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MiffyTyfied Mon 31-May-21 11:30:40

Was wondering if anyone knows about Helen Webberley & GenderGP, her appeal against suspension

A question has also been asked
As to whether or not her offshore firm is still being allowed to supply blockers given the complaint about the pharmacy who were filling out the prescriptions.

And has there has been any movement regarding regulatory involvement?

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MiffyTyfied Mon 31-May-21 11:31:47

Should've put a ? after the subject title. Sorry!

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Signalbox Mon 31-May-21 13:12:16

The suspension is an interim suspension which will likely be in place until her substantive hearing. The suspension is reviewed every 6 months (I think) and in some cases adjustments can be made but this hasn’t happened in her case. I’m surprised her case hasn’t been heard yet it’s been dragging on for years. I expect Covid slowed stuff up considerably.

OhHolyJesus Mon 31-May-21 13:18:27

I have a vague memory of a hearing or a review of the suspension being due this Summer - June/July.

hoodathunkit Tue 01-Jun-21 09:18:14

Gender GP have been promoted uncritically by various news sources in the last month.

The "news" articles read like GenderGP advert. Bizarrely none of these articles report on safegurading concerns re GenderGP's illegal and unethical practices,. The focus of the articles is to promote and advertise GenderGP riding to the rescue like the cavalry. Or something.

some examples;

Last year, Miss Williams reached out to the NHS about starting her transitioning process, however, she has remained on the hospital waiting list for more than a year.

She said: “Understandably, this long wait is very stressful and, despite doing what I can to attempt to alleviate the dysphoria, I’m experiencing mental racing as well.

“I’ve been told I could be on the list for around three to four years.

“So I set up a fundraiser to help me progress with private care instead, through GenderGP, which is a lot quicker process.”

Miss Williams has launched a fundraising page to help pay for private hormone therapy to begin her physical transition.

She said: “This goal of £500 should enable me to make the necessary arrangements so that I can go from where I am now to starting hormone blockers, anti-androgens, and oestrogen as the consultations see fit.

She said: “I am now waiting to get some information from a UK consultant regarding whether or not I can get further treatment to become a fully functional female. The waiting list at the NHS clinic is still stretching into years, but with support from Gender GP, I know life can be easier for those who can’t wait.

“I have been fortunate that I have a private pension from my forces service so have been able to pay for the treatment.

“I would like to say that throughout my transition I have been supported by some amazing people, including Transitions in Torquay, Proud to Be in Totnes, Safe Haven in Cornwall, as well as Gender GP.”

Worried that this means that she will be taken off the Chalmers waiting list before getting an appointment she has turned to fundraising in a bid to pay for the process privately.

Rachel added: "I looked online at an online service called Gender GP.

"Considering they are private healthcare they are quite affordable.

"I started the fundraiser because if I wanted any hope of being able to afford it on a consistent basis, I would need more help than just my part-time retail job.

"Because even the sign-up fee is upwards of £200 and once you've subscribed it's a fee of £30 pounds per month then £60 per consultation and then above that the cost of any prescription.

"I would need estrogen and anti-androgens, to promote feminine growth and minimise masculine growth.

Just a quick share in case anyone is interested

ArabellaScott Tue 01-Jun-21 09:36:17

Interesting, hooda.

Both Devon Live and Edinburgh Live are owned by 'Reach plc'.

So these are perhaps 'advertorial' type of articles? I wonder if Gender GP advertises with Reach PLC?

NWemail seems to be a different org/company, owned by NewsQuest media group ltd.

'Newsquest’s acquisitions have included CN Group, NWN Media, Isle of Wight County Press, Romanes Media Group, SMG plc, Newscom plc, Westminster Press, Contact-a-car, Kinsman Reeds Ltd, Review Group, Horley Publishing, Dimbleby Newspaper Group, Surrey & Sussex Publishing, Exchange & Mart, and Auto Exchange.'

ArabellaScott Tue 01-Jun-21 09:37:47


Our 22 daily titles include The Herald (Glasgow), The Northern Echo (Darlington), Telegraph & Argus (Bradford), Southern Daily Echo (Southampton), The Argus (Brighton), The Press (York), Oxford Mail and South Wales Argus (Newport). Our weekly publications include The Hereford Times, Watford Observer, Falmouth Packet and the Berrow’s Worcester Journal, the oldest continuously published newspaper in the world.

Local News Brands

Digital Users Per Month

Print Readers Per Week


hoodathunkit Tue 01-Jun-21 09:44:29

Interesting ArabellaScott

The articles are like advertorials and either no due diligence has been conducted regarding GenderGP or the jounralists responsible know about the controversy and safeguarding concerns re GenderGP and simply do not care.

The overall theme seems to be that people can crowdfund to get money to pay GenderGP for private hormone meds, thus bypassing the scant safeguarding protocols in the NHS.

Not exactly quality journalism is it?

ArabellaScott Tue 01-Jun-21 09:51:24

Well, I'd like to know how these stories have been found. There's sometimes a bit of a relationship between buying advertising and getting editorial, because of course there are rules about labelling ads as ads.

I'm not suggesting these stories are ads, of course, just asking the questions.

ArabellaScott Tue 01-Jun-21 09:54:11

I haven't time to look into all this properly right now, but I expect the relevant bits are in here. somewhere:

ArabellaScott Tue 01-Jun-21 09:56:40


Marketing communications, especially those addressed to or depicting a child, must not condone or encourage an unsafe practice (see Section 5: Children).

I would argue promoting the bypassing of NHS safeguarding procedures is definitely 'unsafe'

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