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Important interview (April 2019) with Dr. Alexander Korte, a German Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist.

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LangCleg Sat 16-Nov-19 10:00:46

(Via 4th Wave Now)

Important interview (April 2019) with Dr. Alexander Korte, a German Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist. In it, he describes recent changes in the population of patients presenting with gender dysphoria.

This is clearly a worldwide phenomenon.

The interview is subtitled in English - hooray! He speaks about the reality of ROGD, especially in girls and articulates concerns about the possible transing of baby gays and lesbians, and also thinks that clinicians should probably stop prescribing puberty blockers as they "set" an eventual transition.

I'm also glad to see him suggest that some of this is the result of living in an advanced, neoliberal capitalist economy - leading to the commodification of self. Finally, someone says this out loud!


4th Wave thread:

DuchessDumbarton Sun 17-Nov-19 09:41:20


So are there social causes?

We observe a general tendency of unleashing, of and expand scope, crossing boundaries.
So what do I mean by that? To give examples: the effects of globalisation. The messy international finance, the deregulation taking place there.
The excesses, very different topic, quite another example, of internet pornography.

So, everywhere there is an unleashing by crossing boundaries. This seems to be, as it were, an inherent characteristic of postmodern society and of our neo-liberal economic system.
Including the intrinsic overcalling and augmentation logic: more and more, larger, faster.
And including the enormous change dynamics contained therein.

DuchessDumbarton Sun 17-Nov-19 10:08:38


"So there are similar developments we observe, changes, similar phenomena namely unleashing, diversification, spectrum expansion, in the sexual sphere, too.
The German sexologist Volkmar Sigusch speaks of neosexualities, neo-sexes.

From a cultural studies or sociological perspective view I would summarise: what’s driving this is modern society’s utopian belief in progress? This belief promises total satisfaction of needs.

Therefore, we should not be surprised that the same mechanisms can be found in the field of medicine and other services i.e. continuous expansion of supply, dynamic expansion using all technological possibilities.

And generally, in the whole gender debate, where we are now confronted with an impressive range of diversification.
There are people who claim to not fit into the binary system, so they refuse to go along with the distinction between man and woman, non-binary.
There are people, and especially the younger generation who call themselves a-gender or bi-gender or pan-gender or gender-fluid.

DuchessDumbarton Sun 17-Nov-19 10:09:12


But is not all of that the expression of an increasingly liberal society?

The question is: how does that fit into a larger cultural or political context?
The individualisation and pluralisation of gender forms, how does that actually fit in with this conservative roll-back, which we can actually observe over the last 20 years in this neo-liberal era?
And I would say that it does not contradict this conservative policy change in the slightest. On the contrary: if it follows the mechanisms of the consumer economy and accepts or submits to the principles of supply and demand, this development is the logical consequence.
One could say in a sense, that the loss of freedom that arises because of the net balance in terms of social justice or economic security, faces a plus in sexual freedom.
One might compensate for the other- assuming that you consider these freedoms and opportunities as an actual enrichment for the modern individual.

DuchessDumbarton Sun 17-Nov-19 10:09:53


"^You are being severely criticised by the transgender community for your statements. Some even accuse you of right-wing populist views. How come the viciousness of the debate?^

Yea, well, so whenever you talk about it as a doctor or a scientist, you have to expect criticism.
This really shows how ideologically mined the terrain is. And it is just this mostly ideological discussion that makes a fact based and calmly conducted scientific examination of the subject impossible at times.
That’s tragic of course. We know this: ideology is the death of science just as populism is the death of democracy. "

DuchessDumbarton Sun 17-Nov-19 10:10:46


Where does the opposition come from? Is the whole matter political, too?

Well obviously, there are the transgender activities on the one hand who represent their interests, which is legitimate, yes, please, absolutely. However, on a critical note, they don’t necessarily represent the interests of all people with a transsexual desire and all support groups.

And then I think it is also a political issue, inasmuch as nowadays you get the impression that the question of where one stands politically, is decided on the basis of one’s own position in the gender issue- or more specifically, actually the attitude that someone has towards queer theory.

Which states, put it simply, that biological sex should be understood as a historically discursive arbitrary construction.
This I believe is a mistake and also quite absurd. I am too much of a scientist to believe in this.

NeurotrashWarrior Sun 17-Nov-19 10:12:27

There's a letter in the times today. Hang on...

LangCleg Sun 17-Nov-19 10:14:18

So grateful to you for doing this, Duchess.

NeurotrashWarrior Sun 17-Nov-19 10:14:35


NeurotrashWarrior Sun 17-Nov-19 10:15:27

By Marcus Evans.

Yes thanks again Duchess.

DuchessDumbarton Sun 17-Nov-19 10:23:36

You're welcome..... I did it for myself as much as for anyone else reading.
I will probably use quotes from it in future.... I am girding my loins to talk to DC's school which had a talk about LGBT recently.
Well, it was ostensibly about LGBT but was all about the T according to DC.
And I cannot let that pass me by.

BernardBlacksWineIceLolly Sun 17-Nov-19 10:45:02

yes, I was just coming to point out the Marcus Evans letter. So clinicians at the Tavistock have raised concerns, but instead of taking them seriously, the trust tried to bury the issues

I mean how fucking irresponsible can you get. it's children's bodies we're talking about here

NonnyMouse1337 Sun 17-Nov-19 12:01:45

So good to see clinicians and scientists speaking out, but it's horrible to witness all of this happening and these ominous warnings falling on deaf ears.

NeurotrashWarrior Sun 17-Nov-19 12:41:44

It's great they're speaking out; when are people going to listen.

People being politicians, NHS, stonewall, national lottery, bbc, education, unions etc

And the general public. Especially parents.

NeurotrashWarrior Sun 17-Nov-19 12:41:56


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