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Blanket for Edgar -> Blanket for Rindercella

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purplerabbitofinle Fri 15-Apr-11 10:17:48

I am most of the way through making the woolly blanket for EdgarAleNPie and her family and have a LOT of extra squares, thanks to all the wonderful, kind people out there in MNCraftworld.

How do people feel about making a blanket for Rindercella and her familiy as well as the blanket for Edgar? I''m happy to do the work, and FrazzledBlob and I are meeting next week to do the border, so the infrastructure is mostly in place.

Opinions please...

whydobirdssuddenlyappear Fri 15-Apr-11 10:23:14

I think it's a lovely idea.

womma Fri 15-Apr-11 14:54:06

I think it's a lovely idea too, and would be happy to knit more if any are needed.

Just a suggestion, but a lot of the squares were quite personalised for Edgar's family and I wondered if it would be appropriate to use the remaining squares to make a blanket that could be raffled off for a childrens' charity instead?

Maybe Rinders would like something that's more personal for her girls?

I know that would mean effectively starting it all again and it's been an tremendous lot of work from everyone and coordinating it all must have been difficult and done with great cheerfulness by everyone.

This is just a suggestion I have, and would be happy to coordinate anything if needed.

Amazing job on the blanket Purple!!!

purplerabbitofinle Fri 15-Apr-11 15:44:19

I'm being quite careful about the personal ones - several have initials on, and I've put a cluster in the middle. Obviously anything that is very Leo will go on the Edgar blanket. However, I have a lot of plain and textured squares so this will make my job a bit easier when choosing what to put where!

magicOC Fri 15-Apr-11 16:47:23

Stuff bought smile

Mishy1234 Fri 15-Apr-11 18:36:34

Happy to contribute more squares! Are we sticking to the same colour selection for Rindercella's blankets?

purplerabbitofinle Fri 15-Apr-11 19:12:23

Yes, but maybe a few more pinks and purples and a few less greens?

StayingDavidTennantsGirl Fri 15-Apr-11 19:48:39

Was there a darker pink in the colours, purple? I can't remember.

I will try to find pinks and purples in JL tomorrow.

magicOC Fri 15-Apr-11 20:50:34

Peter Jones (John Lewis Partnership) has lovely pinks/lilacs/purples in when I was there this afternoon. I opted for the pink smile

GentleOtter Fri 15-Apr-11 21:40:15

Are we going to use the Debbie Bliss cashmerino? It was lovely to work with and is beautifully soft.

magicOC Fri 15-Apr-11 22:21:27

think its the same as last time ie debbie bliss and rowan cashsoft gentle. smile

magicOC Sat 16-Apr-11 12:48:23

purple I caught the post office but missed the last pick up so sorry but it wont be @ifted till monday now. X

Niecie Sat 16-Apr-11 22:38:54

Do we have a deadline for extra squares?

I am happy to help - any excuse to buy more yarn especially for such a worthwhile project.

How are you fixed for squares? I am wondering if I should do another 4 or whether 2 will suffice if you are not to be drowning in squares? I am happy to churn them out to the cows come home but just wondering if I should limit

purplerabbitofinle Sun 17-Apr-11 07:13:06

Niecie, I think I'm going to drown but in such a nice way! <mmm snuggly>

Niecie Sun 17-Apr-11 12:05:08

OK then I'll just do a couple.

If you are going to go, drowning in little squares of woolly loveliness is definitely the knitter's/crocheter's way to go. smile

purplerabbitofinle Sun 17-Apr-11 13:19:35

You never know we might get a couple of cushions out of it too shock

onEastarEggIGraze Mon 18-Apr-11 22:21:20

I'm in

purplerabbitofinle Mon 18-Apr-11 22:44:10

Nice one, onEaster. Drop a PM to PixieOnaLeaf for details smile

womma Thu 21-Apr-11 21:16:33

Evening Purple, do you still need any more squares for Rinders? I've done a couple but I'm not sure if you need them or if you're swamped in woolly squares?

(I found somewhere that takes knitted squares and sends them to AIDS victims in Africa if you've really got way too many)

Have a great weekend woolly chums!

purplerabbitofinle Thu 21-Apr-11 22:02:26

I'll hold off for now, thank you Womma kicks herself for turning down chocolate but I may take you up on it later, if that's ok? magicOC has sent 4 balls of wool for the border, and I have loads of other donations, plus lots of people have told me they're busy beavering away so I'm not sure what I'm going to have...

AIDS victims in Africa sounds like a good cause. I've got another thread going trying to organise a Stitch and Bitch to use the leftovers to make hats etc for angels born sleeping, if it takes off I'll do another for the Africa on in a few monts smile

LadyWellian Thu 21-Apr-11 23:01:38

Sorry for woolly silence from me. Hope you have enough squares for both blankets Purple? Can't stretch funds to more fancy yarn at the mo but very happy for my 4 Edgar squares to be split between both.

Have you got any more pictures yet?

LadyWellian Thu 21-Apr-11 23:20:52

Purple just checked the shoutouts thread and saw link to new pics - fantastic work and glad my squares have made it on to both. You are a marvel. smile

purplerabbitofinle Fri 22-Apr-11 07:11:26

Aw, thanks LadyW blush

I have an absolute ton of leftover yarn! We need a Stitch and Bitch for charity to use it up - I'm organising a Dorset/Hants one if anyone fancies a little holiday down here...

womma Fri 22-Apr-11 20:51:00

Hi Purple, I've got two squares all ready to go if you need them, just tip me the wink xxx

purplerabbitofinle Fri 22-Apr-11 20:58:35

Ah,well, if they're made...


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