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How to donate wool?

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iceandsliceplease Tue 06-Mar-12 20:05:13

Agree with Soup, without the donors a lot of us wouldn't be able to make any squares at all. When I get cracking this evening, the squares will be from me and my anonymous donor smile

SoupDragon Tue 06-Mar-12 10:26:01

Can I just say that the donors play just as an important part in these projects as the crafters smile

KnottyLocks Tue 06-Mar-12 09:06:34

You're very welcome.

thanks for your support.

MarieFromStMoritz Tue 06-Mar-12 08:19:28

Great, thanks KnottyLocks.

KnottyLocks Tue 06-Mar-12 08:15:25

Also, at the beginning of each thread we will ask those who are interested in donating to PM either me or RatherBeOnThePiste. It depends on who is doing the admin for that particular blanket.

We will then do all the matching up for you, Pm you the address and tell you what to buy.

KnottyLocks Tue 06-Mar-12 08:13:21

At the top of the blanket threads, we give details of the type of wool to buy and the colours we're using. We stick to a certain type of wool so that when the blanket is washed all the squares will wash the same way; any shrinkage will be the same too.

MarieFromStMoritz Tue 06-Mar-12 08:10:42

How do we find out what to buy and where to send it to?

KnottyLocks Tue 06-Mar-12 08:08:06

We currently have donors who are also overseas. It can be done.

KnottyLocks Tue 06-Mar-12 08:07:00

Marie, it's very easy. smile

If you are talking about the MN blankets, the wool we use for the blankets can be bought on line and sent directly to crafters who will knit your squares for you. A proper team effort.

There are currently two blanket threads: one for WubblyBubbly and one for MrsKwazii. You'll find them in the Arts and Crafts section.

RabidEchidna Tue 06-Mar-12 08:07:00

Thank you for starting this thread, I was wondering myself

MarieFromStMoritz Tue 06-Mar-12 08:02:58

Hi, I thought I'd start a thread, as there are probably lots of people out there (like me!) who can't knit but would like to help by donating wool to the blanket makers. Please can you tell us how to do this, bearing in mind that some of us live overseas.


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