Get plenty of calcium. Be kind to your knees, you’ll miss them when they’re gone. Maybe you’ll marry, maybe you won’t, maybe you’ll have children,maybe you won’t, maybe you’ll divorce at 40, maybe you’ll dance the funky chicken on your 75th wedding anniversary…what ever you do, don’t congratulate yourself too much or berate yourself either – your choices are half chance, so are everybody else’s. Enjoy your body, use it every way you can…don’t be afraid of it, or what other people think of it, it’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever
own.. Dance…even if you have nowhere to do it but in your own living room. Read the directions, even if you don’t follow them. Do NOT read beauty magazines, they will only make you feel ugly. Get to know your parents, you never know when they’ll be gone for good. Be nice to your siblings; they are the best link to your past and the people most likely to stick with you in the future. Understand that friends come and go,but for the precious few you
should hold on. Work hard to bridge the gaps in geography and lifestyle because the older you get, the more you need the people you knew when you were young. Live in New York City once, but leave before it makes you hard; live in Northern California once, but leave before it makes you soft. Travel. Accept certain inalienable truths, prices will rise, politicians will
philander, you too will get old, and when you do you’ll fantasize that when you were young prices were reasonable, politicians were noble and children respected their elders. Respect your elders. Don’t expect anyone else to support you. Maybe you have a trust fund, maybe you have a wealthy spouse; but you never know when either one might run out. Don’t mess too much with your hair, or by the time you're 40, it will look 85. Be careful whose advice you buy, but, be patient with those who supply it. Advice is a form of nostalgia, dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts and recycling it for more than it’s worth. But trust me on the sunscreen…

WoollyWoolfe Sat 07-Jul-12 15:47:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 07-Jul-12 15:48:40

Hello. Knotty's asked us to changed the Debbie Bliss cream wool no from 016 to 013 in her OP - and so we have.

Just letting you all know so her subsequent posts make sense smile

BettySuarez Sat 07-Jul-12 15:54:07

I would really like to donate as I can't knit I'm afraid. Would it be ok if I donated enough money to a knitter to buy a couple if balls of wool? I could donate through PayPal if that helps?

Or if someone could pm me a link, I could order some wool online and have it delivered directly to a knitter.

My love goes out to the family sad

KnottyLocks Sat 07-Jul-12 15:54:26

Oh bless you, Helen. Thank you.

Good to know I'll make sense from now on too. smile

aJumpedUpPantryBoy Sat 07-Jul-12 15:55:07

I'll crochet some squares, when do you need the squares by because I might not be able to get any wool this week

KnottyLocks Sat 07-Jul-12 15:57:06

Betty, if you PM Ratherbeonthepiste, she'll match you up with a crafter smile

many thanks

LookAtHerGo Sat 07-Jul-12 16:01:50

Have sent pm to pistey. Count me in for crocheting.

crazynanna Sat 07-Jul-12 16:02:18

Hey Knotty smile

I would like to donate some cash (like a did a while ago) when I get paid at the end of next that too far away? Is cash ok? Shall I PM Pistey?

LackaDAISYcal Sat 07-Jul-12 16:02:25

Signing up smile but also sad to hear such sad news

Primrose123 Sat 07-Jul-12 16:04:02

So sad for the family sad

I will knit a few squares, will PM you Pistey.

KnottyLocks Sat 07-Jul-12 16:04:36

Crazynanna, cash is great. Thanks so much. Pm Pistey.

(still have this package for you. Sorry, tucked away and forgot to send itblush . Will do that very soon x)

crazynanna Sat 07-Jul-12 16:06:40

That's ok Knotty. I know you is busy wink

Will PM Pistey xx

Poor mumof sad I have a grown up son.

PurplePidjin Sat 07-Jul-12 16:08:43

Crazynanna, yes PM Pistey. I expect her inbox is frying at the moment but she's brilluant at making sure she gets back to everyone.

Signing in. Only 3 years older than Big Nephew sad

KnottyLocks Sat 07-Jul-12 16:15:59

Thanks to everyone who has offered to help in some way. We really do appreciate it


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