Thank you all

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StealthPolarBear Sun 20-Jun-21 23:40:17

Before I joined Facebook I suppose I considered myself a feminist.
I had no idea about the sex-based injustices that still go on in the UK and it's you lovely lot I have followed and learned from. Your passion and patience has been so appreciated.
Watching the Allison bailey case with interest next week.

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StealthPolarBear Sun 20-Jun-21 23:54:18

Or mums net even grin
I know who and where I am. Tony Blair still prime minister. Right?

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BlackeyedSusan Mon 21-Jun-21 00:04:48

blame it on the shark attack op. only about 10 years ago now

we were on the same breastfeeding threads.

TheHandmadeTail Mon 21-Jun-21 00:11:01

I love being a part of Digital Spy too wink

I sometimes think there should be some kind of MN FWR qualification, I’ve learnt so much.

StealthPolarBear Mon 21-Jun-21 00:11:24

smile yes, the mild head injury I sustained fighting them all off with my right hand, while cradling my baby in my left.
Kiefer sutherland has nothing on me

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