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Blanket for MrsY and her family. Donors, crocheters and knitters, can you help us?

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RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 08-May-12 13:52:29

We have heard the desperately sad news that MrsY has lost her precious baby son Benedict and have offered to make a blanket for her and her family. She is very touched by everyone's kindness, and would love to receive one. Here is the original thread

So once again we are calling on the Blanketeers for help - whether it be donating, knitting or crocheting. Will you join us?

PM me and let me know how you can help, if you need matching up and I will be able to help you

For pictures from previous blankets, see here

As in the past, the wool we are using is:

* Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK (NOT the baby cashmerino)
* or Rowan cashsoft DK

They are very similar and can be combined
* 4mm knitting needles or hooks
* Cast on 33 stitches
* 6" squares

The colours for this project
Blues, warm purples, greens, silver and cream

So sad that another blanket is needed sad Sending love to MrsY and her family.

fanjodisfunction Tue 08-May-12 19:58:58

Pistey count me for this blanket too, I ordered three balls of wool from cucumber patch so should be able to produce a good number of squares.

MoaningMinnieRisesAgain Tue 08-May-12 20:03:00

Have PM'd you, am happy to knit again.

Ladyface Tue 08-May-12 20:05:21

Have pm'd you, Pistey.

DonkeyTeapot Tue 08-May-12 20:07:15

I would like to donate squares, I've PM-ed Pistey.

SurprisinglyCurvaceousPirate Tue 08-May-12 20:17:02

I can knit squares with a heart on as someone kindly gave me the pattern last time - does anyone have the pattern/s for squares with different letters on too?

RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 08-May-12 20:24:09

The brilliant response continues, heartfelt thanks to everyone.


tribpot Tue 08-May-12 20:28:54

Pirate - I'm hoping to start a thread soon to collect up some of the patterns we've done over previous blankets; we had an entire thread dedicated to a particular heart square that caused a few teething problems!

If you're not already a member of Ravelry it's well worth registering (it's free) as there are gazillions of patterns there, including charts for all the letters.

TimeForCake Tue 08-May-12 20:29:50

sad sad

I shall be PMing you shortly Pistey about crocheting a square.

KnottyLocks Tue 08-May-12 20:33:26

Trib, if you are doing a support thread again, could you source a simple bird pattern square if possible? We're looking for birds for Greengoose's blanket/ thanks. x

SurprisinglyCurvaceousPirate Tue 08-May-12 20:39:28

I have found this but I can't find anywhere that says what size the squares will come out - any ideas?

KnottyLocks Tue 08-May-12 20:46:38

Pirate, that looks about right if you consider the number of stitches cast on. we need a knitting expert to have a check through re length though.

RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 08-May-12 20:47:37

Can I help?

RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 08-May-12 20:48:24

Lots of lovely PMs - please do bear with me thanks

lisad123 Tue 08-May-12 20:48:27

I can't do knitting, but can PayPal someone money for wool, is that possible?

100years Tue 08-May-12 20:48:35

I've PMd now. I'll crochet some squares but I'd like a donor please this time. Just read Mrs Y's thread and it's so very sad, I hope she gets some small comfort from everyone's thoughts and wishes.

I'd like to know of the mini hugs too, when the idea is finalised.

SurprisinglyCurvaceousPirate Tue 08-May-12 20:52:27

It's just annoying that I can find dimensions on there - don't think it will take me long to do but if Piste can tell me if it will be 6" to start with it will save me some time!

tribpot Tue 08-May-12 20:54:09

Knotty - yip, Pistey has given me my instructions.

Pirate - 35 stitches sounds about right although you'll need to knit a test bit (or a plain square) to see how your gauge is. 56 rows sounds a bit much to me, though. It might need scaling down a bit. Will link to a support thread in a mo.

SurprisinglyCurvaceousPirate Tue 08-May-12 20:58:27

Yikes, I'm not good at changing patterns blush.

I knitted my last squares with 4.5mm needles as my knitting is quite tight.

tribpot Tue 08-May-12 21:04:44

That's okay, Pirate. Why not have a bash at it? I will chart it at the weekend when I have a chance but you should have a feel within 10 or so rows for how big it's going to end up.

I have to knit mine on 3.25mm, such is the utter slackness of my knitting smile I don't think we should ever knit a scarf with you starting at one end and me at the other!

RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 08-May-12 21:05:22

Ideas for Squares for MrsY and her family

Peanut - Benedict's nickname x
Mouse - for her daughter x

Also initials B, M, L and J.


SurprisinglyCurvaceousPirate Tue 08-May-12 21:09:01

grin trib, I'll remember that - it could be an interesting project!

KisMittzAteALLThePies Tue 08-May-12 21:17:57

Is there call for plain knitters and crocheters? I am not great at fancy and it would be helpful just at the moment if could be linked to someone who can donate wool as things are very tough at home blush

But I would be honoured to be apart of a blanket, but am deeply saddened at the need for them sad

tribpot Tue 08-May-12 21:18:59

KisMittz - the mantra of MN blankets is always that plain squares are good, plain squares are essential.

KnottyLocks Tue 08-May-12 21:20:07

Simple squares are good. Simple squares are essential smile

RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 08-May-12 21:20:22

There is always a call for knitters of simple squares! I am a knitter of simple things grin We are needed!!

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