Nhs records potentially lost?

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littleredberries Tue 22-Jun-21 08:59:42

I think a couple of months ago there was a discussion here about how transitioning or transitioned children were being allocated new nhs numbers, and as a consequence sometimes their old records were being lost. Someone uploaded a document as proof which contained minutes from some kind of official review committee meeting.
I've tried numerous searches but I cannot seem to find that thread or document. I want to scrutinise it. Can anyone help?

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Soontobe60 Tue 22-Jun-21 09:05:14

Why would they get a new NHS number? They can’t get a GRC as a child therefore are still legally the sex they were observed as at birth.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Tue 22-Jun-21 09:08:09

I remember this too, will have a look.

littleredberries Tue 22-Jun-21 09:10:18


I remember this too, will have a look.

Thank you. I'm coming up blank.

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OvaHere Tue 22-Jun-21 09:14:24

It was in the minutes of Baroness Nichols meeting

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Tue 22-Jun-21 09:29:27


Why would they get a new NHS number? They can’t get a GRC as a child therefore are still legally the sex they were observed as at birth.

Because the NHS allows self-ID, including children.

littlbrowndog Tue 22-Jun-21 09:36:42

Yes. They specifically talked about children being lost

It’s a major safeguarding issue

The minutes are very good to read about this


Thingybob Tue 22-Jun-21 09:41:31

The GIDS website helpfully tells children how to change their NHS records

littlbrowndog Tue 22-Jun-21 09:45:46

Don’t know if you can read this

littlbrowndog Tue 22-Jun-21 09:48:06

Dr Julia maxwell a community padeadrtican

Said she saw the fact that a whole fictiotsios record in the NHS about a child was a huge safeguarding issue

littlbrowndog Tue 22-Jun-21 09:48:21

Sorry spelling 🤦‍♀️

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Tue 22-Jun-21 10:04:37

Relevant bits in minutes (apologies for typos, I OCRd the minutes):

Dr Julie Maxwell speaks

As a community paediatrician, I deal mainly with children who are perhaps on the autistic spectrum, or with children in care as well. I have become increasing interested in the area of gender dysphoria and over the past couple of years as I became horrified as I saw what was happening with hospital seconds.

I have become aware, and these are just the children I have been involved with, a number of children in all sorts of ages, all under sixteen, who have had their name and their gender changed on the hospital records,

. In fact, some children, they even had new NHS numbers issued, which entail new medical records. Normally, a new NHS number is given when a child is adopted. I was quite shocked to discover this

The hospital records of these children, whether they have got a new NHS number or not, may therefore have no record at all of their biological sex.

As a community paediatocian, safeguarding is always on top of my list and this has huge safeguarding implications

. A young child is having this done by a parent or a carer, which means that they could tum up at a hospital and have basically a fictitious set of notes created in a new name, which could enable parents to shop around hospitals, child abuse to theoretically go unchallenged and could also enable somebody other than the parent to present the child at a hospital and pose as the parent because the records become effectively completely fictitious

Secondly, if the medical records do not have the child's biological sex recorded, and they do not have the fact that the child is transgender recorded, then it could lead to potentially distressing situations where it could be in the middle of a assessment or consultation that the
professional discovers that this child is not in fact the sex that they have been told they are And if the child has been led to believe that they see the opposite sex, it could be an extremely distressing situation all round for the child, the parent and the professional

I do not routinely examine genitals of a child unless there is a good reason. So, I might have no idea that the child I was dealing with might in fact be of the opposite sex

These falsified records, which is what they
effectively are, can lead immediately to child trafficking and child abuse Falsified records are the key to child trafficking globally. In the last five years, the amount of child trafficking out of the UK has grown exponentially. The UK has for the first time become a trafficking route and a trafficking hub. Nationally, child abuse has aho men. False records, particularly false medical records enable these crimes to pass unnoticed

OldCrone Tue 22-Jun-21 10:21:09

There's a link to a pdf file of the minutes here:

Direct link.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Tue 22-Jun-21 10:29:35

Thanks flowers That's way more readable!

littlbrowndog Tue 22-Jun-21 10:39:40

Thanks itsallgoingtobefine and oldcrone

The NHS colluding in this major safeguarding breach for vulnerable children

How did we get to this ?

littleredberries Tue 22-Jun-21 11:03:07

Thank you very much

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WarriorN Tue 22-Jun-21 11:06:21

Coupled with Posies' Team nhs and prison research, it's a massive safeguarding scandal.

PearPickingPorky Tue 22-Jun-21 11:17:15

Fucking hell - that statement from the paediatrician is absolutely terrifying.

And we know that there are many people who are desperate to find a way to traffic children without being caught - this gives them an easy means to do it.

The organisations pushing for this either think that traffic children are less important than their ideology, or they are actively pushing it because it gives them a way to disguise their real intent.

That is so serious. I can't believe it.

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