Julie Bindel - Universities Have Destroyed Feminism

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ScreamingMeMe Fri 04-Jun-21 09:03:09


Julie Bindel
I wrote about the way feminism is treated in universities (from 30 years ago) Universities have destroyed feminism


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Lovetomato Fri 04-Jun-21 13:47:14

That was a great read. Ah the days of the Polytechnic...

Bunshaped Fri 04-Jun-21 13:53:20

So much great thought-provoking stuff to read today wine

AnnaPa Fri 04-Jun-21 14:00:04

Julie Bindel is absolutely fantastic. Did anyone see the horrific video on her Twitter page of her being obstructed by a group of very aggressive TRA’s at an event at which she’d been invited to speak? It’s awful to watch.

AnnaPa Fri 04-Jun-21 14:11:10

Brill article. She’s right!

Lonel Fri 04-Jun-21 14:16:14

@AnnaPa Yes! I couldn't believe the cheek of those boys thinking they were in the right when they were masked, shouting in her face and blocking her way. Disgusting behaviour.

AnnaPa Fri 04-Jun-21 14:22:10


Nobody can say “posh boy” like Julie did at that moment! She’s just brilliant. It must’ve been absolutely terrifying for her.


SmokedDuck Fri 04-Jun-21 14:33:40

I thought it was a bit all over the place.

I don't think academic feminism has been great, either, OTOH I don't feel like she quite put her finger on the problem, given that she seems to think that academia should be there in some sense to serve grass-roots feminism. Great, challenge our professors, and they should be open to that, but as a student it's also your job to try and really understand the different texts and viewpoints put in front of you, on their own terms.

Activism isn't what academia is for. It's not there to serve feminism, or anti-racism, or transactivism, or to push any particular social agenda, no matter how well founded. Bindle, though a journalist, seems pretty typical in a lot of ways of the type of activist-(academic) who have caused so many problems in universities.

A determination to look at everything through the lens of patriarchy is just not scholarship, it's deeply reductive and that approach more generally is the origin of a heck of a lot of academic bullshit. If she's being really accurate about her time studying film, in a rage about sexism and sexual exploitation of women in films, to the point that she wouldn't give any time to literary perspectives, that's a travesty, not a problem with the university. And I'm pretty darn conservative about how I think sexual content should be used in film, it's not like I'm blasé about how it can be abused.

WarriorN Fri 04-Jun-21 18:55:35

Good interview by Boyce with Julie a couple of days ago


WarriorN Fri 04-Jun-21 19:18:13

Not just universities though; education stopped being flexible and practical and more academically focused.

I went to a school in a farming area and there was a gcse (or other qualification?) to do with horticulture and animal / business management that the children of local framers could excel at and support their future careers in farming. (We had various animals on site.)

Sadly it all stopped at the end of the 90's and the school became an ict focussed centre.

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