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Support thread 2 - new blankets

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tribpot Tue 22-May-12 10:30:24

This is a continuation of our thread supporting MNers creating blanket squares for Woolly Hugs. All are welcome and I'm hoping to post a link soon to a collection of our fave patterns, pics and links to keep them all in one place. In the meantime, this new thread will allow phone-based MNers like RedRosie to return from Special Phone Exile where she goes whenever the thread has too many messages on.

This is a thread of peace where knitters and crocheters, donors and crafters are all equally welcome.

KnottyLocks Tue 22-May-12 10:50:56

Checking in smile

Thanks for starting a new thread, Trib.

prettybird Tue 22-May-12 10:52:31

Marking my place. smile

I've just finished my fisherman's rib square smile and am now attempting starting on a star eyelet stitch square. We'll see how I get on! hmm

RedRosie Tue 22-May-12 10:55:51

Hello Hello Hello!

Thanks Trib! Hello Knotty!

Pitsey - I've missed you!


KnottyLocks Tue 22-May-12 11:04:08

hello, my lovely smile

MinnieBar Tue 22-May-12 11:26:24

Hello all! Still plugging away at my first square blush - definitely going to keep it simple for the subsequent ones. DS has a bargain knockdown Boden jumper in two colours and I looked inside - the back of his looks like the back of mine, so I must be doing the intarsia stuff right! Slightly worried it's even looser tension than normal but the less said about that the better

Really loving the Vertigo-esque squares square Trib. I did my usual thing of thinking 'I could do something like that for my next one! Yes!' before mentally slapping myself with a stern reminder that I'm running out of time.

I have a freelance job on at the moment - at 6.30 pm last night I suddenly clocked that my deadline of 21 May was, in fact, yesterday and not 'sometime next week' as I'd been sort of assuming. Ironic when said job requires a good attention to detail [facepalm]

MinnieBar Tue 22-May-12 11:27:36

Oh and loving the pirate knitting t-shirt. Although I am large of knorkage so crew necks are not my friend, bah!

notpodd Tue 22-May-12 11:43:03

I posted my 3 poorly finished squares this morning <preening with pride at actually seeing a task through to the end> The post mistress wanted to know what the blanket project was, I felt so noble telling her about it.

RedRosie Tue 22-May-12 12:29:37

You are all so clever.

Intarsia sounds very clever. I can only knit and purl. I once did stripes.

And Pitsey can do gayer stitch. She's vair clever indeed!


nickelbabe Tue 22-May-12 12:45:38

i'm trying to decide if it's worth crocheting while feeding...
dd might protest....

notpodd Tue 22-May-12 13:06:31

As long as you don't accidentally hook her ear or something grin

nickelbabe Tue 22-May-12 13:30:38


it's tempting - especially when she deliberately grabs hold of my hair!

GlaikitFizzog Tue 22-May-12 13:42:06

<roundhouses and chops way in to thread> Hiiiiiiiiiii Yaaaaaaah grin
<bows to sensei Mr Miaggi Trib>

On lunch, but no knitting at work as we aren't allowed anything that may be used as a weapon! I could do more damage with a biro than a knitting needle!!

I can purl and K2tog! wink Proper knitter I am!

RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 22-May-12 14:42:13

I do a very nice gayer stitch Rosie grin

I had a parcel of squares from Australia this morning. smile

International Woolly Hugs are go!

prettybird Tue 22-May-12 15:24:07

Given up on the star eyelet stitch - three froggings later I'm admitting defeat on s2 k1 p2sso. hmm

Am now going to revert to a nice easy cable.

DontCallMeBaby Tue 22-May-12 15:38:38

Suddenly it is TOO HOT for knitting. Bonkers weather. Not spring. Not spring. Still not spring. SUMMER!!! Surprise!!!


I will finish my last square though.

Treats Tue 22-May-12 16:11:37

Hello. Not really contributed to the blankets threads, but just wanted to let Pistey know that I've just sent my two squares off. One a hearts and bobbles pattern and one a plain square.

The hearts and bobbles pattern was from one of my editions of The Knitter. They were asking their readers to knit blankets for Refuge and published patterns for blanket squares to help people along. The hearts and bobbles patterns that I made was one of these patterns.

If you make a donation here you can get 24 blanket squares patterns (I made the one by Martin Storey) so it's a good pattern source as well as helping another very worthy cause.

RedRosie Tue 22-May-12 16:31:49

Your gayer stitch is simply the best Pitsey! No-one does it better. Everyone knows that.

But when I see phrases like "2 k1 p2sso" I go all wibbly.


Trib - is there a cat pattern I can follow anywhere for the square after my sheepy sheep square? It needs to be dead easy. Apologies if you have done this but I get very confused with all the expert knitting talk and allowances need to be made ...

MinnieBar Tue 22-May-12 16:36:06

Dontcallmebaby DH and I went to the pub for an hour this afternoon - he with his paper, me with my knitting [old gimmers] and I felt quite silly knitting with the sun on my back grin

I know it will be for ever but now I am also petulantly wishing I had chosen lighter/brighter colours <stamps foot>

Still, it meant I have FINISHED my star square! Will attempt a linky later. And I have sewn in all eleven, that's eleven pesky ends <wipes brow>

prettybird Tue 22-May-12 16:51:29

But.... RedRosie - I have failed on the s2 k1 p2sso sad Can't even find a diagram to show me what I should be doing. My big fat knitting book sort of gives instructions, but there is a bit in there that it doesn't do a diagram for and I just don't get it angry Having ripped out 6 rows 3 times and still not got it on the fourth rip-out, I have given up.

Still, at least I know how to do cable grin Am now on row 6 and although I might need to rip back and start again, it won't be because I can't do it, it's 'cos the 36 stitches are not coming up 6 inches wide. I don't mind that! smile

tribpot Tue 22-May-12 17:03:06

bird - 'all' you have to do is slip 2 stitches, knit one and pass each of the slipped stitches over the knitted stitch. Never seen that in a pattern I have to say, but have a look at this here YouTube video - it looks quite nice.

RedRosie - a link to the section on cat patterns in my new document smile

RedRosie Tue 22-May-12 17:12:45

But PrettyBird, you TRIED the 2 k1 p2sso thingy whatsit (wibble).


Thanks Trib. Has anyone told you that you are the star of stars? I bet you can do the 2 k1 p2sso thingy (wibble)

prettybird Tue 22-May-12 17:17:55

That's what I might would have done, except the "Special Abbreviation" in the Instructions says:

s2 k1 p2sso: Skip first st on LH needle and k 2nd st through the front of loop (do not drop off LH needle), then k first st on LH needle and drop both sts off LH needle at the same time. confused

It is remarkably similar to the instructions for wavy cable, except for that you did "p first st on LH needle" (which I failed on too, but worked out a way using a cable needle) rather than k.

The full row instruction is K5, yfwd, s2 k1 p2sso, yfwd, K5, rep from - but somewhere in the row I get lost and/or add stitches and it ends up a mess.

The other "fancy" row I can do -it's k4, ssk, yfwd, k1, ywd, k2tog, k3, rep from , k1

It's a 12 row pattern with purl rows in between and Row 7 and 9 with differing amount of stiiches before you get into the repeat bit.

prettybird Tue 22-May-12 17:18:52

Oops - MN thought the stars meant make it bold!

nickelbabe Tue 22-May-12 17:19:31


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