JKR takes on the victim blamers over the pornography tweeted at children

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OvaHere Sun 18-Jul-21 10:35:54

I'm glad she's said this. It's despicable that TRA's subjected children to this in the first instance but even more so that they double down to blame the woman they targeted.


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Cabinfever10 Sun 18-Jul-21 10:41:44

But but it's all those nasty women's fault

TalkingOutYerArse Sun 18-Jul-21 10:49:02

They have nothing as usual. Deflecting and lying as per. Well done to JKR for calling it out.

MoltenLasagne Sun 18-Jul-21 10:59:09

Well there's DARVO in action. Good on JKR for continuing to call out this absolute bullshit but it must get so damn tiring.

WorkingItOutAsIGo Sun 18-Jul-21 11:08:33

God I love JKR more every day!

InspiralCoalescenceRingdown Sun 18-Jul-21 11:09:32


They have nothing as usual. Deflecting and lying as per. Well done to JKR for calling it out.

Reminds me of the recent Marion Millar thing on twitter where someone took tweets by her that had nothing to do with the sex & gender debate and tried to present them as being about trans people.

Imagine if they put that much effort into coming up with an argument for their position?

alkanet Sun 18-Jul-21 11:16:22

She is class, love her💐


ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sun 18-Jul-21 11:18:00

Deliberately taking things out of context and deliberately misrepresenting them is a well used TRA tactic.

Context for the JKR quote this individual is using:


Whatwouldscullydo Sun 18-Jul-21 11:19:27

Urgh. So the answer to porn distribution to children is to re tweet and re distribute and bump said porn?


They really don't see lives beyond public attention do they.

Helleofabore Sun 18-Jul-21 11:25:41

The tactics of some of these activists are vile. There is one on her timeline now stating that the tweeter of that meme is just using her words and that she did not say in that particular tweet that she had reported the harassment, so he says that the person’s meme is quite correct in drawing that assumption.

And when Joanne replied then switched to ‘well, you use your millions to stifle free speech’ (my paraphrasing) .

It is clear that they are unable to admit they are wrong. Ever.

TheSlayer Sun 18-Jul-21 11:26:54

I wish I could publicly show my support for her but I don't want to be a target of violence and hate.
The fact that she's standing up for women, children, lesbian and gay people despite the risks, the bile sent her way, and many of these are scary, violent people, makes me admire her even more. She's a courageous woman.
And a literary genius.
In absolute awe of her. 💜💚🤍

FemaleAndLearning Sun 18-Jul-21 11:27:50

I ❤️ JK Rowling.

Helleofabore Sun 18-Jul-21 11:28:48

Her team take the time to respond to emails and she mentions that she supported by receiving them. So, I am off to send another email.

Gumbomambo Sun 18-Jul-21 11:30:51

She’s left the starting blocks this morning. Good for her. Helen Joyce got a lot of support last night and some retractions from libellous assaults by threatening legal action. Obviously the attacker claimed victim hood. I think JKR is getting very close to the end of her tether now and will be following up this assault with legal letters. Every nasty slur will have been traced and archived until she’s got enough to detonate. Both Helen and J K Rowling are clever measured bright women and they hate them for it.

OvaHere Sun 18-Jul-21 11:32:29

It's like the Wi Spa indecent exposure argument. Shifting the blame onto women and children who don't respond in the 'correct' way to having male genitalia exposed to them. Never the fault of the person committing the act.

It's the height of both victim blaming and pretending to be the victim simultaneously.

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WarriorN Sun 18-Jul-21 11:33:39

Posting the screen shot incase it does actually get taken down.

Jk serene as always.

ScreamingMeMe Sun 18-Jul-21 11:41:03

Disgusting, vile people full of lies and dirty tricks.

ScreamingMeMe Sun 18-Jul-21 11:43:58

The audacity sometimes renders me speechless, but I suppose they all back each other up.

CorvusPurpureus Sun 18-Jul-21 11:44:58

I am now seriously hoping that she's planning on sueing one of the little fuckers who keep libelling her. I don't care which one she picks, although this one would do nicely.

Enough is enough. They need a clear message sent across their bows.

TheSlayer Sun 18-Jul-21 11:50:37

I think she's too damn noble for that.
The only way I could see her doing it was if she then offered to pay them the fees and pay their damages to one of her children's charities.

Waitwhat23 Sun 18-Jul-21 11:51:19

Every time something happens like this where I think 'surely, surely this is the point where TRA's think ooh, maybe we've crossed the line'. Everytime, I've been proven wrong.

Justifying porn being posted on a Twitter conversation where children have been invited to show their artwork? Trying to blame JKR for not retweeting or bringing further attention to the images because she was reporting them instead?


ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sun 18-Jul-21 11:53:37

And now the fox killer is adding fuel to the witch burning:

"Perplexed by that tweet. You said the Ickabog was for seven to nine year olds. The lower age limit for twitter is 13. Given how this place is, wouldn't it have been responsible for you to discourage kids from using twitter rather than encouraging them to send you artwork here? t.co/d0Odbf4MOx

Am not defending that no1guncle tweet, which is mischievous. But important for all of us to be careful not to use horrible tweets - of which there are many from bad actors on both sides - to smear others. To do otherwise is irresponsible (at best) or dishonest (at worst)."


"Mischievous" hmm

ScreamingMeMe Sun 18-Jul-21 11:55:29

Can we rename him Jnaunce?

OvaHere Sun 18-Jul-21 11:55:48

There's little point, I think, in taking legal action against random cartoon accounts with 10 followers. One of the things I believe you have to prove in defamation cases is the reach of the thing said about you. So who said it is a factor in deciding to sue. (caveat IANAL)

Anyone with a public profile, a large number of followers or a blue tick should be cautious in what they say though.

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CorvusPurpureus Sun 18-Jul-21 11:58:54

Obviously the fox slayer is now trying to argue that it's probably JKR's fault for encouraging underage twitter use (fact check: she didn't. She invited parents to submit art their dc had made).

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