Ireland: An Post Pride stamps funding BeLongTo

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Mermoose Thu 10-Jun-21 15:46:41

An Post (Ireland's postal service) has just launched a range of Pride stamps.

A portion of the sales goes to LGBT Ireland, who I don't know too much about, and BeLongTo, who lobby the government on trans healthcare issues.

They proposed the motion at the National Women's Council of Ireland last week that confirmed that organisation's position that TWAW in all situations.

This isn't an apolitical organisation and its stance on healthcare is at odds with the evidence base. How is it appropriate that the national postal service is channelling money to it?

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LifeInAHamsterWheel Thu 10-Jun-21 16:02:18

Well given that gender not sex is a protected characteristic in Irish law I'm not at all surprised. But I am saddened, and worried. Is there a group/movement opposing this sort of thing? I'm Irish (and living in Ireland) and would love to know so that I could follow and support (I just started a thread on it!)

Cailleach1 Thu 10-Jun-21 16:05:07

Are the LGB Alliance getting anything?

Given we know that it is all really an experiment in healthcare insofar as they don't know the long term effects, I think it will be a showcase for what is negligence in healthcare in the years to come.

Mermoose Thu 10-Jun-21 16:37:58

Hi LifeInAHamsterWheel I see that others have responded to your thread with Women’s space Ireland, The Countess, Radicailini & Irish women’s lobby, which is what I'd have said myself. I think we're going to be waiting for the UK to do a complete U-turn and then some of our useless, cowardly political parties will eventually start scratching their heads and wondering if perhaps they should have thought this through.

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Abhannmor Thu 10-Jun-21 16:58:19

I suppose BelongTo can use the money to fight the inevitable lawsuits their advice will lead to.

DeeKavCoffee Thu 10-Jun-21 17:43:40

BeLonGTo do really great work on bullying at schools, delighted to see this.

SionnachRua Thu 10-Jun-21 17:49:22

Oh good! Must pick some up. Though I wish they'd sell sheets of the international ones, the bundles they've chosen aren't the most useful for me.


RoobyToosday Thu 10-Jun-21 19:48:17

In fairness BeLonGTo don’t seem to have board members posting violent threats like TENI regularly do. I know it’s a pretty low bar to compare any group to TENI. But because they deal with secondary schools and young people I’m glad they don’t come across as vicious as TENI.

From what I can see they seem more of a Trans organisation and had to removed incorrect advise from their toolkits recently. Their website doesn’t mention same sex attraction when defining gay, lesbian or bisexual! This is taken directly from their website:

Lesbian: A woman who is mainly attracted to other women.

Gay: Someone who is mainly attracted to people of the same gender.

Bisexual: Someone who is attracted to people of the same gender and also to people of other genders.

Transgender: People whose gender identity differs from the sex they were given at birth. Trans+ includes non-binary people.

If you have a young person who thinks they are same sex attracted are you going to send them to a group that thinks gay people are mainly attracted to people of same gender?

RoobyToosday Thu 10-Jun-21 19:49:01

Link to BeLonGTo website as mentioned:

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