Help for an Irish mammy - Need information on schools that had mixed sex toilets and then reverted

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IrishSchools Tue 27-Apr-21 07:35:33

I have managed to get in touch with the architect in the department of education. He is willing to hear about the schools who went mixed sex and then reverted.

I have the name of one L* A*

Please please please give me more.

UK based please.

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IrishSchools Tue 27-Apr-21 07:37:15

Missed out such an important word - TOILETS! It’s about mixed sex toilets

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fireproofwitch Tue 27-Apr-21 07:37:55

Are you asking about mixed sex toilets?

IrishSchools Tue 27-Apr-21 07:38:20

I’ve reported the first post to get toilets added blush

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fireproofwitch Tue 27-Apr-21 07:38:32

Sorry crossed posts.

fireproofwitch Tue 27-Apr-21 07:43:13
This link might be of help for information.

fireproofwitch Tue 27-Apr-21 07:50:07


Carriemac Tue 27-Apr-21 07:53:50

IrishSchools Tue 27-Apr-21 07:54:20

Thanks! Keep em coming!

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fireproofwitch Tue 27-Apr-21 08:28:16

R0wantrees Tue 27-Apr-21 08:30:05


A Woman's Place is to be heard (Clara Greed, Bath, 1st November 2018)
'Professor Clara Greed is Professor of Inclusive Urban Planning at the University of the West of England, Bristol, and a specialist in toilet provision with particular emphasis upon women's needs.'

R0wantrees Tue 27-Apr-21 08:32:46

Safe Schools Alliance

R0wantrees Tue 27-Apr-21 08:38:07

Tuesday June 26 2018
Gender‑neutral toilets: My daughter was called selfish for wanting girls‑only loos at school
I’m not a complainer, but after 48 hours of stewing I sent an email to the head teacher and the head of my daughter’s year. To the school’s credit, before the day was out I received a phone call from a teacher (although not the head) and a calm-ish discussion ensued. I was told that it’s a changing world and we need to be gender-neutral to help gender-confused pupils. “Fine,” I said, “but there must be a way to do it that doesn’t involve upsetting the entire female population of the school.”
I’ve a son who goes to a different co-ed school, with a transgender pupil in his year. His school doesn’t have mixed WCs. Instead there are a couple of single disabled toilets that can be used by everyone — much more sensible.
Talking of boys, I asked my daughter how her male counterparts felt about the new loos. “They’re pervs,” she joked. “They’re delighted. They’ll probably drill holes in the walls.” (continues)

The weeks passed and my daughter — along with others who were unhappy with the new loos — kept complaining, but their complaints fell on deaf ears. They were told to put up and shut up and think of others. As a parent, this felt wrong. Did only the transgender voice matter? What about my daughter’s voice? Shouldn’t both be listened to?
My daughter saw red. She started a petition for boys, girls and gender-neutrals to sign. Hundreds did. She insisted that a school council meeting be held and unisex toilets discussed. They were. And you know what? Eventually hers and other unhappy voices were listened to. And against the odds the toilets were quietly changed back to how they had been, with a smaller provision of unisex toilets kept for those who choose to use them.
It’s been a tough but fulfilling school year in which my child has learnt that if you’re passionate enough about something, you can effect change."

saltedcaramelchocolate Tue 27-Apr-21 08:58:54

saltedcaramelchocolate Tue 27-Apr-21 09:03:53

This is a link from the other thread in case you missed it.
Does the Department of Education really want to risk the lawsuits that would happen if any of these assaults occurred in their "progressive" new toilets?

saltedcaramelchocolate Tue 27-Apr-21 09:09:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

saltedcaramelchocolate Tue 27-Apr-21 09:12:23

Sorry my post above has the wrong link. This is the one I meant to link.

saltedcaramelchocolate Tue 27-Apr-21 09:19:32
In many schools the toilets can double up as changing rooms for PE.

saltedcaramelchocolate Tue 27-Apr-21 09:35:02

IrishSchools Tue 27-Apr-21 09:49:49

Thank you all!

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R0wantrees Tue 27-Apr-21 10:06:53

IrishSchools Are you in contact with 'The Countess Didn't Fight For This!' group?

" We spent the weekend working up resources for parents & concerned citizens to join our popular campaign against mixed sex toilets. We have taken advice from a specialist barrister on this. These template letters set out your rights & schools' obligations."

"New technical guidance from the Department of Education states that single sex toilets will no longer be provided in secondary schools when building new schools and retrofitting older schools. These changes are mandatory and tied to funding.

We have outlined the harmful ways in which these impact the safety, privacy and dignity of children and young people, particularly girls, as outlined in our campaign statement and subsequent media coverage.

The only way to make sure we defend schoolchildren against the rollout of badly-thought-out policy and practice is to lodge complaints with schools and political representatives. We have sought advice from a specialist barrister and prepared template letters for you to use and adapt, both for your child’s school and for political representatives"

DublinBlowin Tue 27-Apr-21 10:08:52

If you’re not in contact with the countess and recommend you get in touch.

334bu Tue 27-Apr-21 10:34:30

IrishSchools Wed 28-Apr-21 06:29:59

Anyone in London? It fits anyone have information on the Deansfield primary school and if they closed the mixed sex toilets? All I can find on Google are objections but can’t see if they reversed the decision.

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