More inequality in the justice system?

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MistressoftheDarkSide Fri 21-May-21 17:38:37

Any thoughts on this one?

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NiceGerbil Sat 22-May-21 04:37:10


Poor woman.

That's my thoughts.

UppityPuppity Sat 22-May-21 08:04:26

Never forget the central person in this is always a man - even when a woman was forced to protect her own life from him.


EmbarrassingAdmissions Sun 23-May-21 10:37:12

In my head, I'm comparing it to the 'sex gone wrong' sentences where a young woman died and the man who was present for that death, having sentences of a couple of years or so because the charges had to be downgraded to some form of harm.

I'm thinking of the 1980s/1990s claim that when it's men having their sentences reduced to manslaughter from murder, it should be spelt "man's laughter" because that typically reflects the sentence they receive.

This young woman received 10 years after her appeal? It also reminds me how very misogynistic Liverpool is in pockets.

BlackeyedSusan Sun 23-May-21 11:33:24

Bloody hell.

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