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A Blanket for Greengoose: sign up thread for knitters, crocheters and donors.

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KnottyLocks Tue 08-May-12 13:48:53

We heard yesterday the very sad news that Greengoose's beautiful baby daughter, Merryn passed away. Greengoose's thread can be found here

We have offered to make a blanket for the family. We hope that it may give whatever comfort it can to them all.

So, we need knitters, crocheters and donors. If you would like to donate wool, then we can match you up with a crafter.

RatherBeOnThePiste will coordinate and match crafters and donors, and deal with the admin side. I'll try to answer any queries you may have and will put together the blanket.

If you would like to be involved in any way, please post on this thread and PM Pistey with your offers: crafting, donating, need wool, etc, and she will match you up.
If you are offering to donate, we would be grateful if you would let us know if you'd like to donate 1 or 2 balls of wool. They cost roughly £5 per ball plus P&P.

Crafters, if you need wool, please let Pistey know if you'd like 1 or 2 balls of wool.
One ball should make at least 2 x 6" squares.

The wool we are using is:

* Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK (NOT the baby cashmerino)

* or Rowan Cashsoft DK.

They are very similar and can be combined.

* 4mm knitting needles or hooks

* knitters cast on 33 stitches (this is a guide for less experienced knitters)

* 6" squares

The Colours:

Blues, warm purples, pinks, greens, silvers and cream

Ideas for squares:

Birds have a symbolic meaning to the family so if you could incorporate any bird design that would be lovely.

Please don't feel daunted by this as we really love plain squares and simple textures too. They look as stunning as the more complex squares and actually play a vital role in the overall effect.

Previous blankets can be seen on the WoollyHugs website. We also have a Facebook page: MNWoollyHugs.

As always, thank you so much for your support.


RatherBeOnThePiste Sun 08-Jul-12 21:31:50

Evening wine

Some unclaimed squares are unclaimed no more. Hooray!

thanks MsIngAFewMarbles beautiful green and cream snuggly knits [star]

RatherBeABodkinsBobbleHat Tue 26-Jun-12 20:51:58

Evening wine

prettybird Sat 23-Jun-12 21:55:57

"Corner knitting" is amazingly easy! smile once you've worked out how to follow the principle of the pattern

RatherBeOnThePiste Sat 23-Jun-12 19:51:21

Evening wine

More lovely woolly wool arriving safely today, many thanks thanks

thanks Prettybird : Diagonal knit, green/pink/purple/blue, you've knitted a corner! [star]

There is something waiting for me at the Post Office, I have a red card telling me so, tis a recorded delivery. I shall go first thing on Monday morning before work to collect it. thanks

Thank you smile

RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 21-Jun-12 17:48:56

Evening again, again smile wine

More lovely squares have arrived safely today, many thanks thanks

thanks twofingerstoGideon : Beautiful snuggly knits and crochet, absolutely lovely [star]

RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 19-Jun-12 19:35:53

Evening again smile wine

More squares have arrived safely, many thanks to their lovely crafters thanks

thanks Hellymelly : Those green bird squares are absolutely delightful! Lovely pink snuggly knits too [star]

thanks PurplewithRed : Gorgeoise green, purple and cream textured knits, stunning. [star]


RatherBeOnThePiste Mon 18-Jun-12 19:01:12

Evening wine

Thank you tonight to a lovely crafter whose squares have arrived safely thanks

thanks iceandaslice Beautiful snuggly knits, absolutely gorgeoise [star]

PurplePidjin Mon 18-Jun-12 06:59:43


RatherBeOnThePiste Mon 18-Jun-12 06:22:28

Morning all brew

KnottyLocks Sun 17-Jun-12 08:32:44

It's Fathers' Day and for many this day will be a difficult one.

Thinking of all the families for whom the blankets are made.

Thinking of our many crafters and donors for whom this day will also be very hard.

Sending much love to you all and the strength to get you through this day and beyond.

Knotty xxx

RatherBeOnThePiste Sat 16-Jun-12 08:46:52

Morning all brew

Thanks trib.

tribpot Sat 16-Jun-12 08:18:17

New support thread here.

RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 15-Jun-12 23:16:21

Just replied to all PMs, thank you to everyone thanks

prettybird Fri 15-Jun-12 20:32:23

Just realised that I'd better get the last square I did in to the post as it's got "Non-Matilda" colours in it blush

RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 15-Jun-12 16:47:40

T'was a vair late night!

More lovely squares have arrived safely, many thanks indeed

thanks Primrose123 Beautiful purple and duck egg blue snuggly knits and crochet. Gorgeoise! [star]

TimeForCake Fri 15-Jun-12 16:41:09

Glad my squares arrived Pistey. You're too generous with your descriptions though! thanks
Hope you didn't have too late a night, I need match sticks myself today!

RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 15-Jun-12 08:05:45

Morning brew

PurplePidjin Fri 15-Jun-12 07:44:47

Well, as long as it's nice smelling oil wink

RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 14-Jun-12 23:26:21

Have had a mad evening Pidj, school thing for DS first that went on and on, and now I sort of feel like I need an evening at home, all feels a bit bonkers! Ah well, I'm actually enjoying one of these wine and yes, I shall be burning the midnight oil smile

PurplePidjin Thu 14-Jun-12 23:21:56

brew Burning the midnight oil, Pistey?

RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 14-Jun-12 23:17:40

Evening wine

More beautiful squares were delivered today, many thanks to their lovely crafter thanks

thanks Cakey Super snuggly gorgeoise cream crochet squares. Honestly Cakey, these are lovely, and thank you so much for your letter X [star]

KnottyLocks Thu 14-Jun-12 06:47:03

morning smile

RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 14-Jun-12 06:35:12

Morning brew


KnottyLocks Wed 13-Jun-12 20:58:47


PurplePidjin Wed 13-Jun-12 10:02:33


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