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PixieOnaLeaf Tue 22-Mar-11 11:26:10

Message withdrawn

BIWI Thu 22-Mar-12 08:10:55

Oh my goodness - a year! I'm so glad that the blanket is so well-loved.

and LOL at 'he did a wee in the bath'!

Blatherskite Mon 19-Mar-12 20:44:25

I didn't realise the anniversary was Saturday. I still think of you often. So glad the blankets help a little.

trumpton Mon 19-Mar-12 20:21:39

I am so glad to have been part of the "Woolly Hug" for Leo. I often think of you and your family and send my best wishes. The "Woolly Hugs" are a lovely way of remembering a special little boy.

Northernlurker Sat 17-Mar-12 21:01:35

Just seen this. It's so good that you have your beautiful blankets to hug you but what I think is even better about then is that they were the first and since then there have been many, all made as labours of love to stretch out hands to those in grief. It's all done because Leo started it. Your beautiful son who gave you so much has given a lot of love to people he never knew and who may not know of him. That's very special.

habbibu Sat 17-Mar-12 20:50:35

Oh Edgar. What a strange, sad day. My heart goes out to all of you.

mumatron Sat 17-Mar-12 20:30:31

Oh edgar. Today must have been so hard for you all.

I still think of you and leo. I'm glad the blanket brings you some comfort.

Pagwatch Sat 17-Mar-12 20:20:44

I just can't imagine and I have nothing sensible to say. You are a gorgeous family, you all have each other and all that love you share will keep him in your hearts. I am thinking of you Eggy

EdlessAllenPoe Sat 17-Mar-12 20:02:22

thanks pag ... yes time does fly. I expect he did several wee-wees in the bath....

didn't know what to do today.

EdlessAllenPoe Sat 17-Mar-12 19:57:09

bender great name smile Futurama ....never enough series of it.

It is one year now. or was this afternoon. The tree put out one little cherry blossom with all the rest about to pop ...just to say 'boo' to Mummy and Daddy. We planted some primroses underneath it, and DD told it about what she did at school. DD2 said 'Tree!' which isn't bad for 19 months. We're very lucky people.

The blankets always make me very proud to be a Mumsnetter thanks

Pagwatch Sat 17-Mar-12 19:51:44

Oh Eggy,
Is it really a year? I love 'he did a wee-wee in the bath' smile

You are fabulous. Sending you love x

BenderBendingRodriguez Sat 17-Mar-12 19:44:29

<weeps quietly>

I think of you and Leo often, Edgar. I am very proud to have contributed my little plain square.

Northey Sat 17-Mar-12 19:42:05

Is it Leo's anniversary today? I hope you don't mind a stranger telling you how sorry she is for what happened. How have you been today?

EdlessAllenPoe Sat 17-Mar-12 19:40:17

I felt like saying 'Ah, but this is not any blanket. This is a Mumsnet Blanket.'

fellatio that is very true smile

Thanks again to everyone who made this wonderful blanket for us. the DDs play with it, it is our sofa-cuddle blanket, it smells and feels good, and looks wonderful. I often think of the kind and clever hands that bought, posted, knitted and put together this wonderful thing.

It is a year now. we can't stop time since we last hugged our little boy, but we can give his blanky a cuddle.


there is something lovely about every square. Am very impressed by the way the whole blanket has been organised too (organisation always impresses me smile ) and the subsequent blankets too... you really are amazing.

EdlessAllenPoe Sat 17-Mar-12 19:27:28

I just wanted to say a big thanks again to all the quilters as it is a thing of beauty.


wanda the pinky ponk is just amazing
devere beautiful butterfly smile
orm i think of the little boys snuggling the quilt animals
purveyor the peacock is gorgeous
yourethe Smiley Balloon smile

we've had lots of time to appreciate the detail of it, the fabric squares (one with lots of peach/pink flowers in a 70s style i particularly like), the wonderful stitching put in by LOTM with buttons to bring the whole thing together. Just wonderful. It was this day last year, and the garden is putting in good work in making flowers to cheer us up.

I asked DD1 what she remembered about Leo, and she said 'he did a wee-wee in the bath' smile 'and we played together, he was always my best friend'

his little sister can walk now, and talk. I wish he was here to play with them.

mummylin2495 Tue 03-May-11 21:20:32

where has pixie gone ?

PixieOnaLeaf Thu 14-Apr-11 19:49:23

Message withdrawn

UrsulaBuffay Thu 14-Apr-11 18:53:26

LOTM pm pixie she will advise I'm sure!

ohfuschia Thu 14-Apr-11 13:36:24

Hi, my squares are just drying and should be in the post tomorrow - understand if you are not able to use them, sorry I got behind.

womma Thu 14-Apr-11 09:09:17

Wanda that pinky-ponk is amazing!

BerryLellow Thu 14-Apr-11 08:07:21

LadyOfTheManor I'm sending my square out today, so sorry it's taken ages. I seem to have been swallowed up in the housebuying process and then my sewing machine broke. Anyway, it's a funny looking little thing, so I understand if it's not usable! Hope it arrives tomorrow.

catclarks Wed 13-Apr-11 23:46:17

LadyOfTheManor, I'm VERY unskilled at anything craft related but I've drafted in a very talented friend who is going to drop in a couple of squares this week. I can get them sent off by the weekend. Is that going to be too late? If that's ok, can you please pm me the address of where to send them. Thanks

LadyOfTheManor Wed 13-Apr-11 19:34:04

Also, I received a sky blue crocheted (sp?) square today. I don't do the knitting stuff! Can someone give me an address to forward it on? There was no note so I have no idea who sent it-however- it did have a large white envelopes with 2 cool Harry Potter stamps...? Any takers?!

LadyOfTheManor Wed 13-Apr-11 19:32:57

I received another 8 packets today-just when I thought the measuring was over!

My darling mother has made the non-stitch-able squares into an envelope for the cards, which looks fabulous.

Combine all of this with morning sickness, it's going rather well

PaganOfBologna Wed 13-Apr-11 09:54:51

Wanda, I LOVE the Pinky-ponk grin. Fabulous work. I bet Knotty will be along with her gold stars any time!

LOTM it's all looking good. I posted some extra fabric squares yesterday (bit late sorry)

HelpMeWanda Wed 13-Apr-11 06:39:15

I've finally finished!! Pics on profile and they're in the post today... so sorry LOTM about the delay, the embroidery took forever!!

Can't wait to see the finished article... so far it looks amazing...

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