"Trans widows’ fear being trapped in loveless marriages if gender law changes" in today's Telegraph

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TinselAngel Sun 20-Jun-21 09:16:26

It's been a long slog but trans widows have finally made it into the broadsheets! Pleased to have worked with Ewan Somerville on this article, which is a pretty good summary:


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Cabinfever10 Sun 20-Jun-21 09:18:20

Do you have an archive of it?

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sun 20-Jun-21 09:20:15


Do you have an archive of it?


Great to see this getting some coverage!

TinselAngel Sun 20-Jun-21 09:20:20


Do you have an archive of it?


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PearPickingPorky Sun 20-Jun-21 09:23:43

Fantastic to get something into the Telegraph, it might reach some more women going through this alone, and they'll be able to find support online with TWV.

Great work Tinsel.

bellinisurge Sun 20-Jun-21 09:24:59

Thank you, op. Good to see this getting National coverage. Heartbreaking

midgemagneto Sun 20-Jun-21 09:26:15

So many articles today .., is mayas case helping enabling people speak out more ?


midgemagneto Sun 20-Jun-21 09:26:48

Oh and yes, well done tinsel

TinselAngel Sun 20-Jun-21 09:29:07

We could never have got this far without the support of all you vipers smile

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ProfessorInkling Sun 20-Jun-21 09:30:28

Well done Tinsel. Hopefully this will reach many women who don’t yet know that they are not alone.

heathspeedwell Sun 20-Jun-21 09:34:50

"We are terrified to speak. We are very often trapped. We have very little support."

Well done Tinsel for getting this perspective into mainstream media. Like many women I'm sick of seeing fluff stories where the experiences of the wives and children are either glossed over or completely rewritten.

PronounssheRa Sun 20-Jun-21 09:35:57

Glad your voices are being heard at last.

Helleofabore Sun 20-Jun-21 09:36:50

Thank you Tinsel for the work you do flowers

rogdmum Sun 20-Jun-21 09:37:41

This is fabulous to see. After so much misrepresentation in the press and by politicians who should know better, finally some national coverage. Well done Tinsel.

MiladyBerserko Sun 20-Jun-21 09:37:51

Well done Tinsel, fantastic to see TransWidows getting sympathetic media attention at last.

Thanks to you and the other trans widows for your outstanding courage and tenacity xxxxxxx

AfternoonToffee Sun 20-Jun-21 09:40:11

Well Done.

Sophoclesthefox Sun 20-Jun-21 09:43:05

Well done transwidows for all of your tireless work on this.

It always boggles me that the same people who will tell you that you mustn’t tell other people what their gender identity or sexuality is are so keen to force purportedly same sex marriages on straight women without their consent.

I hope the recent change in tone on the debate enables your voices to be accorded the space and respect they deserve flowers

OhHolyJesus Sun 20-Jun-21 09:46:27

Huge congrats OP, it has been a long old slog indeed! Really thrilled to finally see this issue getting some mainstream coverage.

So truly well deserved.

BernardBlackMissesLangCleg Sun 20-Jun-21 09:46:31

amazing work Tinsel

getting women's voices heard - true feminism


JustcameoutGC Sun 20-Jun-21 09:48:42

Well done tinsel. So hard getting women's voices heard

NonnyMouse1337 Sun 20-Jun-21 09:52:20

This is a fantastic achievement - getting a well-written article in the mainstream press. Well done Tinsel for your tireless efforts to get to this stage.

Igmum Sun 20-Jun-21 09:59:02

Brilliant news. I can't read the article because it's paywalled but I hope this will be taken up more widely. How about it Woman's Hour?

Cabinfever10 Sun 20-Jun-21 10:03:03

Thanks for the archive link and we'll done for getting this out there for to long Stonewall has been allowed to be the only 1 to talk about this

SpindleWhorl Sun 20-Jun-21 10:05:08


Brilliant news. I can't read the article because it's paywalled but I hope this will be taken up more widely. How about it Woman's Hour?

Click on the archive link above.

Ereshkigalangcleg Sun 20-Jun-21 10:09:24

Great to see this coverage, Tinsel! thanks

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