India Willoughby being vile about Julia HB

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BewaretheIckabog Mon 20-Sep-21 21:54:57

India Willoughby used to be a trans person I tried to listen to although I thought she was always obsessed by how feminine she looked and how well she passed. She seemed to think she was not just better at being a woman than other trans people but also most women to.

Now attacking JHB on Twitter as looking more manly than her. It’s hardly the BeKind, be a good, little lady, be nice to everyone is it?

I can appreciate there would be some envy on a career / journalistic level but IW comes across as a thoroughly unpleasant person.

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Helleofabore Mon 20-Sep-21 22:00:02

This is par for the course though with IW. Didn’t they also state that women who didn’t shave their legs were disgusting or something similarly vile?

I am sure like so many transitioned males IW believes IW passes so very well…

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Mon 20-Sep-21 22:03:12

Twitter is very unedifying. Full of people who can’t spell being vicious.

Kendodd Mon 20-Sep-21 22:04:01

I dread to think what IW would make of me.
Short hair, no make up, hairy legs.
And 100% woman.

eurochick Mon 20-Sep-21 22:05:47

Wow. It's almost like being a woman isn't just about living up to stereotypes....

Mrsjayy Mon 20-Sep-21 22:06:49

IW is an viscous human being I'm sure they are after the Katie Hopkins spot,also they have always believed they were a higher than everybody else "woman"

FlibbertyGiblets Mon 20-Sep-21 22:07:32

Me as well, Ken. Short fat hairy cunty type.

Miss Willoughby would recoil, I am sure. Oh well.


RedDogsBeg Mon 20-Sep-21 22:08:11

No surprise from Willoughby, it's their modus operandi.

Strangely, Ginuwine clearly didn't agree that India was a real woman when India tried to force him to kiss India on Celebrity Big Brother.

BewaretheIckabog Mon 20-Sep-21 22:09:26

Hair-free, blonde, made-up and feminine- it’s almost a male-fantasy of what a woman should look like.

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Mrsjayy Mon 20-Sep-21 22:14:06

I,m not keen on JULIA either but I think India used to the This Morning news of the day slot before Julia so I think there is background .

Suzysunflower Mon 20-Sep-21 22:15:42

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Helleofabore Mon 20-Sep-21 22:18:08

Message deleted by MNHQ. Quotes deleted post.

Helleofabore Mon 20-Sep-21 22:19:30

Sorry Suzy… meant to add

‘Don’t bust that bubble they live in!’ grin

RedDogsBeg Mon 20-Sep-21 22:22:30

Message deleted by MNHQ. Quotes deleted post.

Duckypoohs Mon 20-Sep-21 22:23:56

They seemed like a massive twat on big brother, weren't they the first voted out?

ethelredonagoodday Mon 20-Sep-21 22:31:20

I'm no fan of JHB, but I think IWs post is really unnecessary and may backfire on her.

MiladyBerserko Mon 20-Sep-21 22:33:31

If there is going to be a battle of wits, my money's firmly on Julia.

Plus, popcorn.

FloralBunting Mon 20-Sep-21 22:34:12

I'm more manly that India Willoughby. And everyone still knows I'm a woman when I'm wearing a three piece suit and a trilby.

Guess being female isn't predicated on how femme and bitchy you are. Who knew? (every actual woman, obviously) Honestly, never mind brow ridges and adam's apples, if there's a bigger tell that the shit that IW says, I dunno what it is.

SpidersAreShitheads Mon 20-Sep-21 22:34:53

I don't know this India person, but I'm gender-critical so doesn't sound like I'd be cheerleading for them.

However, I do know who JHB is and she's a giant, nasty twat. I blocked her on Twitter as I don't want to read her right-wing bollocks and Brexit propaganda.

Sounds as if India and JHB deserve each other tbh.

FloralBunting Mon 20-Sep-21 22:42:47

JHB is an opinionated woman. I disagree with many of her opinions. She's still a woman, though, and I'll be in her corner over IW any day of the week.

Newnewnew1179 Mon 20-Sep-21 22:44:25

I don’t agree with JHB about loads of stuff but I do admire her for having opinions and not being afraid to air them and I don’t think she’s “a giant nasty twat” I follow her on Twitter, disagree with A LOT of what she says but it’s not good to exist in an echo chamber.

ARoombaOfOnesOwn Mon 20-Sep-21 22:53:23

JHB has consistently covered the debate on TalkRadio and has had Posie on as well as others, for several years now. I disagree with her on most other things but I admire her for her stance on this.

SpidersAreShitheads Mon 20-Sep-21 23:00:12

A giant, nasty twat is the politest way to describe my feelings for JHB.

I do agree about an echo chamber though - I enjoy reading a cross-section of opinions and don't instantly hate someone because they're of a different mindset to me. When I'm in the right frame of mind, I enjoy having a good mooch round Twitter as it's an opportunity to talk to people that I wouldn't encounter in my daily life.

I find JHB unpalatable because she twists the truth to suit her agenda and she's been incredibly nasty to others in the past. It's not actually the fact that we have differing opinions. But I admire her for being outspoken and not being afraid to voice her views. It's just a shame that I disagree so vehemently with most things that come out of her mouth.

Mind you, having said all of that - and I do have a very deep dislike of JHB - if there was a debate about womanhood on the table, of course I'd be taking her side.

BoreOfWhabylon Mon 20-Sep-21 23:02:49

Listen to IW being interviewed by Jenni Murray back in 2016
(listen later in the piece @ 37.25 when IW says women who don't shave theirs legs are "dirty")

Jenni subsequently wrote a piece in The Times which caused a furore

Theluggage15 Mon 20-Sep-21 23:03:23

JHB can be an idiot about some things but she has a large platform on Talk radio and Twitter and always stands up for women and deals with the shit that gets thrown at her because of that. Willoughby has made some vile comments this evening. Really vile.

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