Rosie Duffield thank you

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Whatthechicken Fri 10-Sep-21 16:39:44

I haven’t seen another thread on this today and I know she must be on here - thank you Rosie!

Rosie on Twitter today:

Hope that’s a clicky link.

Despite the hate you may be getting Rosie, there is a legion behind you!

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EmbarrassingAdmissions Fri 10-Sep-21 16:49:01

There is such opprobrium for someone who works to defend the boundaries for women and for gay men and lesbians and well as her support for trans people.

Duffield's courage is remarkable.

Shedbuilder Fri 10-Sep-21 16:57:09

Thank you, Rosie Duffield! I would have Tweeted but you don't follow me, and neither do many others. You're doing a great job and I know for a fact that you are supported by other female Labour MPs, because mine is one of them. We understand that you're doing this not just for women but also for the future of the Labour Party. Kudos to you.

GrimDamnFanjo Fri 10-Sep-21 17:00:22

What an arse that Councillor is.

MrsOvertonsWindow Fri 10-Sep-21 17:05:34

Just goes to show how all the rainbow glitter in the world can't hide the sight of a misogynist telling a woman to keep quiet.
I do hope for the sake of the electorate that he has some other political interests other than his own sexuality, own career, own relationships etc - rivetingly fascinating as they are hmm

And thank you Rosie Duffield. The majority are behind you.

LizzieSiddal Fri 10-Sep-21 17:06:26

I hope she receives an apology from that lying Tory.

Whereareyourshoes Fri 10-Sep-21 17:26:23

Thank you Rosie Duffield. If only more members of the Labour Party had your courage.


Passmeamenuatthetottenham Fri 10-Sep-21 17:26:29

Liking transphobic tweets....

She liked a tweet that said 'only women have a cervix' for fucks sake. Do people honestly have nothing better to do than comb the 'likes' section of women they don't like to desperately find shit they can fling in the hope that it sticks?

Abhannmor Fri 10-Sep-21 17:51:33

Well said as usual Rosie . I owe you big time because Owen Jones blocked me for a comment supporting you!

ArtemesiaK Fri 10-Sep-21 18:03:02

I think the last "like" that got her in trouble was one where a gay man was angry about the adoption of the word "queer" and something about cosplaying women, which I thought was hilarious. Who on earth is scrutinising her so closely to pick up her every "like" ? It's so creepy.
Anyway, I refuse to do Twitter, so I'd like to give my wholehearted support to Rosie Duffield here ...

Whatthechicken Fri 10-Sep-21 18:14:26

One of the tweets to Rosie’s response reads:

‘Rosie Duffield MP wants my wife & I to use male toilets. That is going to be very stressful for us.’

If they find it stressful, why oh why do they not understand how women might feel having male bodied people in spaces where women may be vulnerable, I just don’t get this juxtaposition, why is it all about them without any thought to how others feel? Do women’s feelings, vulnerability and worries not matter? I’m all for finding a solution, but a solution which only works one way, which only cares about how one demographic feels doesn’t work for me, that’s just plain wrong.

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Whatthechicken Fri 10-Sep-21 18:18:18

If you can’t tweet your support, a short email to Rosie expressing support, will I’m sure, let her know we appreciate her important voice, her email address can be found online.

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PaleGreenGhost Fri 10-Sep-21 18:43:01

Thank you Rosie star

CatherinaJTV Fri 10-Sep-21 18:47:04

Fact is that all of us "selfID" when we use the toilet (or have you ever been asked to show ID or genitals?) and that is legal, according to the EA2010, no GRC needed. Do we want toilet policing like proposed in the US? An armed guard?

somethinginoffensive Fri 10-Sep-21 18:50:25

Rosie manages to be so incredibly reasonable and argues her beliefs strongly but fairly.
We need more MPs like her.

lazylinguist Fri 10-Sep-21 19:03:30

Fact is that all of us "selfID" when we use the toilet

I don't assign myself to a sex that I don't belong to, based on my feelings, when I go to the toilet. So no, I don't 'self ID' as a woman. I just factually am one, whether anyone checks that or not. The absence of checking or verification doesn't change the facts.

EmbarrassingAdmissions Fri 10-Sep-21 19:17:40

If people are interested, this is your regular 'splendid women' reminder that Prof Clara Greed is available on YouTube for all of your town planning provision of public lavatories and discussion of the phenomenon of the bladder leash needs.

Plus an overview of territoriality in some public lavatories:

Blibbyblobby Fri 10-Sep-21 19:18:40


Fact is that all of us "selfID" when we use the toilet (or have you ever been asked to show ID or genitals?) and that is legal, according to the EA2010, no GRC needed. Do we want toilet policing like proposed in the US? An armed guard?

Fact is that all of us benefit from the (just about still standing) social contract that males do not use female facilities and therefore, males that entered would likely be challenged and asked or forced to leave.

Yes, some trans women may have used them in the past, but they were there under a courtesy extended to them by female people and acted with courtesy in return because they knew if they made female people too uncomfortable or afraid the social convention would be enacted.

You think because there may at times have been trans women quietly in women's spaces within female tolerance, the social contract did nothing and can be broken entirely so that any male may enter in by right. You believe that that this will have no adverse impact on female people, or indeed the trans people who also benefitted from the social convention.

You are very wrong.

EightiesRobot Fri 10-Sep-21 19:19:34

I think part of what we want is for males to show women some respect and not violate our boundaries because they can.

EightiesRobot Fri 10-Sep-21 19:21:15

And I appreciate those males with gender dysphoria who do respect women. Also, thank you Rosie Duffield. I'm in awe at your courage 💜🤍💚

Whatthechicken Fri 10-Sep-21 19:22:07

@CatherinaJTV but we don’t self -ID, the majority of us go to the toilet that represents our biological reality because we know that if we go to the other one we will make others feel uncomfortable. For example, should there be a queue at the men’s, my husband would not use the women’s toilets, he would know that he would make women feel uncomfortable and leave himself wide open to untrue allegations. I really do understand why trans women may feel uncomfortable using the toilet that is not aligned to their gender, but why do they not understand that women may feel uncomfortable with others not aligned to their sex using their toilets? Why are third spaces not acceptable? Why do women have to be the ones who feel uncomfortable and not safe. People do not wear a sign saying ‘I am not a threat’, women generally know that male bodied people ‘could’ pose a threat, we just don’t know who they are. Because of their biology, it is always wise to be on our guard. Safe guarding is for everyone, nobody should get a free pass.

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MrsOvertonsWindow Fri 10-Sep-21 19:24:29

It's part of the social contract isn't it? Respecting the rights of others, respecting the law, respecting single sex spaces.
That's why nobody has ever needed to police these areas because decent people acknowledge them. It's only recently that certain types of people who refuse to acknowledge women's boundaries and child safeguarding have managed to position themselves in influential positions and this has become an issue.

BettyFilous Fri 10-Sep-21 19:25:16

Thank you Rosie. flowers

Passmeamenuatthetottenham Fri 10-Sep-21 19:47:16


Fact is that all of us "selfID" when we use the toilet (or have you ever been asked to show ID or genitals?) and that is legal, according to the EA2010, no GRC needed. Do we want toilet policing like proposed in the US? An armed guard?

Firstly, there is a very obvious reason why your lot always focus on toilets - because it's low hanging fruit and, as you say, isn't actually policed in any official way. We generally rely on social custom.

But what about prisons, DV shelters or hospital wards? What is your view on that.

My mother in law was only saying the other day about how she is worried about males being on her female ward (she is ill at the moment and in hospital a lot) and she is only vaguely aware of this issue. Would you listen to her concerns, or would you hurl ageist and misogynistic insults in her direction?

Secondly, no toilets are not officially policed as we have established. However there are social conventions in place, both conscious and unconscious, which mean that generally, its fairly easy to keep blokes out of the women's loos. In a culture of self id, where everyone (including men who want to commit crimes against women) knows that any male can legally identify as a female with no gatekeeping whatsoever, that you don't have to produce a GRC to get into a toilet anyway, and that it is incredibly transphobic to make judgements or assumptions about someone's sacred gender identity, its a lot more difficult to keep males, including predatory ones, out of women's toilets and changing rooms.

And no, I'm not really interested in the 'well ur gonna get raped anyway, because men will always find a way, so we might as well remove the safeguards that are in place and allow anyone in to toilets and changing rooms and if you don't like it then you are a bigot who shouldnt be looking' argument either, so don't even bother trotting that one out.

GreyhoundG1rl Fri 10-Sep-21 19:51:30


Fact is that all of us "selfID" when we use the toilet (or have you ever been asked to show ID or genitals?) and that is legal, according to the EA2010, no GRC needed. Do we want toilet policing like proposed in the US? An armed guard?

We do nothing of the fucking sort.

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