NSPCC yes or no?

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CervixSampler Fri 07-May-21 15:38:39

Does anyone know if the NSPCC are still supportive of surgical and medical transitioning

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CervixSampler Fri 07-May-21 15:39:58

Sorry, hit post too soon.

Transitioning for children that should have said. I seem to recall threads mentioning this but I know some stances have changed over the years.

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Leafstamp Fri 07-May-21 16:21:54

According to their website, they certainly list it as a viable option - they link to this page from their own: www.childline.org.uk/info-advice/your-feelings/sexual-identity/transgender-identity/

It says:

Lots of young people will go to the doctor to talk about how they feel and get support. Visiting your doctor doesn’t mean that you have to have medication or treatment. Everyone is different and it’s important to think about what makes you feel comfortable and take time to think about your options.

Some people visit the doctor to get support with:

Delaying puberty
Taking medication to help change how they feel, act or look
Changing how they look
Finding ways to cope with their feelings

You may also be interested in this recent thread:


Can I ask why you ask OP?

StillFemale Fri 07-May-21 16:28:20

Isn’t Childline part of the NSPCC and isn’t Childline the group that has had a video up on YouTube for years pointing children at various porn sites?

Or am I misremembering and it’s one of those dodgy MAP supporting groups like Prostasia that has the video pointing children at porn on YouTube?

CervixSampler Fri 07-May-21 16:38:24

Ds had a wear green and donate day today for the NSPCC. I wasn't sure if it was a good thing or not.

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Leafstamp Fri 07-May-21 16:40:31

Yes they are part of the same thing and yes I think you're right about the porn thing:



Thelnebriati Fri 07-May-21 16:41:36

No you aren't misremembering.
See also their response to people alerting them to the behaviour of their employee James Makings who filmed himself performing sex acts while at work.

They have statutory powers. If people arent worried, they arent paying attention.


toffeebutterpopcorn Fri 07-May-21 17:14:27

I was at college with someone who worked for the NSPCC (this was in the mid 1990s). She told me that they wasted money like no-ones business and was very disillusioned with them. I had a relative who worked with one of the really big charities and she said that there was w types of people there - those who rolled up their sleeves, ankle deep in mud and blood, and helped people... and those in it for the CBE.

CervixSampler Fri 07-May-21 17:37:18

Ugh. I'm glad I didn't send my pound in. I'll donate to something local where I know the money will do good.

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AfternoonToffee Fri 07-May-21 19:24:16

My youngest had number day which was a sponsor thing. I sent some in to show willing, but not as much as I usually would.

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