Live stream weightlifting

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BluePorchAwning Mon 02-Aug-21 12:06:59

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WarriorN Mon 02-Aug-21 12:08:25

Don't trust the link

BluePorchAwning Mon 02-Aug-21 12:09:18

Oh... I'm watching it and it seems okay...

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WarriorN Mon 02-Aug-21 12:11:26

I had a weird pop up so left pronto.

WarriorN Mon 02-Aug-21 12:13:01

Rip4nutmeg is watching.

WarriorN Mon 02-Aug-21 12:13:21


BluePorchAwning Mon 02-Aug-21 12:13:56

It still seems fine here. There's a comments box down the side. Maybe that was the pop up?

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WaverleyOwl Mon 02-Aug-21 12:16:32

I'm watching at using a vpn set to Canada,

littlbrowndog Mon 02-Aug-21 12:17:18

It’s on Eurosport 2

NotBadConsidering Mon 02-Aug-21 12:18:06

I can’t watch it. The outcome doesn’t matter to me, it’s an injustice no matter what and it will be dismissed by too many people no matter what. I’ve already watched two males sprint against women in the 200m, so I’m done for now angry

littlbrowndog Mon 02-Aug-21 12:18:49

Was 3 notbad

weebarra Mon 02-Aug-21 12:20:12

I watched the 200 metres too. There is a big difference between individuals with a DSD and Hubbard isn't there?
Not being goady, I'm as GC as they come.

BluePorchAwning Mon 02-Aug-21 12:20:38

Those other links are saying content not available. My link still working but hope I'm not doing something weird to my laptop. It has a .me domain which is Montenegro but not sure what that means.

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ShagMeRiggins Mon 02-Aug-21 12:24:28


I watched the 200 metres too. There is a big difference between individuals with a DSD and Hubbard isn't there?
Not being goady, I'm as GC as they come.

I dipped in and out of the 200m. Is there a competitor with a DSD?

nauticant Mon 02-Aug-21 12:26:01

Have a look here ShagMeRiggins:

weebarra Mon 02-Aug-21 12:27:39

Three. Mboma and Masilingi from Namibia and Seyni from Niger.

littlbrowndog Mon 02-Aug-21 12:28:09

3. They had to drop to 200 metres. Weren’t allowed in 400 🤷‍♀️

KevinBaconsJeans Mon 02-Aug-21 12:29:29

@weebarra yes, big difference between trans and DSDs. The point is that biological males - trans, with DSD or neither - should not be in women's sports

Tisha0 Mon 02-Aug-21 12:30:50


“Hubbard was the last of the 10 competitors out as they lined up to be introduced to the crowd. There were cheers and loud applause for many of the weighlifters.”

“When Hubbard’s name was announced, she gave a short wave and there was a warm smattering of applause — however it wasn’t the most raucous reception of the night.”

“Spectators are banned but there are hundreds of people — if not more than 1000 — inside the convention centrre where the event is taking place in front of a whopping crowd for what’s allowed.”

“Journalists from around the world are packed in, and have been given a 20-page guide on how to correctly report on transgender athletes.”

“The guide says reporting trans athletes have an unfair advantage over their rivals is “misinformation”.”

weebarra Mon 02-Aug-21 12:31:49

Oh, I agree. I didn't realise that they were XY. And I think the BBC are being a bit disingenuous here not to make that clear.

littlbrowndog Mon 02-Aug-21 12:32:26

Hubbard failed first snatch

Tibtom Mon 02-Aug-21 12:32:56

People with DSDs are male or female. The runners in the women's 200m with DSD are male.

littlbrowndog Mon 02-Aug-21 12:33:29

Chinese competitor still to do snatch

littlbrowndog Mon 02-Aug-21 12:34:38

Emily Campbell third attempt. Gb

littlbrowndog Mon 02-Aug-21 12:34:54

Yay 💪💪

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