‘Evil’ woman jailed for sex abuse of four young girls

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WarriorN Thu 20-May-21 18:54:26

Now that is an article where Barracker's pronouns are rohypnol explanation really matters.

toffeebutterpopcorn Thu 20-May-21 11:14:08

Sorry didn’t meant to sound condescending - these newsfeeds that pull from other sources do tend to be a bit ‘right on’ I have found.

And yes you are spot in about the other story - but fortunately we do have eyes!

charlestonchaplin Thu 20-May-21 09:43:24

I have a free email account with Yahoo and saw this story featured when I went to log-in to my account, hence the Yahoo source. It may not meet your criteria for a ‘grown up media outlet’ toffeebutterpopcorn, but you are wrong that more respected/respectable media sources have performed better on this issue. We are lucky if they use ‘transgender’ in the headline, but even that causes confusion. There are many people still who think a transgender woman is a born female woman who has transitioned to a male identity. You generally have to go to the body of the article to get a truer picture but many don’t bother to do that. In fact, I believe an article posted on the BBC website about a transwoman ex-PCSO convicted of possessing banned weapons and an improvised explosive device makes no reference at all to the transgender status of the ex-PCSO, Zoe Watts.

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toffeebutterpopcorn Thu 20-May-21 07:31:39

Grown up media outlets have tended to call it as it is.

charlestonchaplin Thu 20-May-21 07:26:11

Another day, another ‘woman’ blackening the reputation of the female sex and distorting crime statistics.


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