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Blanket for MrsY and her family. Donors, crocheters and knitters, can you help us?

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RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 08-May-12 13:52:29

We have heard the desperately sad news that MrsY has lost her precious baby son Benedict and have offered to make a blanket for her and her family. She is very touched by everyone's kindness, and would love to receive one. Here is the original thread

So once again we are calling on the Blanketeers for help - whether it be donating, knitting or crocheting. Will you join us?

PM me and let me know how you can help, if you need matching up and I will be able to help you

For pictures from previous blankets, see here

As in the past, the wool we are using is:

* Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK (NOT the baby cashmerino)
* or Rowan cashsoft DK

They are very similar and can be combined
* 4mm knitting needles or hooks
* Cast on 33 stitches
* 6" squares

The colours for this project
Blues, warm purples, greens, silver and cream

So sad that another blanket is needed sad Sending love to MrsY and her family.

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RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 08-May-12 13:55:38

Many, many thanks for all your support thanks

You will see very sadly there is another call for a blanket starting today see the thread here

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KnottyLocks Tue 08-May-12 14:00:43

Please feel free to ask any questions you have about the project on this thread and we will try to answer them. thanks

MinnieBar Tue 08-May-12 14:13:34

Have PMd you.


MOSagain Tue 08-May-12 14:19:33

I will donate 2 balls of wool. Will PM you Pistey. Any suggestions as to where to buy the wool?

I am also going to learn to knit, something I should have done years ago when my lovely mother was still alive to teach me. Not sure if I'll be up to speed/scratch in time for this blanket but would love to be so I could contribute for my lovely friend MrsY. So very sad that you are in a position to receive a blanket but so very glad you are going to get one in memory of your darling Benedict who will never be forgotten. xxx

RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 08-May-12 14:21:08

MOS - I will Pm you some links

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NessaRose Tue 08-May-12 14:25:28

A pm coming your way Pistey.

Faverolles Tue 08-May-12 14:25:57

I'll pm you.

Primrose123 Tue 08-May-12 14:26:25

Have PMd you, Pistey.

Whatevertheweather Tue 08-May-12 14:28:38

Will gladly donate again - have pm'd you Pistey Am glad that MrsY has found us on the bereaved mummies thread

tribpot Tue 08-May-12 14:43:59

Such awful news. Have PMed you, Pistey.

RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 08-May-12 14:53:41

Many thanks everyone, so touching to have so much support already. I am working my way through all these lovely PMs

Please PM me to let me know how you can help - and whether you need matching up Many, many heartfelt thanks X


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Methe Tue 08-May-12 15:05:29

I've pm'ed you smile

MmeLindor. Tue 08-May-12 15:08:44

Will donate again, Pistey. Thanks, as ever for organising this.

KnottyLocks Tue 08-May-12 15:15:14

Thanks to everyone who has offered their help. As always, it's very heartwarming. thanks

SoupDragon Tue 08-May-12 15:23:07

Have PMed about both blankets sad

GetOnYourDancingShoes Tue 08-May-12 15:25:09

Put me down to knit some squares.

KnottyLocks Tue 08-May-12 15:31:15

Could I just ask you lovely people to PM Pistey as well as post on the thread, to let us know how you would like to help

Helps us keep track, especially with two projects running simultaneously.

Many thanks.

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Tue 08-May-12 15:32:38

I will knit squares for both, but would appreciate it of someone could donate a ball of wool. I usually do squares with a flower appliqued on.

roguepixie Tue 08-May-12 15:37:44

Pistey - have pm'd you.

Made the suggestion of a blanket for greengoose (hadn't seen your other thread).

Will do squares for both. So, so sad that two more are needed.

KnottyLocks Tue 08-May-12 15:39:48

Cheers, SDTG. Got your PM and will get back to you when we can. The Inboxes are very busy at the moment.

And we're getting stuff coming at us from MNWoollyHugs on Facebook too.

People are just lovely.

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Tue 08-May-12 15:41:19

Thanks Knotty.

hoops997 Tue 08-May-12 15:42:29

Have pm'ed you, happily donate wool, I'll need matching up to a knitter

It's sad we need another blanket sad my thoughts are with MrsY and her family

MadameMessy Tue 08-May-12 15:57:25

I've PMed Pistey. Heartbreaking stuff, my thoughts are with the famillies.

MrsPear Tue 08-May-12 16:01:58

Hi such sad news. I am also quite happy to donate wool - have sent message

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