Feminist Group in Coventry (In person/Real Life)

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cityofwomen Fri 14-May-21 23:34:51

Hi all,

It has been a while since I last posted here. I'm part of an 'in real life' radical /GC feminist group in Coventry. If you're interested in getting involved get in touch.

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teezletangler Sat 15-May-21 02:13:04

Oh how I wish I still lived in Warwickshire! I'd be there in a shot.

justawoman Sat 15-May-21 06:23:18

Be careful about giving out personal information on the internet. Doxing is a big risk

chandyleer Sat 15-May-21 06:52:19

OP can you PM me with details please? smile

YetAnotherBeckyMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 15-May-21 09:12:31

Hello everyone - we've no reason to think that the OP isn't genuine, but, as ever, we'd advise people to be cautious about giving strangers on the internet any personal details. Thank you.

cityofwomen Sat 15-May-21 10:52:17

Hi all, I agree, don't give me any personal details, and I won't be giving any of mine for the same reason. Lol. Our group is made up if a few women I "met" on Mumsnet and what we did was arrange to go for a coffee/drink and have a chat.

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cityofwomen Sat 15-May-21 22:00:15

@chandyleer I've sent you a message

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