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A Blanket for MrsKwazii (continued)

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KnottyLocks Thu 08-Mar-12 17:17:36

Previous thread is here

We had reached 1000 posts.

PurplePidjin Thu 08-Mar-12 17:20:11

Signing in smile

KnottyLocks Thu 08-Mar-12 17:20:32

Hello lovely smile

RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 08-Mar-12 17:30:47

That crept up on us!

RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 08-Mar-12 17:55:51

landofsoapandglory - it has let me PM you! Hope you got it alright smile

GlaikitFizzog Thu 08-Mar-12 18:14:13

Marking place!

SoupDragon Thu 08-Mar-12 18:56:22

<<inserts stitch marker>>

KnottyLocks Thu 08-Mar-12 18:58:37

Pistey, she got it! And mine grin


PurpleKittyKnitting Thu 08-Mar-12 19:00:51

hello! All my squares are done, just need to sew in ends on the last 2! Who are we posting them to and I will try and get them off next week!

RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 08-Mar-12 19:06:06

PurpleKK - sent you a PM. I may well have sent it a few times actually. The screen sort of got stuck grin
Bloody archaic PM system, grumble, grumble

PurpleKittyKnitting Thu 08-Mar-12 19:17:05

I only got it once!! grin

LinzerTorte Thu 08-Mar-12 19:32:25

Signing in. My darning needles are on their way, apparently. Now I just need to start knitting. grin Fingers crossed that the post is über-efficient and that my purplicious wool arrives tomorrow so that I can make a start over the weekend.

MadameMessy Thu 08-Mar-12 19:37:09

hi, signing in. something happened with the last thread, it was too long and kept closing when I tried to open it or post on it. mnhq didn't sort it, so couldn't post.

anyway, have 2 squares done, a diagonal square and a double cable. Will possibly get 2 more from the wool. the cash soft has ruined all others for me, its so lovely!

TheRealMBJ Thu 08-Mar-12 19:37:35

Thanks for directing me here

DaffodilsAhoy Thu 08-Mar-12 19:39:45

<slinks on>

I didn't manage to get my squares in the post after all. They are all parcelled up though - I will go to the post office in the morningblush smile

RedRosie Thu 08-Mar-12 19:48:50

Thinking of Mrs K.

Hello. Just checking in. Starting on my beginning-knitter-possibly-wibbly-wobbly square tomorrow.

As I can now both knit and purl, I'm sure something suitably amateur will emerge. You can hide it in a unregarded corner somewhere. The deadline is still 26th?

KnottyLocks Thu 08-Mar-12 20:03:24

Last posting date for squares is 26th March

KnottyLocks Thu 08-Mar-12 20:04:03

Thanks, Rosie. you reminded me to add that smile

BarbaraWoodlouse Thu 08-Mar-12 20:37:06

Found you all!

Well knitting for such an important project as this isn't helping my perfectionist tendencies. Square 1 has been re-done numerous times, in fact so many that I had to switch wool in the end as I was so sick of the dusky pink grin. I have a criminally large stash of cashsoft now, it's all so soft pretty!

Heart pattern with seed stitch border (decided original border was part of the problem as it just didn't look right to me) will hopefully be finished tonight or tomorrow.

I'm going to listen to the mantra and do a plainer square for Square 2.

Whenisitmysleepytime Thu 08-Mar-12 20:44:36

popping in to mark my place. smile

squares done but now the tricky part of getting my arse in gear to parcel them up! blush

ChippingInNeedsCoffee Thu 08-Mar-12 21:53:57

Has anyone asked MN to link the old thread to this one?

All the squares that are on profiles look great.

We are having another Knit & Natter this time in Didcot the thread is HERE

TheRealMBJ Thu 08-Mar-12 21:54:03

Have finally completed my first square for the blanket. grin

KnottyLocks Thu 08-Mar-12 22:28:17

Chip, I asked them so hopefully they'll be able to do a link for us.

MBJ <shakes pompoms> grin

<boots WhenIsIt up the backside>

RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 08-Mar-12 22:50:38

Evening wine

Just popping into my PM box.....

RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 08-Mar-12 23:06:55

Have replied to all PMs thanks

Linzer - I also hope your purplicious woolly wool arrives tomorrow!
<Fingers crossed>

Everyone is doing so well smile

Thank you to more lovely donors for their generosity we really appreciate it

thanks browneyesblue

thanks MarieFromStMoritz

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