Joan McAlpine didn't win her seat

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Itwasjustresting Sat 08-May-21 09:58:24

Her vote went up but it looks like there was tactical voting between Labour and Tories.

Really hoping she gets in on the list.

Much unpleasant glee being shown from certain parts of Twitter.

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Terranean Sat 08-May-21 10:18:47


Itwasjustresting Sat 08-May-21 10:21:20

Oh hang on, she won’t get in on the list, will she - the top sports were reserved for disabled or BAME candidates.

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Itwasjustresting Sat 08-May-21 10:21:30


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Mistressinthetulips Sat 08-May-21 10:22:37

She didn't have that seat before though as a constituency, it said it hadn't changed. So she must always have been list.

Mistressinthetulips Sat 08-May-21 10:25:28

Have just checked - conservatives won in that area last time too, JM increased her share of the vote by 4% too. Hope she isn't far down the list and will get a place that way.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sat 08-May-21 10:27:59

She won't get in on the list - the wokerati in the SNP gerrymandered the seats so she is not top of the list.


Mistressinthetulips Sat 08-May-21 10:29:45

She is the second SNP candidate on the list for her area.

Itwasjustresting Sat 08-May-21 10:33:51


She didn't have that seat before though as a constituency, it said it hadn't changed. So she must always have been list.

Thanks Mistress - I should have said “didn’t win” then. I’ll ask MN to change it.

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musingloud Sat 08-May-21 11:10:48

I despise the SNP. Really authoritarian party. Certainly not a broad church. I don't have any respect for that. Political parties should have room for discussion and debate and dissent. They should be a broad coalition.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sat 08-May-21 11:30:00

I really hope she does get in, but the SNP have gained a couple of constituency seats in that region which makes it a lot harder for them to gain list seats (they previous had three, they will be very very lucky if they get 2 this time around sad )

Mumfun Sat 08-May-21 16:40:02

Joan has been treated appallingly by the SNP. Feels like she was discriminated against on grounds of her beliefs. If she loses her seat feels like she will be another one losing her job on account of her beliefs angry

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sat 08-May-21 20:16:36

No list seat for Joan McAlpine. Fuck. What could possibly go wrong for women with the Greens and SNP on charge. Maggie Chapman (green) and Kirsty Blackman (SNP) already tweeting about GRA reform.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sat 08-May-21 20:19:51

Director of Stonewall Scotland also celebrating her not getting a seat.

Tibtom Sat 08-May-21 22:27:46

Feeling really depressed about the results. Also the way the BBC talking about 'winning a majority'. The scottish parliament was not set up with a majority government in mind - it was assumed the PR system would always lead to meaningful coalitions with the checks on power inherent in this. That is why there was not seen a need for a revising chamber. The committee process is inadequate for this. So a majority government means that one party has too much power.

Itwasjustresting Sat 08-May-21 22:48:11

“Feeling really depressed about the results.”

Same. And in England. People have been saying “it’s not good for a government not to have an opposition” and I think that applies to the SNP and to the Tories. You should have to make the case for your policies, not just announce and impose them. And be scrutinised without being to withhold or censor unhelpful evidence.

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Itwasjustresting Sat 08-May-21 22:48:31

*being able to

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Itwasjustresting Sun 09-May-21 08:03:55

So the SNP are one seat short of the overall majority that was being signalled as the achievement that would make a new referendum possible.

Would more support from HQ for Joan have made a difference, I wonder? Or has ideological purity on gender issues been put ahead of independence, which was supposed to be the SNP’s One Job?

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Imnobody4 Sun 09-May-21 08:13:22

So depressed and I'm not in Scotland. The point about the constitution being set up to deliver diversity with no second revising chamber has really hit home. More good intentions and shortsighted idealism going wrong.

Abhannmor Sun 09-May-21 13:37:14

The system is designed to prevent any one party dominating too much though isn't It? And it is more proportional than FPTP.

Thelnebriati Sun 09-May-21 14:30:06

tactical voting between Labour and Tories

We certainly are living in interesting times.
There is a historical precedent in collusion between sectors of the left and the right in events leading up to the Spanish Civil War.

DdraigGoch Sun 09-May-21 19:16:07

I hope that is where the comparison with the Spanish Civil War ends. Nothing is impossible in this brave new world though.

Tibtom Sun 09-May-21 21:44:39

So the SNP are one seat short of the overall majority that was being signalled as the achievement that would make a new referendum possible.

If the SNP received just one vote they wpuld consider that a signal for a sevond referendum. Nationalism is another harmful ideology that gives little truck to facts.

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