BBC Article - Powerful portraits of girls

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CaveMum Tue 18-May-21 10:27:38

This article is lovely, portraits of girls on the cusp of adolescence and talking about their ambitions and hopes.

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MedusasBadHairDay Tue 18-May-21 10:31:07

Those are wonderful, I love the way she's got them looking directly at the camera, no demure/girlyness.

Eyesofdisarray Tue 18-May-21 10:41:09

That is a great read- fabulous thanks OP

Szulik Tue 18-May-21 10:43:56

That’s a beautiful article. Thanks for sharing.

CaveMum Tue 18-May-21 10:46:55

Glad to draw to attention to it, it's nice to have a positive thread in Feminism every now and then wink

Agree that it's refreshing that the portraits are not "girly" (nothing wrong with that in itself) - no forced smiles or coquetish glances, just natural and relaxed.

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FussyLittleFucker Tue 18-May-21 10:48:26

Thank you, that's lovely. I got very emotional reading this, I don't know why. Admittedly I'm a bit fragile at the moment but I have a daughter the same age and I worry about what her world will look like as an adult.
Powerful photos.

QuimReaper Tue 18-May-21 10:49:49

I love those portraits, they're so arresting


YawnyOwl Tue 18-May-21 16:01:14

I love how serious they look! No messing with them grin

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