No Men Beyond This Point

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SapphosRock Fri 14-May-21 09:12:02

Has anyone seen it? It's on Amazon Prime. Very funny mockumentary about the male sex becoming a dying breed. In the film women can reproduce asexually and only give birth to females so women begin taking over the world. The few men left are only allowed to do menial work.

Nice bit of escapism from the daily grind of the patriarchy. I recommend it for some Friday night entertainment.

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OhHolyJesus Fri 14-May-21 09:54:23

Ah yes there was a thread on this so I went to watch.

Loved it. Thought it was a witty take on what would happen if roles were reversed, the men's liberation movement who lacked motivation to leave their cosy cabins but insisted they were for freedom made me laugh out loud.

But in the humour it was also thought provoking.

I'd also say it was worth a watch.

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