Women's Aid - domestic violence survey - deadline today, 25th April

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ArabellaScott Sun 25-Apr-21 22:12:06


I've just seen this - is there another suitable board to post it in, Relationships, maybe?

'Who should fill out this survey?
This is a Women’s Aid survey for any woman who is experiencing domestic abuse or who has experienced domestic abuse at any point during the last year (since February 2020). This might be during a relationship with an abuser or after the end of a relationship.

What are we hoping to find out?
The aim of our research is to add to our existing research into experiences of domestic abuse during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In this survey we are looking particularly at tech abuse, economic abuse, seeking support and reporting to the police. This survey builds on the research we carried out last year so if you answered the previous surveys, please respond to this one as well.

When do I need to complete this survey?
The deadline for responses is Sunday 25th April 2021. The survey will be closed after this date.

How will findings from this survey be used?
We’ll use findings from this survey in our policy, research, fundraising and communications materials. Any identifying factors will be removed, such as people’s names or place names. However, please be aware that it may still be possible for someone who knows you very well to identify any quotes we use from your responses. Your response to this survey will be securely stored. Your survey response will be kept for one year after publication of the research findings (in case we need to go back to your response to check anything), after which time any identifying information will be removed, and anonymous data only stored for future use. For more information about our Privacy Policy: '

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