Increase in "child to parent abuse" during lockdown - with 92% of the parents being female and 72% of the adolescents being male

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stumbledin Tue 01-Jun-21 23:44:49

I came across this report from last year, as there have been two recent tv news stories about CPVA, and in each they focused on violent daughters.

I wasn't sure if these news stories reflected that in fact the majority of child on parent violence is by daughters.

So this report is from a few months ago, and in fact the figures are that the majority of victims are women, and the majority of perpetrators male, with an increase during lockdown.

This is just another negative impact that lockdowns have had on women.

The report is full of woke languate, ie referring to gender not sex even though the project was run by four women academics. sad

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stumbledin Wed 02-Jun-21 14:27:19

This is probably a more easily digestible read

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midgedude Wed 02-Jun-21 14:34:08

This issue was reported on the local news last night , highlighting that there is absolutely no support , no help available if this happens. Provided the child is safe no one wants to know


Artichokeleaves Wed 02-Jun-21 14:40:32

Even if the child isn't safe no one wants to know. And there is no help out there. The waiting list for CAMHS is ridiculous, and often they will only put secondary school aged children on the waiting list anyway. If you have a primary aged child you're even more alone.

MrsOvertonsWindow Wed 02-Jun-21 16:00:03

Agree with posters - getting anyone to tackle this is almost impossible. we had to wait until a mother was hospitalised following an attack from her 14 year old son before we could persuade social services to engage with the family.

stumbledin Wed 02-Jun-21 16:21:53

I thought that domestic violence helplines were able to offer advice.

Although I can see that the solution of a woman moving out of a violence home into a refuge could end up with her being said to have abaondoned her child/ren. sad

And looking at various groups who say they are there to offer support all seem to be about "understanding" the child.

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LizzieSiddal Wed 02-Jun-21 16:25:52

Dreadful statistics. When will it ever end. sad


PronounssheRa Wed 02-Jun-21 16:52:19

There is very little help, my brother was violent and abusive to my mother and me, there was no help available at all. Social services were useless.

stumbledin Wed 02-Jun-21 17:02:52

And it doesn't end when the violent child grows up:

While younger women are more likely to be killed by a partner or ex-partner, the census tells us, half of older female victims were killed by sons, grandsons and relatives;

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AfternoonToffee Wed 02-Jun-21 18:50:57

I need to read all the links, but this is pretty much my life and no one cares. We have been failed by pretty much every service.

AfternoonToffee Wed 02-Jun-21 18:53:26


There is very little help, my brother was violent and abusive to my mother and me, there was no help available at all. Social services were useless.

I fear for my two daughters, especially my youngest as she suffers a lot of the brunt.

Leafstamp Wed 02-Jun-21 18:55:56

I’m so sorry @AfternoonToffee flowers
You have my utmost sympathy. I’m sadly not surprised to hear you have not received the support you deserve. This a very overlooked and under resourced area methinks.

I hope things improve soon for you and others in the same boat.

AfternoonToffee Wed 02-Jun-21 19:12:38

Thanks leaf we plod on the best we can and await full blown puberty with trepidation.

stumbledin Wed 02-Jun-21 20:19:55

So sorry for those who are living through this.

There is a list of some support groups here. Not sure how much any of them can do. sad

It seems ridiculous that there is no system or support or intervention. This is why I thought DV helplines dealt with this, but it seems they dont.

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PronounssheRa Wed 02-Jun-21 20:35:39


I get it, for what it's worth I don't blame my mum for any of it she tried everything she could think of.

Sadly nothing improved for us and he is much the same now..

AfternoonToffee Thu 03-Jun-21 21:49:59

Thank you all for the kind words.

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