Editorial Holyrood Magazine Women are angry. Time to Speak up

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334bu Sun 19-Sep-21 08:45:30


Blistering attack from Mandy Rhodes

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Jaysmith71 Sun 19-Sep-21 08:48:29

Link that works:


334bu Sun 19-Sep-21 08:48:57


This link should work and give you link to editorial comment. Sorry about that.

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WhoNeedsaManOfTheWorld Sun 19-Sep-21 08:49:33

The links don't work for me

WhoNeedsaManOfTheWorld Sun 19-Sep-21 08:52:23

Thanks, the last link worked

teawamutu Sun 19-Sep-21 09:02:56

Superb column.

Forgive my ignorance, but how influential is Holyrood? What's the typical readership?

FemaleAndLearning Sun 19-Sep-21 09:04:47

A good piece. I like the long list of where women were and what we were doing pre GRA.


YetAnotherSpartacus Sun 19-Sep-21 09:06:20

That was an absolutely excellent piece of writing.

MrsOvertonsWindow Sun 19-Sep-21 09:09:31

Wow! Another powerful piece of writing.
The growing rage of women....

Thelnebriati Sun 19-Sep-21 09:31:01

Its been archived but I daren't post the link as its Scrodingers Deletion, depending who's on mod duty today.

Popuptent Sun 19-Sep-21 09:33:00

Thanks for link.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sun 19-Sep-21 11:17:08

I'm so pissed off that our elected representatives are considering leaving politics rather than addressing the issue properly.

That is a really good piece of writing and I just wish some of our politicians could get that angry.

StarryStarrySocks Sun 19-Sep-21 11:26:09


Superb column.

Forgive my ignorance, but how influential is Holyrood? What's the typical readership?

I wouldn't consider it influential. The best way I can describe it is as a "trade" magazine for Scottish politics. It goes to MSPs, government organisations, businesses and charities with a lobbying role. It's not on newsstands and very few members of the general public will be aware of it, far less read it.

DingDongDenny Sun 19-Sep-21 11:51:12

I think it is important as MSPs read it and it helps to get the message across that people are waking up, this is becoming a mainstream concern and that is what they are most afraid of.

I was particularly heartened to hear that Ministers are worried and considering their political future. That's huge.

FightingtheFoo Sun 19-Sep-21 13:44:28

This is brilliant. So well written.

Whereareyourshoes Sun 19-Sep-21 17:01:25

Another excellent article - thank you for sharing.

Rhannion Sun 19-Sep-21 19:03:02

Excellent article, thank you for sharing.

ArabellaScott Sun 19-Sep-21 19:25:43

What IS it that Holyrood does to their links?! It's the comma. It wrecks it every time.

Excellent article, though. Thanks for sharing.

Rhannion Mon 20-Sep-21 09:12:46

Kaye Adams will be talking about GRC on BBC Radio Scotland this morning, some time between 9- 12. She will be interviewing two people “ with very different viewpoints “ she says.

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