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A Blanket for MrsKwazii (continued)

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KnottyLocks Thu 08-Mar-12 17:17:36

Previous thread is here

We had reached 1000 posts.

MadameMessy Fri 09-Mar-12 00:30:16

hi, have finished my squares smile
Will someone pm me the address for posting?

RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 09-Mar-12 06:42:08

Morning grin <-- Happy it is Friday!

MadameMessy have sent it to you thanks and replied to PMs. thanks thanks

KnottyLocks Fri 09-Mar-12 06:43:53

Morning smile

RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 09-Mar-12 06:44:23

<arf> Just tried to send myself a PM! Tis going well grin

RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 09-Mar-12 06:44:43

Morning Knots

KnottyLocks Fri 09-Mar-12 06:49:53

Oh I've done that many.a time but am quite to to chatting to myself grin

tribpot Fri 09-Mar-12 06:55:37

Morning all!

GlaikitFizzog Fri 09-Mar-12 07:14:59

Morning! Work free day for me! Might get another square done if ds is cooperative!! brew

tribpot Fri 09-Mar-12 07:25:28

Lucky you Glaikit! As a non-square aside, I showed these two little items to a friend at work who had been rather scornful about knitting yesterday (hat and tunic) and she started crying and admitted she was 10 weeks pregnant! I like that crafting can bring us together, both for the desperately sad times in life and also the happy ones. The baby the hat and tunic is for was born two days after the loss of a colleague, and was the middle of three baby girls born on three successive days in February to friends/colleagues of mine.

MinnieBar Fri 09-Mar-12 07:41:27

Morning all! Finished a four-way mitred square last night but it's so loose on one diagonal I think I'm going to have to undo it all. It was an extra so I don't mind from that POV but I thought I'd be getting better at this, not worse…

Calling all mother-daughter knitting teams - I don't know if you've heard about MmeLindor's idea to launch a new, online magazine for the per-teen market that isn't just about glittery pink stuff and boys? here

She's asked for article suggestions and I thought something on these blankets would be a lovely idea, particularly from a mother-daughter angle, and/or MNers whose own mothers have helped them.

It would be anonymous, of course, so please PM me if you and your daughter have done squares and you'd like to be part of the article smile

KnottyLocks Fri 09-Mar-12 09:04:08

Trib, the hat and dress are so very cute. I totally agree about crafting bringing people together. The sense of community that emanates from the blanket threads is remarkable.

Minnie, that is a great idea. I've seen MmeL's thread and have been thinking about ideas. Yours is a corker. smile

DonkeyTeapot Fri 09-Mar-12 09:18:56

Hello gang, just signing in. I wondered what was going on with MN last night, I gave up and went to bed early. My squares are already posted (Only did four and then wrecked one of those!) but I'm enjoying keeping up with everyone's progress smile

puddleofpiddle Fri 09-Mar-12 10:21:35

I've been out of action with a bug for a couple of days but my squares are ready to post! Knotty I can't seem to pm you to ask for the address!

BarbaraWoodlouse Fri 09-Mar-12 10:24:28

puddle I think you need to PM Pistey not Knotty. HTH!

DutchOma Fri 09-Mar-12 10:26:15

I tried to post on the old thread and it was awfully slow.
Anyway, I also ordered from Fingers and Thumbs on the 1st March and nothing has arrived. I emailed them yesterday and didn't get and answer. They are by far the cheapest for Debbie Bliss and had more than the pastel colours, but if they are this slow I couldn't really recommend them. It's a shame as they seem to be a team of young mothers with small children.

GleamingHeels Fri 09-Mar-12 10:34:02

Thank goodnes - I have found you.. having book marked the original and forgotten that we had already moved from Chat to Arts and Crafts!

Two completed and I have put the pictures on my profile in the hope that my donor has worked out who the wool went to and might want to see the results... I think I've made my profile public - it's even emptier than Pistey's! I think I've got enough left for one more square - so will get to that this afternoon

upsydaisysexstylist Fri 09-Mar-12 10:40:00

marking place, have nearly three squares done and possibly enough wool fore three more' Bit slow as have ill chioldren and decided to make my first square intarsia, rembered why I don't do picture knits, furiously resisting urge to block it as it is a bit wibbly, but more or less 6 inches.

Am finishing one which is a stocking stich diamond in a double moss stictch border, am unsure whether to embroider something or leave plain for an embelishment to be attached

I too am ruined for other wool and have huge granny stripe and flower stylecraft blanket on my hook.

Molehillmountain Fri 09-Mar-12 11:56:31

Love the hat and tunic trib. Are they done in crafter? Looks like a ball I have in stash. If so...magic woolwink.

Molehillmountain Fri 09-Mar-12 11:57:03

Squares done! Off to post in a bit! smile

PurplePidjin Fri 09-Mar-12 13:00:11

I'm 2/3 through my second knitted square, took it on the train with me, went wrong, ripped out, dropped a load of stitches angry

Didcot on Monday might be essential to get me straightened out! <pines for hook>

Faverolles Fri 09-Mar-12 13:11:40

I've finished one very plain, slightly uneven square blush, and have started on another.
I really don't mind if it's rejected as it's a bit rubbish, but I'll keep practicing!
Piste - I'll pm you for an address when I've finished the second square.

Can I ask how you do different patterns on the squares? I've (mostly) mastered the knit and purl stitch, is there loads more to it?

PurplePidjin Fri 09-Mar-12 13:23:02

Faverolles, I think it's just stocking stitch (knit a row purl a row) but in the middle you do a certain number of knit stitches and it builds up into a pattern? I'm still struggling to remember which row is knit and which purl though so not the best person to say blush

GleamingHeels Fri 09-Mar-12 13:38:55

Faverolles you can make loads of patterns just using knit and purl stitches - so long as you can recognise which is which as PurpleP says - first of all recognising the row, then the individual stitches when knits and purls are mixed up on a row... saves lots of counting or repeating knit..purl...knit..purl to yourself - here's a pattern for moss stitch which is just made of knits and purls - if you Google or look on Ravelry you'll find lots of designs that other people have created.

Bet your squares will look fab as part of the whole MumsNet effort

tribpot Fri 09-Mar-12 13:47:38

Mole, yes, it's Crofter. I adore it. Working on this blanket right now for another baby, also Crofter. Magic stuff!

RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 09-Mar-12 13:49:34


Faverolles - am so glad to hear of your progress, am so glad you took up my challenge grin Fabulous!

Pidj - when I go wrong I have to just start again, I can't go back and sort it out. This is why I perhaps tend to only get one square out of a ball of wool, or send in a square held together by a safety pin grin

upsydaisysexstylist - now the last time I saw intarsia mentioned I had to look it up. I'm going to have to look it up again blush I know it is complicated smile

GleamingHeels - lovely squares! My profile maybe fairly empty but it does have Idris Elba with a crochet hook. Quality not quantity you see.

Oma - that is such a shame to hear about Fingers and Thumbs, they are a very new company I think and perhaps are still finding their way. Hope it comes soon for you.

MinnieBar I too saw MmeLindor's thread, really liked her idea, like yours too, I wonder if my DD would like to contribute, I shall ask her later. .

puddleofpiddle - I've PMd you the posting address, sorry you couldn't get through to Knotty. This bloomin PM system is so frustrating and unreliable at times.

Cuppa now brew Smashing grin

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