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Chipmonkey's blanket photos here.

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KnottyLocks Sun 01-Apr-12 21:05:17

Chip's blanket will be handed over to her this week. Photos of the finished blanket can be seen here on Flickr

We have also just started a Facebook page for the WoollyHugs here

Many thanks to all involved with this blanket. We hope that it may bring comfort to Chipmonkey and her family.


Thumbwitch Mon 02-Apr-12 06:12:59

Thank you for the PM, Knotty (and you Pistey for the link via the other thread too)
It is a thing of joy and beauty forever and I'm glad chipmonkey likes it - hope she likes it even more in RL when she gets hold of it.

Much though the need for these blankets upsets me, I'm very proud to be a part of them and thanks to DickSwiveller'sTidyWife this time for her work in crafting my wool into beautiful squares, as well as to Knotty of course for putting it all together thanks

alibubbles Mon 02-Apr-12 06:50:08

I'm speechless at the beauty of it, I showed DH and he never imagined that the plain little squares I had knitted could become part of something so utterly beautiful,

Well done gifters, knitters and all involved!

twofalls Mon 02-Apr-12 06:55:09

Wow, that is beautiful. Well done to everyone involved.

trumpton Mon 02-Apr-12 07:05:27

I am proud to have had a small part in such an amazing effort. A truly remarkable Woolly Hug .

Whenisitmysleepytime Mon 02-Apr-12 08:00:20

It is a beautiful work of art! grin it's amazing what a bunch of strangers can achieve. grin

SoupDragon Mon 02-Apr-12 08:33:38

MNers do make a damn good woolly hug smile

TheRealMBJ Mon 02-Apr-12 08:50:05

Thank you knotty and poster for posting these photos. It really is a beautiful. Piece of art. Well done everyone that contributed. It's gorgeous.

JulesJules Mon 02-Apr-12 11:42:19

Thanks so much for the pms and the links.

When I've finished my not very well knitted squares, I sort of sigh and think, well they aren't very good, but you look at the picture of the finished blanket, and you really 'get' it. The whole thing, so various and beautiful, the feelings behind it, so many people contributing, wanting to send comfort and love.

<reaches for hanky>

BIWI Mon 02-Apr-12 17:00:11


And I'm at work too, you buggers.


KateUnrulyBush Mon 02-Apr-12 19:30:33

Thank you Knotty and Pistey for helping me find my way here, and for the wonderful photos of the beautiful finished work. What amazing construction! I made my squares under my old username I think so glad the pm system found me, I've been off mn for a while.

Many thanks to you all, and much love to Chipmonkey xx

Methe Mon 02-Apr-12 19:38:00

That is really beautiful smile well done everyone!

WhoremoaneeGrainger Mon 02-Apr-12 21:00:02

That is lovely - i can see my squares!!! Makes me so happy to see it all finished, although terribly sad are the reasons we make them.

If chip and her family get one ounce of the love in that blanket then its all worth it.

RatherBeOnThePiste Mon 02-Apr-12 22:05:55

Evening everyone wine

I got Chip's blanket from Knotty this morning and it is here now, ready to deliver on Friday and it is absolutely blow you away stunning. Actually makes me go goose bumpy.

A woolly hug for Chip from us all.

thanks for everyone x

prettybird Mon 02-Apr-12 22:30:59

My first ever MN knitted squares went into this one, handed over to Pistey in person. It's lovely to see the finished article with so many fabulous examples of knitting and crocheting.

Woolly hugs indeed smilesmile

RatherBeOnThePiste Mon 02-Apr-12 22:39:02

That was so lovely Pretty smile I took your squares home, they went to Knotty and now they are back here hooked into in Chip's blanket.

And you know they did s---t---r---e---t---c---h grin And they are gorgeoise! That cabling is ver ver clever, and they look smashing. thanks

janedoedoejanejanedoe Mon 02-Apr-12 22:46:38

everytime I see one of these completed, I wish I could do more than throw in a little cash, as a frequent name changer, Im not sure what use I could be to you.

They are so beautiful and full of love.

RatherBeOnThePiste Mon 02-Apr-12 23:00:32

You know lovely people who donate wool or funds to these projects are as much a part of the projects as the crafters, so JaneDoe - a big thanks for your support X


chipmonkey Mon 02-Apr-12 23:06:02

Janedoe, enough already! There are plenty of really skilled crafters who would not be able to make the squares if there weren't any donors and vice versa. There is lots of love knit into every square, whether donor-love or knitter-love. It really doesn't matter which type.thanksthanksthanks

janedoedoejanejanedoe Mon 02-Apr-12 23:13:36

thanks chipmonkey

Have a hug as well ((((((((((((((((((hug))))))))))))))))))))))))

SoupDragon Tue 03-Apr-12 07:30:38

The blankets would be much smaller without the help of the donors!

There are people who can do the crating but can't afford the wool, there are people who can afford the wool but can't do the crafting. There are some who can do both but probably not enough to make the lovely big blankets smile

SoupDragon Tue 03-Apr-12 07:32:15

I actually think the whole donor aspect epitomises the whole "pulling together" aspect. All those balls of wool ordered in one place and delivered to another to be turned into a square.

BIWI Tue 03-Apr-12 08:10:49

Maybe we should open a MN wool shop?! grin

AmyGurumi Tue 03-Apr-12 09:44:42

Wow, it's amazing, so lovely to look through all the squares. I'm really happy to see mine with their new neighbours smile

thanks Thank you to my donor and those who organised and put it together, and very best wishes to Chipmonkey and her family.

RatherBeOnThePiste Tue 03-Apr-12 09:57:48

Morning brew

I like your thinking BIWI grin

Donors generously enable others to join in who otherwise couldn't afford to take part in the project. Sometimes these donors are actually crafting on the project themselves, they just help others out too. Sometimes they help out more than one person. Often though it does mean that people who don't have knitting or crochet skills can still support the blanket for a family. An absolutely marvellous thing.

And Soupy is right, it really does illustrate the pulling together aspect of the blankets. Just amazing.

Not bad for a nest of vipers!

ledkr Tue 03-Apr-12 10:03:21

Today a blanket made me cry a bit hmm nought so strange as mn. Well done ladies and Chip i hope it gives you and the family at least a tiny bit of comfort. Lovely tribute to Sylvie Rose.

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