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GoldenBlue Tue 22-Jun-21 09:49:42

I was using the app this morning and this board isn't available on the boards list. You can see active threads from this board on the active page but I couldn't navigate to this board at all.

Another way to attempt to reduce traffic and discussion on this topic?

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EndoplasmicReticulum Tue 22-Jun-21 10:23:30

Probably more likely a tech issue.
I don't think Mumsnet is likely to see it here - maybe post on Site Stuff?

midgemagneto Tue 22-Jun-21 10:24:57

I am on the app

Imasoulman Tue 22-Jun-21 10:26:40

I'm using the app

AssassinatedBeauty Tue 22-Jun-21 10:30:17

It works for me on the iOS app, but the sections have just been renamed again, so maybe it needs closing and restarting?

GoldenBlue Tue 22-Jun-21 11:36:06

Thanks it is there now

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