Something old, something new, something BlueStocking

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ErrolTheDragon Fri 27-Aug-21 18:14:51

... no borrowed thread title this time, but a welcome to friends old and new.

The old pub was thataway

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RufustheBadgeringReindeer Fri 27-Aug-21 18:17:04


RufustheBadgeringReindeer Fri 27-Aug-21 18:17:17

Omg i was first

Thats never happened

RufustheBadgeringReindeer Fri 27-Aug-21 18:17:56

Is this where we are going to be holding Detroits party?

whitehandledkitchenlang Fri 27-Aug-21 18:19:26

Joining you early to get a good seat Rufus. Want to hear all Detroit's news.

DetroitNeedsADog Fri 27-Aug-21 18:24:27

Hello Lang! Long time no see! I got a full years subsidy for my rent. I am in a bad part of a very very nice city, but not even that bad a part. The apartment is nice, in a lovely building with an art deco entrance and is gated. I even have a bay window with a window seat and a nice little kitchen. As long as I walk to my new home via the northern blocks, and don't try and cut down through the really bad part, I will be fine. The block it is on is fine.
...And I should have my book out in December...and am working on setting up a new culture and review magazine with the publisher. We are just trying to get some arts funding/investors. It is all going better than I could hope for. The publisher is amazing.
I really need to buy oldstyle a budvar!

RufustheBadgeringReindeer Fri 27-Aug-21 18:25:07

Hey white 😀

There isn’t a barkeep at the minute but im sure i can reach the drinks if I stretch


RufustheBadgeringReindeer Fri 27-Aug-21 18:26:34

Oooo the apartment sounds lovely detroit

DetroitNeedsADog Fri 27-Aug-21 18:29:04

...what else...the shelter has been difficult, but to be frank, coming here probably saved my life. I still need medical care - that has proved impossible, partly due to the pandemic.
Ive been working so hard getting a career going.
I needed to be urban in order to access resources. Apart from being chased down the street by raging crackheads, having to cope with seeing DV in the shelter, various people who should not be working with vulnerable people because they have no compassion, and the occasional crack fuelled nightmare next door not letting me has not been all bad.

whitehandledkitchenlang Fri 27-Aug-21 18:30:11

Ah Detroit, I'm not lang, just a big fan of her work.

DetroitNeedsADog Fri 27-Aug-21 18:30:38

Rufus, yes the apartment is gorgeous, and Im not on the ground floor, so it is safer. Sometimes people can't even open their window because there is a tent outside with someone living in it...

ErrolTheDragon Fri 27-Aug-21 18:30:44

Isn't the rule that the first person in after opening is the barkeep? grin
I may have to duck out to do some work so if anyone wants to join me in some decaf tea, speak now.brewbrewbrewbrewbrewbrew

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R0wantrees Fri 27-Aug-21 18:31:01

Shall I put the kettle on?

DetroitNeedsADog Fri 27-Aug-21 18:31:10

Any friend of The a friend of mine. I admire her greatly too!

Aparallaxia Fri 27-Aug-21 18:31:32

Good morning everyone from sunny LA! Looking forward to IRL drinks on the deck with DH this evening at about 6. In the meantime, we haven't met, Detroit, but congrats on the new apartment. Does the choice of word (instead of 'flat') mean you are actually in the Motor City?

DetroitNeedsADog Fri 27-Aug-21 18:31:57

..If you can hide it from 'Clipboard' the shelter administrator who doesn't let us make hot drinks in our rooms...

whitehandledkitchenlang Fri 27-Aug-21 18:34:24

Yes please R0. Black coffee for me. That pint of gin on the other thread has made me a little squiffy.

DetroitNeedsADog Fri 27-Aug-21 18:35:32

Aparallaxia - I have been homeless for a long time. The last 10 months I have been in a homeless shelter. My handle is "Detroit" because my original user name was Detroitin68, a nod to Joni Mitchell's The Last Time I Saw Richard, which is my favorite song. It stuck. People in real life call me Detroit now! I am stateside yes, not Detroit, but another large US city.
I was made homeless due to DV. I've not been around so much in the last 10 months because the shelter makes me grouchy....

ErrolTheDragon Fri 27-Aug-21 18:36:11

Langs are like the heads of the Hydra - cut one off and many more spring up.

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R0wantrees Fri 27-Aug-21 18:36:28

I've put some cakes out on the bar.
There's a lemon drizzle, spiced apple and 3/4 of coffee and walnut (my favourite)

Anyone else for hot drinks with caffeine?

Olderbadger1 Fri 27-Aug-21 18:39:14

Well hello Aparallaxia! How nice to have visitors from abroad...

That's one advantage that The Bluestocking has over my very local local - international clientele as opposed to Bob the wino, Mavis the grump, and an irritatingly loud bunch of young people with more tattoos than necessary and no manners.

Can we leave the camel at the old Bluestocking do you think? The spitting was getting tedious.

And yes please to holding Detroit's Party here. Good plan Rufus. The first round is on me and free pork-scratchings for all.

Olderbadger1 Fri 27-Aug-21 18:40:17

(just popping home to get the disco ball)...

Thelnebriati Fri 27-Aug-21 18:40:26

DetroitNeedsADog That's really good news. The last I heard from you, you were living in the woods.

DetroitNeedsADog Fri 27-Aug-21 18:48:33

Oh dear...well the shelter can't help me move on Monday. They can do Tuesday. I cant sleep here with the keys to the apartment in my purse. I will walk my stuff over if i have to. They don't make shit easy....I think even this recovered alkie can have a virtual pint of gin?

DetroitNeedsADog Fri 27-Aug-21 18:49:32

Yep....I left last November, made it down to this city, and have been in a homeless shelter. The pandemic made it impossible. No showers, no bathrooms, no open campgrounds. There was nowhere left to go.

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