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It was five years ago yesterday that the world's most famous feminist died

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dittany Sat 10-Apr-10 17:52:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KinderellaTristabelle Fri 16-Apr-10 10:29:29

Sorry, weird and acceptable.

I know what you mean dignified. (If you're referring to the OP. Or was it something in my post?)

It is frightening and horrible. The way I see it at least I'm not blind to it now. I'm more comfortable in one important way now that I understand it logically as well as emotionally.

It is awful though. It's bone chilling when I think about the extent of the harm to individual women and also to women generally (and I know I probably don't realise just how bad the damage actually is as I grew up in this culture [brainwashed emoticon]). sad

Its depressing how widely available and socially acceptable porn is given the damage it causes both to individuals and to society as a whole.

smallwhitecat Fri 16-Apr-10 15:48:31

Message withdrawn

KinderellaTristabelle Fri 16-Apr-10 17:37:53

Thats a very good point smallwhitecat about sexual repression. I hadn't thought of that before, but it is true.

I too am sick of the 'all men are into it'. They're not all brainwashed into believing that.

I read once that porn gives men power but takes away their agency (it was Catherine MacKinnon, I'm pretty sure). I think that's true, it gives them power over women, but reduces their freedom and their range of choices in reality.

dignified Sat 17-Apr-10 14:26:12

Still feel distressed at reading some of those articles for some reason. Has made me think . In the past ive had a partner who would sulk if i didnt want sex, or would whine if i had limits and i know im not alone in this. Ive also encountered unnecessary intimate examinations and been told " not to make a fuss , its just something women have to put up with ".
My arse.

Clearly the idea has been that i am simply a woman and must allow men access to my body, whether i want to or not.
Im actually still really angry after reading those articles the other day , is probably because its hit a nerve.

Xenia Sat 17-Apr-10 15:07:45

On age - above - There is nothing wrong with ageing. People shouldn't just define themselves by their looks. If you've made your principal currency how you look and that fades of course you'll be put out. But if you don't then it's much easier. I would say my looks are only 5% of how I feel about myself and as they change as inevitably they will that won't be particularly significant for me.

dicsuccionc Sun 10-Mar-13 19:37:49

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

tintin1969 Tue 12-Mar-13 06:51:33

Is it 5 years since she passed away already?

TheNebulousBoojum Tue 12-Mar-13 07:00:30

No, this is an old thread, she died in 2005.

ohnoanotherMRA Tue 12-Mar-13 20:20:13

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