Times article: Protests over trans woman heading rape crisis centre

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stumbledin Wed 19-May-21 00:13:01

Quote: Rape Crisis Scotland, which runs 17 member centres in the country, said they were “proud” to have Wadhwa “as a colleague within our movement”.

Sandy Brindley, chief executive, said: “Mridul Wadhwa brings to this role extensive experience working in the violence against women sector. All rape crisis centres in Scotland work within equality and employment law. There is a lot of misinformation and targeted harassment in relation to Mridul. We think this is unacceptable.”


Open for comments (I hope the Times isn't beginning to see this issue as click bait sad ). Very little to the article is about breach of the EA and more about the emotional aspect. Would have thought they would have done something more thorough.

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Thecatonthemat Wed 19-May-21 00:20:45

But at least it is out there... and there will be a lot of people thinking WTF . To say this person lied to get the job is true and not “targeted harassment” women are upset about the appointment of course, but that is nothing compared to the need for validation of the person concerned. Has anyone got a share token ?

Greencoatblue Wed 19-May-21 00:25:07

I've commented but as it's pending I don't expect it will be posted. My comment was brief, to the point, but no doubt will be unacceptable.

Whatsnewpussyhat Wed 19-May-21 02:05:10

How is it working within employment and equality law if they gave a job that specifically required a female employee to someone who is legally male?

The correct action when this person was found to have lied would've been instant dismissal, not waving a rainbow flag and claiming 'inclusivity' and then promoting them!

This is also someone who objected to the wording change on the policy to allow rape victims the ability to choose the SEX of their medical examiner. It was changed from 'gender' so that it was crystal clear it did not mean male who identifies as a woman.
They think already traumatised females should be forced to validate a male's identity.

How are they also allowed on an all women shortlist? They do not advocate for females at all.

ProfessorInkling Wed 19-May-21 07:01:39



Share token here

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Wed 19-May-21 07:54:17

As a passionate, loud and consistent advocate for the rights of trans women and black minority ethnic women, I look forward to working alongside my new colleagues to ensure that we provide inclusive and flexible support

Surely a Rape Crisis CEO should be a loud and consistent advocate for women, full stop?

Nonmaquillee Wed 19-May-21 07:57:12

In addition to the main issue, this person lied to get the job??
Isn’t that usually a reason for dismissal?
People in Scotland are being gaslighted on this issue to a ridiculous extent.


toffeebutterpopcorn Wed 19-May-21 07:57:48

Yes they did a very thin piece there didn’t they? I wait the comments going live.

iguanadonna Wed 19-May-21 08:00:25

This is the person who tweeted in support of J Yaniv, right? And made the very peculiar comments about orgasm during rape in a press interview.

Temp023 Wed 19-May-21 08:00:36

Actually I am not overly worried by this one, someone who manages 17 crisis centres is very unlikely to actually be working directly with women who have been raped.
However you think that “as a woman” they would have a bit more sensitivity!

toffeebutterpopcorn Wed 19-May-21 08:02:39

But they were given a job - and this broke the law. What else would they turn a blind eye to? People in such a position need to be absolutely trustworthy and ethical. And didn’t they say that the do still see clients?

Chrysanthemum5 Wed 19-May-21 08:06:56

@Temp023 MW isn't managing 17 centres MW is the CEO of the Edinburgh centre only (rape crisis Scotland are the ones who run the 17). MW has said previously that MW likes to counsel a small number of users of rape crisis to stay in practise. I'm being very careful with my post but I'll leave it there

Nonmaquillee Wed 19-May-21 08:14:34


This is the person who tweeted in support of J Yaniv, right? And made the very peculiar comments about orgasm during rape in a press interview.

Yes, I read this too. Mind blowing.

highame Wed 19-May-21 08:21:53

This appointment of MW runs counter to EA10 and although there are grey areas in the devolution settlement, I do not think it is possible for Scotland to ignore the fact that a GRC is required to make any argument that someone who identifies as a woman has the same protections.

This is definitely challengeable but I doubt (with costs and all) that anyone would take it on. Public Opinion is the only route

toffeebutterpopcorn Wed 19-May-21 08:29:51

If they allow this - then how can they refuse any person to work in their clinics - doctors, therapists, cleaners, admin staff... anyone, and the women using the facility could not complain, nor request another doctor or therapist (for fear of being refused help).

toffeebutterpopcorn Wed 19-May-21 08:30:12

Thin end <

Helleofabore Wed 19-May-21 08:56:44


Thanks for the share token

Helleofabore Wed 19-May-21 09:01:52

It is quite interesting to see that underneath the Times article, there are no comments yet (will there be any allowed?). Either way, under the article it brings up the two articles from last year pointing out the exact same argument against the inclusion of this person on the SNP female short list.

It really was a politically motivated appointment. No one doing any kind of search on this person would miss the pattern that they have to ignoring any 'female only' provision.

PlanDeRaccordement Wed 19-May-21 09:09:28

I don’t care what sex a person is to be head of a rape crisis Center. Can be a woman, man, TW, TM, whatever because it’s a CEO job that requires skills not related to whether you have been raped or can be raped. What bothers me about MW’s appointment is that fact that she lacks all the necessary skills and has next to no experience in the field. What experience she has had has been uniformly rated by her clients as abysmally bad, uncaring, and dismissive. She should not be in the post.

ThatLibraryMiss Wed 19-May-21 09:19:12

It is quite interesting to see that underneath the Times article, there are no comments yet (will there be any allowed?).

You can see that people are typing and one comment appeared but was deleted within seconds so I guess the answer to your question is No, unless they're kind. There doesn't seem much point having comments unless they actually allow them - it would be more honest to turn them off instead of pretending they're open to a discussion.

I read the article using the share token but can't reload it. Is the share token a one-use affair or have they realised where it's being used from and blocked it?

ArabellaScott Wed 19-May-21 09:20:29

It's not just the possibility of directly counselling women that's the issue.

Mridhul intends to take the RC centre in a more 'inclusive' direction. I doubt this will be to the benefit of women and girls.

An organisation rots from the head, as they say. Leaders matter. We have heard on this board from a woman who had counselling from Mridhul and complained about the lack of attention and disrespectful attitude.

ArabellaScott Wed 19-May-21 09:21:13

And of course the fact that the position was restricted to women under the EA exemption indicates that RC think there is a good reason the centre needs a female CEO.

BernardBlackMissesLangCleg Wed 19-May-21 09:22:02

The first and only time I’ve ever heard anyone talk about women orgasming during rape was MW.

Fucking inappropriate and pretty damn peculiar

This person should be nowhere near a rape crisis service

Thecatonthemat Wed 19-May-21 09:25:47

Plan Not a she for starters. No reason to be anywhere near a RCC. Why not set up a special centre for trans people? I suspect motives are not pure...

Barracker Wed 19-May-21 09:27:40

To disregard the sex of a CEO in a single sex service is to underestimate the influence on culture that will permeate the entire organisation from the top down.

If you cannot challenge the CEO by pointing out the importance of sex, you cannot serve your clients by acknowledging the importance of sex to them.

If you cannot defy your CEO by taking the stance that excluding men from female only space and organisations is entirely legal and morally justifiable, then you cannot exclude men at any level.

If you cannot demand transparency and honesty in the appointment of staff, or dismiss those who lie to get a role, you create a vulnerability to lying at any level.

If you corrupt the basic principle of honesty, respect, integrity and lawfulness at the top of an organisation, you ensure those principles are corrupted all the way down.

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