DSD rather than intersex

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LibertyMole Thu 22-Apr-21 15:05:51

I have read, including on the NHS website, that the correct terminology is a ‘girl with a difference of sexual development’ or a boy, woman or man. Intersex is not the correct terminology as it implies the boy or girl is between the sexes, which they are not.

Does anyone have any links where this is summarised, with comments from the relevant support group, charity or organisation?

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PaleBlueMoonlight Thu 22-Apr-21 15:25:00

I think for individuals this is very much a preference thing (I have read strong arguments for both terms). Neither is wrong, but some individuals have strong feelings about it and prefer one over the other. It is a bit like the fact that some disabled people prefer the phrasing disabled people and others prefer people with disabilities (or some other formulation). Probably the majority of people to whom it relates don’t mind either way.

toffeebutterpopcorn Thu 22-Apr-21 15:49:04

There are some people I follow on twitter who seem to spend their lives explaining that they aren’t some mythical creature or 3rd sex. They generally prefer DSD as it doesn’t imply ‘something else’.

Helleofabore Thu 22-Apr-21 15:54:47

I also wonder about DSD vs VSD.

We did have someone posting here recently, but they have been banned. I really wanted to ask this too.

HDDD Thu 22-Apr-21 16:11:39


LibertyMole Thu 22-Apr-21 21:30:41

Thank you

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Xpectations Thu 22-Apr-21 21:34:09

CCSD (congenital conditions of sexual development) is also a term used. I think it very much depends on a person’s preference.


EmbarrassingAdmissions Thu 22-Apr-21 22:50:09

Claire Graham wrote something about DSD v intersex etc. that might clarify matters:


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