Woman's Hour wants to know what we think NOW

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BoreOfWhabylon Thu 10-Jun-21 10:17:25

Talked about Lisa Keogh and will be interviewing her later. Also Maya's about verdict due today.

They want to know what we think about freedom of speech

"Do you feel able to freely speak your mind? Today
speaks to Scottish law student Lisa Keogh, who’s been cleared of misconduct after expressing her opinions on sex and gender"

Text 84844
Email womanshour.yourviews@bbc.co.uk
Twitter @BBCWomansHour

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DisappearingGirl Thu 10-Jun-21 10:23:07

On Radio 4 now.


DisappearingGirl Thu 10-Jun-21 10:24:17

Sorry I mean Woman's Hour on now - covering Lisa Keogh sometime before 11am

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