CBS 60 Minutes has broadcast a programme on detransition - and been widely condemned

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stumbledin Thu 27-May-21 15:24:58

Sorry didn't see the other thread.

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nauticant Thu 27-May-21 14:56:27

There was also some discussion here:

PurgatoryOfPotholes Thu 27-May-21 14:47:54

Some people are very upset about it.

stumbledin Thu 27-May-21 14:42:41

Being in the UK I wouldn't normally have known anything about what 60 Minutes may have done a programme about.

But there were so many articles coming up about this awful broadcast it made me want to find out more.

I could only find 2 articles that go so way to say what the programme actually covered.

Just thought I would post more as a point of information that detransitioning is at least making it into the more mainstream media in the US.

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