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Glinner Wed 28-Apr-21 14:10:22

Please help this petition get to 10,000.

"We are deeply concerned by the possibility of normal therapeutic practices being banned alongside conversion therapy.

We ask the government not to criminalise essential, explorative therapy. Such well-meaning legislation might ironically deny vulnerable children the help they need."

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ErrolTheDragon Wed 28-Apr-21 14:14:28

There's a thread on the petitions board (where this one will doubtless be shuffled off to at some point). Pleas do sign and bump the thread. Always a good idea to look at the petitions board

Mulletsaremisunderstood Wed 28-Apr-21 14:24:19

I went to sign it, and realised I had already signed it grin

Erkrie Wed 28-Apr-21 14:26:03


BoreOfWhabylon Wed 28-Apr-21 14:29:26

Thanks @Glinner. Signed.

SayersScripts Wed 28-Apr-21 20:39:09

Signed and shared.

WhatyoutalkingaboutWillis Wed 28-Apr-21 20:55:01

Safeguard evidence-based therapy for children struggling with gender dysphoria

You can find it in the feminist activism section. Still need over 3,000 signatures. Please take a look


rabbitwoman Wed 28-Apr-21 21:04:40

I have signed - shared it with my secret feminist group on WhatsApp and got two more to sign.....

It also suggested emailing my MP to tell them, which I did.

thinkingaboutLangCleg Wed 28-Apr-21 23:12:22


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