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Flippin' heck look what was on Britain's Got Talent last night

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fashionbuy Tue 05-Mar-13 12:37:58

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

HerBeatitude Mon 26-Apr-10 10:53:36

If everyone threatened to stop buying Dominoes if they carry on sponsoring this, they'd soon withdraw their budgets pretty damn quick.

maltesers Mon 26-Apr-10 10:38:04

But yes, agree, they shouldnt show bare boobs and rude stuff when kids are up and watching.

LadyBlaBlah Mon 26-Apr-10 10:37:50

I thought it was simply a slot for Simon Cowell to show us his heterosexual credentials

Yes, he is definitely heterosexual

maltesers Mon 26-Apr-10 10:37:12

There is some real rubbish on this programme. Some is so bad its hilarious.... love it ,, especially Simon Cowells face !!
But when you get a brilliant voice its great ...wonderful .

wannaBe Mon 26-Apr-10 10:33:59

"Who is advertising during this show? Can we write to them to ask them to stop supporting it?"

Dominos. But there's not a chance - bgt gets millions of viewers so there's no chance that an advertiser would withdraw their support.

KinderellaTristabelle Mon 26-Apr-10 10:30:35

Union jack logos? (I can't tell from the photos.) Is that true? Great. Tasteful. hmm Is that what we stand for now? Oh the pride!

And I can see her whole breasts in those shots in the paper, minus nipples. I'm so glad I don't watch that show. It sounds awful.

HerBeatitude Mon 26-Apr-10 09:09:54

Who is advertising during this show? Can we write to them to ask them to stop supporting it?

mmrsceptic Mon 26-Apr-10 06:33:37

agree with gorionine, it's a freak show

gorionine Mon 26-Apr-10 05:57:43

"How are parents supposed to protect children from this if this is what they put on family shows before the watershed?"

IMHO this show has stoppped beeing a family one a good few series back. Not only the acts are not necessary child friendly but the bullying that goes on (the public shouting "out out out" as soon as an act start, and the awful comments from the jugdes)are not things I want my Dcs exposed to.

Divster Mon 26-Apr-10 05:56:22

Wonder what those lines are on her legs, or is it reflection from the floor?

Furball Mon 26-Apr-10 05:47:07

They put two union jack logo's over her boobs, so we didn't see anything.

dittany Sun 25-Apr-10 18:58:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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