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TheChild Wed 21-Jul-21 23:54:48

Saw this company advertised on facebook and had a gander at some of their stuff. Sadly when a company claims to be feminist I now always have to double check what if it's the "fluffy" feminism my money would be going towards, or feminism that actually centres females.

Sadly, they're the fluffy feminist variety hmm

They linked the same thing on their facebook page and once again it was the "it's predatory men who are the problem, NOT transwomen"

How can they not understand that with self ID it is impossible for us to ascertain who is a predatory male taking advantage of self ID and who is transgender?! We are so very kindly told that we must accept any man who self IDs as a woman, otherwise we are transphobic, bigoted and are commiting LITERAL VIOLENCE towards transwomen.

The problem is, this company is suggesting that these predatory men are not teansgender, thus gatekeeping who is and isn't "genuinely trans". Which as women have been told time and time again, is transphobic!

I thought it was "Acceptance without exception"?!

Sorry for the late night garbled rant. I am more a lurker these days and have very little knowledge or eloquence in comparison to most posters on the feminism boards. I'm just really riled up, especially as I bloody love the "I am fucking radiant" jumper they are selling! grin

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RadandMad Thu 22-Jul-21 00:07:05

So fed up with companies pulling this woke BS.

PickAChew Thu 22-Jul-21 00:09:39

Also a problem with suggesting that any issue with putting yourself in a vulnerable position alongside a biological male is being finicky

NiceGerbil Thu 22-Jul-21 03:14:49

Read their Twitter a bit.

They sound probably well intentioned but very young, at the start of their feminist journey.

Their comments aren't exactly thought provoking.

And they are very very keen on confirming that they like men! It's only the bad men they don't like! It's not women v men! It's about all genders!

We're young and funky and we definitely have nothing to do with hairy bitter shouty women.

No siree we are totally inclusive and lovely!

Also, smash the patriarchy!


Twinkletwinklelittlecar Thu 22-Jul-21 03:24:48

There's a t shirt which says "Brains are the new tits" cringe.

NiceGerbil Thu 22-Jul-21 03:42:19

If that means men are going to be keen to get my brain out of my skull so they can fondle it and then wank onto it

It's a no from me!

PurgatoryOfPotholes Thu 22-Jul-21 04:53:52

They have been very clear in the past that they subscribe to the philosophy that "trans women are women". Which is their right, as it is my right not to.


Nachthex Thu 22-Jul-21 15:08:27

I so wish companies would stop displaying their woke credentials like this when it's totally irrelevant. I have no idea why they do it: wouldn't happen if I were a CEO of anywhere. I think it was the makers of Lurpak butter who, when pressed to Tweet some similar virtue-signalling crap, said something about 'we do dairy, not politics'.

Beamur Thu 22-Jul-21 15:11:47

I saw that too. As ever, they so nearly get it!
Some of their stuff looks quite fun and on-message, but they're hopelessly lib fem.

TooWicked Thu 22-Jul-21 15:13:52

None of these companies or people can ever answer the question - how can we, women, tell or recognise a predatory man from a ‘genuine’ trans woman?

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