UK’s Special Envoy on LGBT+ rights

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NoIdontwanttoseeyourknob Thu 03-Jun-21 09:19:19

Missed opportunity to appoint a lesbian woman. I think a gay woman would have quit a different perspective on this than a gay man.

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NoIdontwanttoseeyourknob Thu 03-Jun-21 09:19:41

*quite. Not quit!

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SpindleWhorl Thu 03-Jun-21 09:37:45

Thanks for starting this thread about fox-hunting fan Nick Herbert, promoter-supreme of 'trans rights' who never manages to mention women.

Did you know he is also Chair of the College of Policing (according to his website)?

The pic is him with a pal of his. Guess who? Definitely one to watch, one to write to, and one to ask the Baroness to keep an eye on. I've got a feeling this might be a really shit appointment.

JoodyBlue Thu 03-Jun-21 09:41:05

The needs of any distinct groups can not be met when they are conflated, even by govt. The cognitive dissonance is astounding, that or the complete lack of analytical thought. It is so disrespectful to all parties.

dyslek Thu 03-Jun-21 09:41:09

Who is the person in the pic?

dyslek Thu 03-Jun-21 09:42:42

I suspect Nick will be well compensated for his unweivering supporT

SpindleWhorl Thu 03-Jun-21 09:42:49

His tweets include recent uncritical love-in stuff with Stonewall.


SpindleWhorl Thu 03-Jun-21 09:44:11

Penny Mordaunt, @dyslek.

To be fair, it was an event to highlight the need to eradicate TB (before Boris Johnson demoted her).

SpindleWhorl Thu 03-Jun-21 09:48:28

You can give Nick Herbert money directly through his website for his causes, including 'LGBT'.

That'd make for an interesting FoI. I wonder if he gets donations from pharmaceutical companies, etc, or if any money (or services) have changed hands between him and, say, Stonewall?


NoIdontwanttoseeyourknob Thu 03-Jun-21 10:07:27

That’s a good point, Spindle - the Lords are a lot tougher on lobbying/accepting “gifts” than the Commons....

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NoIdontwanttoseeyourknob Thu 03-Jun-21 10:08:31

Tbh I wasn’t aware of his background, I just felt that it was another example of women being sidelined in a debate that directly affects us. Are there no out lesbian Conservatives?

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SpindleWhorl Thu 03-Jun-21 10:33:31

Oh Nick Herbert's background is deeply troubling, and I really hope Liz Truss has got a grip on this appointment and this upcoming conference.

Herbert is also bezzies with the odious Crispin Blunt MP, and sits on the APPG which Blunt chairs on 'Global LGBT+ Rights'. (Yeah I know, it's all very colonialist.)

In fact Herbert is one of Blunt's vice-chairs from what I can see in Hansard.

The APPG had its AGM in February this year, and the minutes record, among other gems:

Crispin Blunt MP expressed disappointment in the Government’s failure to reform the Gender Recognition Act 2004 and noted that, while the APPG was set up to focus on international issues, it is the only LGBT+ APPG in the Parliament. He noted that the UK’s Equal Rights Coalition co-chair, Argentina, had introduced a progressive gender recognition law in 2012.

Crispin Blunt MP welcomed the APPG’s former Chair, the Lord Herbert of South Downs, congratulated him on his work with the Global Equality Caucus, and welcomed the Government conference which he will chair.

Lord Herbert shared that the conference has been postponed and discussions about rescheduling it are ongoing, and hoped that the APPG will play a role, along with parliamentarians from around the world. Crispin Blunt MP commented that would be good to be do alongside London Pride in 2022.

Now tie that in with this APPG's dependence on Stonewall for its 'expert evidence' and you have a lobbying scandal brewing ...

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