Frances Barber Under Attack From TRAs

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ScreamingMeMe Sun 18-Jul-21 23:02:18

Looks like they are unhappy with her because she supports JK Rowling. Some little arsehole has contacted the theatre she is currently working at, to try and get her sacked.

She is not having it. Another strong, formidable woman.

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ScreamingMeMe Sun 18-Jul-21 23:03:38

Some more screenshots and links.

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ScreamingMeMe Sun 18-Jul-21 23:08:26

Wow she's absolutely furious.

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TinselAngel Sun 18-Jul-21 23:26:41

She's hardly kept her views a secret so this can't be news to her employers.

KittenKong Sun 18-Jul-21 23:30:27

So if anyone is an employee or customer of Barclays bank...

KittenKong Sun 18-Jul-21 23:31:50

Is Frances channeling Liam Neason there?

SirSamuelVimes Sun 18-Jul-21 23:38:13

Wow she's furious. I love it.


Thingybob Sun 18-Jul-21 23:39:42

Woah the gloves are really off on her Twitter feed

FeckTheMagicDragon Mon 19-Jul-21 00:05:17

You can actually find this guy on LinkedIn, including his job title and his involvement in the LGBTXYZ+ Diversity group. He brings his ‘whole self’ to work. But obviously doesn’t want women to do the same.

Mollyollydolly Mon 19-Jul-21 00:28:18

I love her, she's a volcano. Takes no crap.

Clymene Mon 19-Jul-21 00:35:13

She's been saying this stuff for years. I'm surprised it's taken the TRAs so long to notice

Wildgarlicpesto Mon 19-Jul-21 00:35:58

What a silly boy.

"You refuse to accept that....."

You should get those totalitarian tendencies checked out there Jay, they could turn you into a nasty young man if you aren't careful.

alkanet Mon 19-Jul-21 00:47:00

Another entitled little creep who should have been told to go play outside when adults are having a serious conversation. Frances is not pulling her punches with this stain on the duvet.

WorkingItOutAsIGo Mon 19-Jul-21 00:54:13

Wow she is fabulous and a perfect example of the power of standing up to a wouldbe bully! So wonderful to see the support she is getting.

PurgatoryOfPotholes Mon 19-Jul-21 01:00:21

There is an oft-repeated statistic that 1 in 7 citizens of East Germany worked as secret informants for the Stasi.

I used to find it unbelievable, and then I joined twitter and saw how many people are willing to semi-publicly inform organisations of possible dissent.

Gumbomambo Mon 19-Jul-21 01:06:15


JemimaTab Mon 19-Jul-21 01:07:51

The law is on her side.
This play is with Ian McKellen (he is playing Hamlet, she’s playing Polonius). Someone earlier on Twitter questioned which side of the fence Sir Ian is on because recently he has come up strongly in support of Cashman/Stonewall. She insists that he is pro-women, but I don’t think he’s said as much (publicly at least) himself. So I will be watching that particular space with interest.
But as I said, she has the law on her side.

bellabelly Mon 19-Jul-21 01:12:25

She is fucking marvellous!

beigebrownblue Mon 19-Jul-21 01:13:23

Barclays Bank.

Loved it this morning Equality and Diversity Commission highlighted the discrimination of middle aged women.

I am one. There are others.

GrimDamnFanjo Mon 19-Jul-21 01:29:38

Just read the tweets. Frances is marvellous!

arcof Mon 19-Jul-21 02:22:08

Why is he calling her racist, out of interest? (Genuine question).

BoreOfWhabylon Mon 19-Jul-21 02:30:01

Frances is fabulous.

Lots of people now contacting Barclays about their employee grin

Fiercestcalm Mon 19-Jul-21 03:11:08

Thanks for posting, have followed her and posted supportive message for her.

Ekofisk Mon 19-Jul-21 06:06:09

Someone posted a screenshot of a live chat with a Barclay’s rep, with the response that “we are aware of the Twitter situation and it is being investigated”.

Tables well and truly turned on him.

groundcontroltomontydon Mon 19-Jul-21 06:18:40

then I joined twitter and saw how many people are willing to semi-publicly inform organisations of possible dissent
I used to work in a uni library where students were able to report other library users by anonymous text - it was very popular (turns out people are very easily offended). I guess this is what happens when you instill a snitch culture and don't teach resilience.
Meanwhile Frances is amazing.

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